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Despite the fact that air was no longer a priority for me, my breathing became hard and fast. I could hear that Edward's breathing patterns were similar to my own as his lips moved with mine. Then, all too soon, he pulled away, laughing. That had to have been one of the shortest kisses we had ever had since he had transformed me into a vampire. My breathing returned to normal while my expression changed from disappointed to confused as I watched Edward. His small chuckle had become a hysterical laugh. I was surprised he didn't start rolling and banging his fists onto our bedroom floor, laughing. It took him a long time to compose himself and finally see my expression.
"I'm sorry," He said, "It's just that…" He started laughing again.
"What is it?" I asked.
He began shaking his head, "It's something you'll have to see to believe, and I am positive that you will see it." He said, still chuckling.
He took a deep breath to calm himself.
"Now, where were we?" He asked.
Then he brought his lips back to mine.

Edward and I were sitting on the couch in the family room of the Cullens new, large home in Denali a few miles away from Tanya's family's house.
Tonight was Halloween night. There was a large bowl of candy on a small wooden table next to the door. Even though most human's instincts told them to stay away from our kind, kids still 'trick or treated' here. The population of Denali was small, and children weren't picky when it came to candy. All of the Cullens were here in the family room except for Alice-who was standing next to the front door with a big smile on her face-and Emmett-who was upstairs doing who knows what. Beside me, Edward looked like he was about to break into another hysterical laugh. I stared at him in confusion as I had the previous night.
When Emmett bounded down the stairs, Edward began chuckling quietly.
"Ready to go?" He asked Alice.
"Y-yeah." Alice answered, giggling.
"Where are you going?" I asked.
"We're going trick or treating." Emmett answered. I looked at him in surprise.
"But candy is disgusting, and aren't you a little old to be going trick or treating?" I asked.
"You're never too old to go trick or treating." Emmett laughed his booming laugh and then he and Alice started walking toward the door.
As they walked, I saw that Emmett was holding a bundle of black fabric in one hand.
"What is that?" I asked, but they were already gone.
I looked around at the Cullens. Edward was laughing hard now, and the rest of the Cullens wore the same confused expression I had. I knew asking Edward would be pointless. He was laughing to hard to say anything.
The night went by quickly. Whenever I thought that Edward was calm enough to tell me what was so funny, he'd shrug and then kiss me and make me forget what I wanted to know. Whenever the doorbell rang, he'd wrap one arm around my waist and we would hand out candy to the kids together.
At about eleven O'clock, the doorbell rang and Edward began his hysterical laughter again. As he had throughout the rest of the night, he wrapped an arm around my waist and walked me to the door, still laughing.
When I opened the door, I gasped. I had been so used to looking down at all the kids that it surprised me when I had to lift up my head to see the face of the visitor at the door. It took me a long time to realize it was Emmett. Then I realized what he was wearing, and I started laughing. The only thing keeping me up was Edward's arm around me. Because I didn't need to breath, there was no break in my laughter.
Emmett's dark, curly hair was slicked back; he was wearing a black suit and a dark cape hung from his shoulders, and in his mouth was a pair of plastic vampire fangs.
I heard that the rest of the Cullens were now behind me, laughing as well. Through my nearly closed eyes, I saw Alice step out from behind Emmett, laughing too.
"You look absolutely ridiculous, do you know that?" Edward said as he laughed, slapping his brother playfully.
"Well, I couldn't go trick or treating without a costume, could I?" Emmett said, his voice muffled by the fangs. He started laughing with us.
"Alice seemed to manage without one." Carlisle said before laughing again.
"He's…the only one that…got candy…I just came to watch." Alice said between giggles.
"Well that's just great, Emmett. You've revealed our secret to the whole world!" Rosalie said. Even though she was laughing, I thought I heard a bit of bitterness in her tone.
"The vampire hunters will be here any minute!" Jasper continued Rosalie's thought.
"Oh no! Let's get out of here!" Alice shouted sarcastically, and then her giggle became a light, but hysterical, laugh.
Maybe vampires didn't lose their souls like Edward thought. Maybe we had lost our sanity instead.
Esme looked at the bag of candy in Emmett's hands.
"You just went to show off your costume, didn't you?" Esme accused.
"Yep." Emmett said. Then he walked past us to a nearby garbage can and dumped the bag of candy, which made everyone laugh harder. If I had still been human, I probably would have collapsed from laughing so hard.
Emmett took the plastic fangs out of his mouth and threw them into the garbage can too.
"There, I'm a true vampire now."
He flashed a huge grin at us as we continued laughing.

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