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genyva posted on Apr 19, 2009 at 07:35AM
Esme's point of view

A few days ago, Edward and I went to go get a bed for Bella to sleep on. The boys were planning on going on an overnight hunting trip, and we (the girls) were holding Bella hostage, for a slumber party. We picked out a beautiful, gold bed with iron roses wrapped around the posts.
As we were getting ready to put the bed in, we were moving the furniture off to the side.
Edward and I lifted the couch and its shape was forever printed into the wall.
"Edward! What did you do?! I screeched. When I looked up, the whole family was there, eagerly waiting to see what Edward's answer was.
"Oh, that happened when I attacked Bella." He said in a casual tone. I heard giggles from behind me.
"You attacked Bella?!" I asked, horrified. Carlisle put a soothing hand on my shoulder. I shook it off.
"I was under control, Mom." He shrugged. I still stared, mystified.
"How could you do that to the poor girl?"
"I was in complete control and we were just playing around."
"Edward, first you break the plasma screen TV, in half might I add. Second, you ruin the wall. What's next?" I asked, in exasperation.
"Hmm...let's see," I just realized Alice was right next to me, "Oh," she grinned, "The bed's next." Emmett cracked into a hysterical laugh.
"What? Edward...?" I yelled over Emmett's booming interruption.
"It hasn't happened yet! Don't yell at me when I didn't do anything!"
"Well, you made a permanent dent in the poor wall." I went on. I was not going to lose this battle. Then I made a decision.
"Alice, what -- of Edward's -- is going to be trashed next?"
She closed her eyes after a few moments. She smiled and said, "The next thing that's going to be destroyed -- and Edward won't do it this time -- is his Volvo." Rosalie cracked a smile.
Edward looked at me, anger flashing in his eyes.
"That's what I thought." I said, now making my way to the stairs. Edward was faster. He grabbed my arms and pulled me back into his room.
"I could help, Esme." Rosalie said in her soothing voice, completely ignoring Edward.
"You ruin that Volvo and the bed won't be the only thing broken." He growled.
"Don't you growl at me. Remember, I'm still your mother."
"You're right, I'm sorry." He lowered his arms. I knew I would win this battle.
"Be more careful, and please, try not to break the bed."
"Don't worry, Esme. He's only going to break off a rose." Alice said cheerfully.
Edward glared, then, childishly, he stormed out of the house, upset with Alice, and went -- where we all assumed -- to Bella's house.

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