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ctaim2 posted on Jan 25, 2009 at 09:53PM
Hey I'm ctaim and some of you may know that I own this spot, so therefore I have the ability to post a picture at the top of the spot. I'm going to be advertising Fanfiction there. As currently shown :tempting Fate. Anyway, if you want yours to be shown, send me a message. BUT, the fanfiction HAS to be GOOD.

Twilight Fanfiction 9 返信

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1年以上前 ctaim2 said…
1年以上前 EclecticFan said…
lol i think it's a great idea, 'cause usually im just not in the mood to be sifting through all the articles i just wanna be told what to read.....o n i love the emoticons hehe
1年以上前 ctaim2 said…
haha :) I need an writer to mssg me and then one will be up there
1年以上前 ChazziiBabes said…
I know im late but i've only just found this page Lol
I write on fanfiction so if your after some fanfics i'm your gal :)
1年以上前 jayvin22 said…
Hey this looks good! Am I too late? If I am sorry to bother you! Anyway here is my authors page. It's up to you if you like any of them.
Hope you like them!
1年以上前 Lauren97 said…
Hey, hope I'm not too late. I joined Fanpop in May but I only really started to be active in the last week or two. This is the link to the first chapter of my renesmee fanfiction. I have more I just havn't posted them yet.

1年以上前 vamped4Edward said…
I don't care if you advertise mine or not, but would you check it out & tell me what you think? Love You Forever (post Breaking Dawn). It's complete at 250 pgs, but I only put up chapter 1&2 for now. Do you think I should post the rest or not? Thanks for your honesty!

 I don't care if あなた 広告 mine または not, but would あなた check it out & tell me what あなた think? 愛
1年以上前 tmoss1223 said…
What do you think of this?
I wanted Bella to be something incredible, something better than any vampire or werewolf/shape shifter could ever be; I wanted her to be able to defend herself so that Edward would not be hanging around for the wrong reasons, I wanted her to be able to hold her own in a battle against Victoria or Laurent. Therefore, that is what I made her to be. She is, in this saga at least, a Twilight Child; the only one of her type, kind, breed. She is stronger, faster, and her senses are more powerful than a vampire or werewolf; So Bella has no need of a protector, no matter how handsome he is. Bella has a particular connection to Alice in this series, having something to do with Bella dreaming of the future. I have just always loved Alice and Bella so much, and in The Twilight Saga the two of them where best friends, but I wanted then to have something in common, something that would make their friendship even closer. What might that be? Will this turn out to be a love story, or a hate story? I mean, have you ever wondered what Twilight would have been like if it was not always all “lovey dovey” with Edward and Bella?
Here's the link if you wanna read it:

1年以上前 withthisdagger said…
I hope this isn't too late but I have a couple of fanfics that if you want to advertise that would be awesome!!!