TVカップル My choices for the テレビ Challenge. Which one do あなた agree with most?

Pick one:
Current obsession // Dan and Serena
My very first ship // Zack and Kelly
Pairing that needs to happen now // Zoe and Wade
Pairing with the most chemistry // Sookie and Eric
The pairing with the least chemistry // Jack and Kate
Best キッス // Lucas and Peyton "I feel it in my heart"
Most heartbreaking scene // Seth and Summer "I don't 愛 あなた anymore"
Pairing with the most baggage // Blair and Chuck
Most believable relationship // Monica and Chandler
Why aren’t these two married // Brandon and Kelly
Best wedding // Jim and Pam
Absolute worst pairing // Kelly and Dylan
Pairing I never thought would work, but did // Jackie and Hyde
Cutest pairing // Marshall and Lily
Pairing I’ve rooted for since the beginning // Emma and Will
Can’t stand the sexual tension pairing // Sawyer and Kate
Crazy 愛 triangle/quadrilateral that worked out great // Summer/Seth/Anna
Crazy 愛 triangle/quadrilateral that worked out badly // Brenda/Dylan/Kelly
Pairing that was/would-be adorable, but could never work out // Nate and Vanessa
Pairing I 愛 that most people hate // Clay and Quinn
Pairing I hate that most people 愛 // Quinn and Puck
Pairing that I hated and ended up loving // Annie and Liam
Pairing that I loved and ended up hating // Finn and Rachel
Pairing that I will never understand // Spencer and Toby
Ship with the best proposal // Brooke and Julian
My お気に入り pairing forever and ever and ever // Lucas and Peyton
 NYflirt38 posted 1年以上前
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