TVカップル My favourite scenes from my favourite couples | Your favorite?

Pick one:
Elena & Damon | 'I 愛 you, Elena' (2x08)
Brooke & Lucas | 'I 愛 あなた too, pretty girl' (3x09)
Veronica & Logan | First キッス (1x18)
Serena & Nate | 'no matter how long it took, it was worth the wait' (3x13)
Annie & Liam | Goodbye (3x22)
Quinn & Puck | 'Did あなた 愛 me?' - 'Yes. Especially now' (1x22)
Michael & Nikita | 'Things will be different' (1x17)
Joey & Pacey | 'You're off the hook' (6x24)
 bionsi posted 1年以上前
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