TVカップル お気に入り Gay Couple?

Pick one:
Callie&Arizona[Grey's Anatomy]
Marissa&Alex[Grey's Anatomy]
Katherine&Robin[Desperate Housewives]
Lee&Bob[Desperate Housewives]
Eric&Jonathan[Gossip Girl]
Chris Keller & Tobias Beecher [Oz]
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Kevin&Scotty [Brothers & Sisters]
Spencer&Ashley [South Of Nowhere]
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Willow&Tara (BTVS)
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Cameron&Mitchell (Modern Family)
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Marco & Dylan (Degrassi)
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Bette & Tina (The L(デスノート) Word)
Added by Wolfdreamer9
Brian & Justin (Queer As Folk)
Oliver n Christian,Forbidden 愛
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Robert & Aaron
Added by tonyziva1234
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 teo_rockeritza posted 1年以上前
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