TVカップル 上, ページのトップへ ten 名言・格言 from my 上, ページのトップへ five couples (full 名言・格言 in comments) | お気に入り QUOTE? (5)

Pick one:
あなた can't steal something that's been 与えられた to あなた ♥
have あなた ever met someone whose eyes あなた just knew あなた were born to gaze into?♥
there it is, that elusive but satisfying smile {...} ♥
our future is not written によって our past and regina あなた are my future ♥
use mine (heart) for the both of us ♥
i choose あなた ♥
i just want her to be happy even if she thinks that's impossible ♥
i'm with you, always ♥
we're here now and this is true ♥
- i ... // - i know ♥
bonus: i'm not afraid of あなた ♥
 marakii posted 1年以上前
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