TVカップル My Opinions,Your お気に入り couple?♥

Pick one:
OTP: Buffy and エンジェル
Least お気に入り couple: Stefan and Elena
Used to love,not care about anymore: Finn and Rachel
お気に入り couple with happy ending: Lucas and Peyton
A couple i used to love, now hate: Dan and Serena
I could have shiped but something ruined it:Serena and Nate
A couple i ship that many hates: Caroline and Tyler
お気に入り couple currently at tv:Hannah and Caleb
Current obession: Damon and Elena
Newst Couple: Chuck and Blair
Most adoreble couple: Willow and Oz
お気に入り couple with tragic ending: Mark and Lexie
お気に入り movie couple: Jack and Rose
my お気に入り couple that didn't end up together:Brooke/Lucas
お気に入り opposites couple: Klaus and Caroline
お気に入り bad boy/Good girl couple: Spike and Buffy
First couple i shiped: Susan and MIke
A couple i think i shiped if i watched he show: Seth and Summer
 Pattenagy posted 1年以上前
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