TVカップル [Tournament of Couples] MATCH #39

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Quinn & Puck
Cordelia & エンジェル
 bythewayily posted 1年以上前
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jemgrl323 picked Cordelia & エンジェル:
This is hard since I don't want Cordelia & Angel to be together, but I really just don't care enough about any Glee couples to want them to be together (I'm just totally indifferent when it comes to Glee couples). And while I think Cordelia & Angel had an amazing friendship that was much better off remaining as just a friendship, and I can't ship Angel with anyone besides Buffy... I definitely do think that Cordelia & Angel had better scenes and more substance and depth to their relationship than Quinn & Puck. So it would be very difficult for me to choose any Glee couple over a Buffyverse couple.
posted 1年以上前.