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 Commando Mike
Commando Mike
This story was inspired によって a ファン who sent me art work on my フェイスブック Page, Zoey Total Drama Revenge of the Island. Check it out if あなた have a Facebook. I hope あなた like this story. I might me rusty because I haven't written a story in so long, so enjoy. I also want to say about this story that Mike and Zoey are in college, but it's during the summer. Also, It's in short chapters

Chapter 1
It was just another 日 at the psychiatrist. Zoey was waiting for Mike to come out through the doors of the office. There...
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These first couple paragraphs was written によって kitty190123. She also helped with some of the stuff i wrote.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------So, After TDROTI, Mike and Zoey started dating and decided to get married. So, they go and Mike wears a tuxedo and tie and Zoey wears a dress with a big string of pearls in the back. "You look beautiful" says Mike. "You too." says Zoey. Then, they say vows and then for some reason take an intermission. (The best lady Takota wanted to have people take pictures of her). So they all decided to have cake and beverages...
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I just decided to write this because it's almost Halloween. Also in this 記事 Mike doesn't have MPD. I'm sorry if あなた wanted him to have it, but he doesn't and I think you'll really enjoy this article.
It was a windy, fall day. ハロウィン was in a couple days. Five teens walked through the halls of the school. Their names were Mike, Zoey, Vito, Svetlana, and Manitoba. Of course these teens had friends, but they had no idea who each other were. They barley paid attention to each other. It was time for lunch, and...
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I realized that I have at least one thing in common with every TDROTI character. So i decided to share them with you.

Zoey- I'm sweet and I really hate jocks.

Mike- I'm crazy, but I'm also really cool and a nice person.

Dawn- I really connect with nature and animals.

Cameron- I'm kinda a nerd.

Brick- I'm tough, but i have a good heart.

Dakota- I like having my picture taken.

B(Beverly)- I don't talk a lot.

Sam- I play a lot of video games.

Jo- I like exercising and to beat boys.

Lightning- I'm a sports person. I like to be captain.

Anne Maria- I like fashion and messing with my hair.

Staci- I lie to make my life better.

Scott- I can be mean when I want to.
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 The ネックレス
The Necklace
Chapter 2 of The ネックレス . Sorry it took so long to post. I've been really busy. Well, enjoy.
George opened the folder and began to look through it, in hope that he'll find out もっと見る about this ネックレス thing. "No. No. No, not that one. Nope. Hello. What's this?". He had just stumbled apon information about his new daughter's partner and his parents. "Hm... Manitoba Smith. Lives in...". George paused. "Australia?". He was confused. He thought Svetlana's partner was going to be in Russia, not in another continent, but as much as George...
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Yes! Third chapter. Almost done. I hope あなた enjoy this chapter. It take me forever to write just 1 of these.
The terrified boy sat in silence. Everyone started laughing at Mike.....hard. He got really embarrassed. Mike's teacher thought he might have a serious problem, but she didn't know what. "Mike, please come to my desk. Everyone else, please finish your test. When you're done put your test on this stool". Mrs. Smith put a スツール in the front of the room. Mike came up to his teacher's desk. "Yes, Mrs. Smith" 発言しました Mike. "Mike, do あなた know...
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こんにちは guys, me again and am 書く this new story after seeing many storys that was all almost the same about mike and zoey :p, i was thinkin about makin one about sam.
So.... enjoy :D thx to all my fans.
It was a busy morning everyone was eating their food, but sam wasn't there to eat.
Sam was runing to the cablin with a video game on his hands. And he slam the door.
'' Oh yes pass level 16 hahaha yes'' Sam 発言しました loudly.
As he keeps on playing with his eyes on the game.
Camron comes in with a papersheet on his hand.
''hey bro what あなた 書く down'' Sam said.
'' Just about あなた playing your cool video...
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I was just sitting around and I thought what it would it be if two of the personalities fell in love. So this story is about Svetlana and her 愛 story.(p.s. this has nothing to do with the Taylor 迅速, スウィフト song)

It was just another Wendsday night. A young girl with black hair and tan skin was sitting down on the cold hard floor. She's been sitting there all day. Svetlana was thinking about something she needed. Love. The other personalities haven't noticed her just sitting there alone. That night Mike came in to visit his personalities....
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