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princess2109 posted on Jun 03, 2012 at 11:16PM
Locked Away from everyone hoping to leave when you know you never will.The stone hearts and cold looks why to you? because your Insanse.

Locked Up [Insanse people :3]
-Nya Kogan: Cell 3
-Teagan Hyen: Cell 3
-Monica- Room 7 cell 1
-Kristen-Room4 Cell 6
Riley- Cell 5
Nurses,Guards,other people who work there
-Olivia: Nurse
-Tobi: Handles the cells and such
No Killing
Can be violance just no killing anyone ^3^
R.T.N.I stands for- Recue The Non Insanse where your a part of a 6 person group to rescue the people their who aren't insane.
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1年以上前 Courtneyfan214 said…
Jenny: *walks to school*
1年以上前 princess2109 said…
*2 men in black suits are following her*
1年以上前 Courtneyfan214 said…
Jenny: *feels that someone is following her and walks faster*
1年以上前 princess2109 said…
Man1: Don't let her get away
*they run after her and stop her and spin her around* Jenny we need to talk
1年以上前 Courtneyfan214 said…
Jenny: l-like what? *starts shaking*
1年以上前 princess2109 said…
Man2: We have been told you ripped off half a mans face with your teeth we'd like to bring to a special fecitly for qusetioning
Man1: we promise you will NOT be hurt as long as you step into our van with out making a scene
*on Man2's Radio*
Marco A.K.A Man2: S*** *into radio* GIVE US 2 MINUTES!!!!!
1年以上前 Courtneyfan214 said…
Jenny: *shaking* i-i have a daughter.
1年以上前 princess2109 said…
Man1: Taken care of MMa'am we are not going to put anywhere until we can confirm it *notices how shes looking at their weapons* *sigh*
Marco: Just do it Miles
Man1 A.K.A Miles: *takes their weapons and such off* See? no weapons just qusetions and anwsers
1年以上前 Courtneyfan214 said…
Jenny: o-ok.
1年以上前 princess2109 said…
Miles: Good Girl :) *leads her to the van*
*at the fecaitly in a small grey room*
Miles: Jenny do denie you didn't rip the flesh off Mr.Karson?
1年以上前 Courtneyfan214 said…
Jenny: w-who? i-i dunno what you're talking about, i was at home with my daughter.
1年以上前 princess2109 said…
Marco: *comes in with her daugther* We have a diffent story from your daugther
1年以上前 Courtneyfan214 said…
Lauren: w-what are you talking about? my mom was at home with me. *cries* mommy! *hugs her*

Jenny: *hugs back* *cries* how dare you accuse me.
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1年以上前 princess2109 said…
Miles: *reading over files* Keli
Miles: KELI!
Keli: WHAT!!
Keli: oh? Oh! I see PLAY IT!
-the tape rolls-
*pauses it*
Miles: See their was a big mistake Mrs.Jenny i-
Nya: I knocked out Olivia Yada Yada......THATS A FAKE TAPE! *glares at Jenny like shes hiding something*
(You do know this is an RP were people are locked up for insaney right? hence the name Insanse RP)
1年以上前 Courtneyfan214 said…
(i know.)

Jenny: you must got me confused with someone else, like Monica.

Lauren: there was a girl that looks like my mom. *shows a picture of monica * she looks a lot like my mom.

Jenny: monica is selfish, she would kill anyone.
1年以上前 princess2109 said…
Nya: *falls over knocked out cold*
Olivia: it's a new medcation sorry bout that *hand cuffs her and drags her back*
Miles: *takes the picture and re plays it and sees it is Monica* Thank you very much Mrs.Jenny and you too little Lauren I am greatly sorry for the confusion and the ingorance of my co-workers *kneels down next to Lauren* you don't mind us keeping this photo do you Lauren?
1年以上前 Courtneyfan214 said…
Lauren: *giggles* of course not.

Jenny: by the way monica works as a stripper in a strip club.
1年以上前 princess2109 said…
Marco: *writing it down* do you know where she lives? just in case
1年以上前 Courtneyfan214 said…
Jenny: um, she lives two blocks straight from the strip club she works at. by the way, how old are you?
1年以上前 princess2109 said…
Marco: 26 Ma'am *writes his number down and hands it to her* call us if have any other infromation
Miles: Thankk you *gives her a lollipop*
Keli: Okay Jenny your free to go now
1年以上前 Courtneyfan214 said…
Jenny: *whispers in Marco's ear* are you married or something, or single?
1年以上前 princess2109 said…
Marco: *whispers back* Working on a divorce ;D 2 weeks i'll be single
Miles: I'm going go check on Nya *walks out*
1年以上前 Courtneyfan214 said…
Jenny: can i have your number? *winks*
1年以上前 princess2109 said…
Marco: *writes it under the Asylam's number* I get off at 7
1年以上前 Courtneyfan214 said…
Jenny: *giggles* ok. *smiles* well, can i have a little something, something? *points at her cheek*
1年以上前 princess2109 said…
Marco: *kisses her cheek* Bye Bye Lauren,Jenny *wink wink*
1年以上前 Courtneyfan214 said…
Jenny: *blushes and giggles*

Lauren: eww. *gets out of the van*

Jenny: *follows*
1年以上前 princess2109 said…
Marco: *sees Monaca and stops her* Excuse me are you Monaca
1年以上前 Courtneyfan214 said…
Monica: yeah, why?
1年以上前 princess2109 said…
Marco: Quick qusetion have you ever framed a Miss Jenny?
1年以上前 Courtneyfan214 said…
Monica: that purple haired freak?
1年以上前 princess2109 said…
Marco: If your refereing it to Jenny Then yes because I was told you ripped off a man named Karson's face almost clean off with your bare teeth
1年以上前 Courtneyfan214 said…
Monica: maybe i have, maybe i didn't.
1年以上前 princess2109 said…
Marco: I requset a straight awnser from you i'm not afrid to use force
1年以上前 Courtneyfan214 said…
Monica: and what are you gonna do?
1年以上前 princess2109 said…
Marco: *pulls out tazer and handcuffs* Do you reallt wanna find out?
1年以上前 Courtneyfan214 said…
Monica: fine, i did it.
1年以上前 princess2109 said…
Marco: Thank you making this easy on your self *proceeds to hand-cuff her*
1年以上前 Courtneyfan214 said…
Monica: *rolls eyes*
1年以上前 princess2109 said…
*at the feactily*
Marco: Tobi get Ms.Monica here a cell on the canniballism floor
Tobi: room 7
Marco: *shoves her into room 7*
Nya and Teagan: *making out*
Marco: *bangs on the bars* break it up!
1年以上前 Courtneyfan214 said…
Monica: gross.

Jenny: *sits at home*
1年以上前 colecutegirl said…
(can i joins?)
1年以上前 princess2109 said…
(Always! :D just put how your charaters are and if there Locked Up going to be Locked Up workin the Aysilam OR in R.T.N.I)
1年以上前 Courtneyfan214 said…
Jenny: *sitting at home watching TV*
1年以上前 jadeISmaNAME said…
( i wana joins !!

kristen : has an evil side to her , so she put in for being evil at random times >.< and hearing voices in her head , any cell , up to u

nakita : a drugie , drinks and smokes , not in the asylum

heaven : normal

midnight: heavens sister , normal

storm : has a little sister amber , works in the asylum )
1年以上前 colecutegirl said…
riley- has quite a bad case of ocd and can sometimes see things otthers can't so shs in a cell
sayu-rileys old bst friend-help...talks to patients and helps them get through things
jinx-normal (hes a guy
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1年以上前 princess2109 said…
Marco: *passes by Kristen's cell* You okay today Kristen? no more vocies?
Olivia: *searching though pill bottles* Storm have you seen Riley's pills? their little purple pills
Miles: *recives a folder on Nakita* Hmm,got a Drug Adict huh? *sees it's nearly time for his and Miles shift to be over* we still have time
1年以上前 jadeISmaNAME said…
kristen : yes ... todey shes tellin me to kill you * crosses ehr arms * no kristy , i told you ! * glares into space * sometimes i hate you , actully all the time * looks at marco * when wil you get rid of her ?

storm :hmm * looks around * hear * gives her the pills *
1年以上前 Courtneyfan214 said…
Lauren: *sits next to jenny* mommy, can we watch spongebob?

Jenny: ok. *smiles and change the channel to spongebob*
1年以上前 jadeISmaNAME said…
nakita: * sat down an allyway smoking and taking drugs *

heavan and midnight : * walking and talking *

heaven : so when you having the baby

midnight: in about a week or so , i cant wait ! alex cant either !

heaven : what you calling him or hre ?

midnight: hmm girl with be nelly short for vanessa and boy will be billy