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Strawberry0020 posted on Apr 25, 2012 at 08:31PM
This RP Takes place in a modern day city where the evil vampire, Vladimir has risen and is making an army of evil creatures (including evil vampires) that are seeking destruction on Earth to name it his own. Day by day, civilians are being kidnapped and transformed into monsters so they can be a part of the army. Which side will you choose? Good or evil?

-No god-modding
-No teleporting (As in randomly appearing out of nowhere)
-Ask to join if you're joining late (So you can get up and know what's going on)
-HAVE AS MANY OC'S AS YOU WANT, just keep up with them.
-Please try your best to follow this RP format, please... It's less confusing.
Character: BLA BLA BLA *What ever the character is doing*
-Pictures are welcome ^-^
-Explain what each character is.
•Character Name
•Good or Bad

Begin! ^-^

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1年以上前 imtheninja said…
I shall join
Name: brooklynn
Age: 17
Creature: vampire
Godd or bad: good
1年以上前 poophead4837ext said…
Name: Meredith

Age: Uhm...18?

Creature: Human

She's a good guy. :D
1年以上前 tinaloo said…
Name: jack
Creature: half human half ghost
Age: 16
Side: good

Name: Jaide
Creature: half human half ghost
Age: 15
Side: good

Name: Lilly
Creature: half vampire and half werewolf
Age: 16
Side: good And bad

Name: Luke
Creature: half vampire and half werewolf
Age: 18
Side: good and bad

Name: Dani
Age: 18
Creature: demon
Side: both
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1年以上前 Strawberry0020 said…
Name: Katie
Creature: Vampire
Age: 15 1/2
Side: Neutral

Name: Lance
Creature: Human
Age: 16
Side: Good

(I'll begin! ^-^)
Katie: *Walking to the school with a baseball cap, shielding her face from the sun and her hair has grown wildly over her face from being in a coma for 3 months*
1年以上前 jadeISmaNAME said…
:O i wana join !

name: jinx
age : 17
creature : werwolf
side: good

name: maddie
age: 17
creature angel thing
side: good

name: zara
craute: devil girl
age: 18
side: both

they are all sisters !
( diz is jinx )
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 :O i wana 登録する ! name: jinx age : 17 creature : werwolf side: good name: maddie age: 17 creature a
1年以上前 jadeISmaNAME said…
maddie: - skipping -

jinx: - walking with ear phones in -

zara: - walking with head down -
( this is maddie )
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 maddie: - skipping - jinx: - walking with ear phones in - zara: - walking with head down - ( this i
1年以上前 jadeISmaNAME said…
( im love my anime , sorry XD . this is zara , pretend you cant see her ass XD )
 ( im 愛 my アニメ , sorry XD . this is zara , pretend あなた cant see her 尻, お尻 XD )
1年以上前 Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: *Jumps into Zara and her hat falls off* >-< *Scrambles to the ground to get it*
1年以上前 jadeISmaNAME said…
zara: - looks at katie - WATCH WHERE YOU GOING NEXT TIME ! - storms off into school -

maddie: ZARA !! - runs after her -

jinx: - takes earphone out - ill help ya - helps her -
1年以上前 tinaloo said…
Lilly: *has sunglasses on to hide her red eyes* hey Katie *goes to her* need help
1年以上前 tinaloo said…
Luke: *fallows his sister*
1年以上前 jadeISmaNAME said…
jinx: sorry about my sister , shes kinda , stroppy ? her names zara , my other sister is maddie and im jinx - looks at lilly and luke - hi !
1年以上前 tinaloo said…
Lilly: *sees jinx* sup
Luke: hi
1年以上前 jadeISmaNAME said…
jinx; im jinx , you ?
1年以上前 tinaloo said…
Lilly: I'm Lilly Young
Luke: and I'm Luke Young
1年以上前 jadeISmaNAME said…
jinx: cool , if you havnt met my sisters yet - points at zara and maddie - the one with pink hair is maddie and the other is zara
1年以上前 tinaloo said…
Lilly: cool *gets her black guitar that has a skull on it* I play guitar and sing
1年以上前 jadeISmaNAME said…
jinx: cool , listen to this , i made it - gives lilly her earphones -
1年以上前 tinaloo said…
Lilly: wow this is really good.
Luke: angus young from Ac/dc is our dad
1年以上前 jadeISmaNAME said…
jinx : thanx, hey ... are you in a band or anything ?
1年以上前 tinaloo said…
Lilly: nope but we just practse with Ac/dc some times
1年以上前 jadeISmaNAME said…
jinx: well me and my sisters do a band if you wana join ? im the dj , zara is mad on the drums and maddie has a voice like an angel - giggles at her hidden joke -
1年以上前 poophead4837ext said…
Meredith: *walking around bored*
1年以上前 tinaloo said…
Lilly: that sounds good I could be base guitarist
Luke: I can be second guitarist
1年以上前 jadeISmaNAME said…
jinz: yep , thats why i asked ^.^

zara: - walking to them with maddie -

zara: - mumbles - im sorry for being a mardy cow ...

jinx: :D , you got her to say it

maddie: YEP !
1年以上前 jadeISmaNAME said…
zara: -_-
1年以上前 tinaloo said…
Lilly: cool
1年以上前 Strawberry0020 said…
Name: Evangeline
Creature: Witch
Age: 17
Side: Good

Name: Grey
Creature: Alchemist
Age: 17
Side: Neutral

Katie: *Marvels into Lilly's eye as hers flash red while her hair turns snow white for 2 seconds*
Evangeline: *Walking down the street with Hazel and Christian*
Katie: *Sees them and puts hat on; mumbling under breath* Stupid god damned sun... *Picks up books and continues walking but at a faster pace*
Grey: *Walking the opposite way drinking coffee*
Katie: *Accidentally bumps Grey's arm and makes with spill his coffee*
Grey: Dammit! Watch where you're going little girl!
Katie: *Startled and frustrated* (She's not very tall compare to Grey and she's almost 16)
Grey: *Picks up cup and lid* -_-' *Grumbling* First day in this stupid town and I'm already as pissed off as ever...
Katie: I-I'm sorry...
Grey: Whatever... If you were sorry, you would buy me another one! >8U
Katie: O.<
Grey: *Folds arms* V-V' *Remembers what his mother said and tries to seem nicer* I'm s-sorry that I yelled. -.-'
Katie: *Tucks $3 in his pocket and runs away before Evangeline and the others can catch up*
Grey: Huh? *Takes out money* O.O
Scott: *Leaning on his locker talking with the kids from student council*
Katie: *Walks into the girl's bathroom*
Scott: *Notices Katie* D8 No way! She's back?!?!
~The bathroom~
Katie: *In a stall, rummaging through book bag, and finds a pill bottle*
Hazel: *Walks in the bathroom to check her makeup with Evangeline*
Evangeline: What is up with you and your makeup? *Laughs* It's fine!
Hazel: I wanna check to see myself! You know... You're known for pranking people in this school! >-< *Looks in the mirror*
Katie: *Takes pill, looking a bit more healthier and walks out of stall*
Evangeline: *Notices Katie and eyes bulge out of her head*
Hazel: *Too distracted touching up her makeup*
Katie: *Ignores them both and walks out*
Evangeline: o.o
~The hall~
Scott: *Sees Katie walk out*
Katie: *Doesn't bother looking at him; keeps walking in a hurry*
1年以上前 jadeISmaNAME said…
maddie: - at lcokers with zara and jinx - THIS PLACE IS AMAZING !

zara: - grumbles -by amazing , you mean , horrable , stupid and boring , then yes. its amazing ...

jinx: your a kill joy zara

zara: whaetever !

jinx: O.o u-u-um z-zara

zara: what ?

jinx: y-your devil w-wings are comming o-out !

zara: O.o crap - looks around and opens her locker and shoves her wings in it -

maddie: you look so weired in that position - giggles -

zara: - mumbles - well you cant see my wings so ..

jinx: - looks around to see if anyone saw -
1年以上前 tinaloo said…
Lilly: did Katie's hair turn white....
Luke: no
Lilly: *shrougs and goes to locker* we need to keep our secret safe
Luke: yeah
Jasmine: *walks in* theres Lilly *almost flys* shit
1年以上前 jadeISmaNAME said…
zara: have they gone yet , i cant stay like this forever , it hurts !

maddie: nope

jinx: why are your wings out anyway !

zara: let the whole world know why dont ya

jinx: sorry !
1年以上前 Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: *Walking to class drinking from a juice box*
Hall Monitor: Hey!
Katie: *Stops* ._.
Hall Monitor: No drinks in the hallway!
Katie: *Keeps walking*
Hall Monitor: *Writing a detention*
Katie: *Walking*
Hall Monitor: *Steps in front of her with detention* Now you have to serve a one hour.
Katie: *Eyes flash red* >:i
Hall Monitor: D8 Or you don't have to... ^^' I'll just... *Runs away*
Katie: ._. *Walks to class*
1年以上前 tinaloo said…
Lilly: *goes to class and sits beside Katie* hey
Luke: *eyes turn red* damit
Jasmine: *goes to Lilly* YOU
Lilly: ._. What....
Jasmine: I almost *wispers in her ear* flew
Lilly: D8 oh sorry
Jasmine: it's ok
1年以上前 jadeISmaNAME said…
zara: gone yet ?


- all three of them walk into class -

everyone: - staring at them -

zara : O.o
1年以上前 Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: *Opens book silently, not paying attention to anyone else*
1年以上前 tinaloo said…
Lilly: *reading a mysterious black antique book that is secretly about vampires*
Jack: *comes in the class*
1年以上前 jadeISmaNAME said…
zara: well this is ...

jinx: the wronge class room D:

maddie : BYE !

- they all run out the class -

maddie: that was bad D:

- they walk into the right class -

zara: - sits down in a seat at the back and starts drawing on the table -

jinx : - sits next to katie -

maddie: - looks for an empty seat -
1年以上前 tinaloo said…
Lilly: *countinues reading*
Luke: *listioning to music*
1年以上前 Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: *Drawing strange symbols on her paper*
1年以上前 jadeISmaNAME said…
jinx: - looks at her paper- what ya drawing ?

maddie: - sits next to some ? -

zara: crap i filled the table ! - starts drawing with makerpen on the wall -
1年以上前 Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: *Quickly closes notebook* >-<
1年以上前 d3yaXanime said…
name: giny
creature: ghost
age: 16
side : good

name: lola
creature : ghost
age: 16
side: good

name: maxie
age: 17
creature : water ( person thingy )
side: good

name : kimmy
creature : unknown
age: 18
side: both
( jadeISmaNAME, i love anime too , this is giny ! )
( giny and lola are sisters )

last edited 1年以上前
 name: giny creature: ghost age: 16 side : good name: lola creature : ghost age: 16 side: go
1年以上前 jadeISmaNAME said…
jinx: what were you drawing ? ?!
1年以上前 d3yaXanime said…
( lola )
 ( lola )
1年以上前 d3yaXanime said…
( and maxie )
 ( and maxie )
1年以上前 d3yaXanime said…
( and finally , kimmy )

* all four walk into class *
last edited 1年以上前
 ( and finally , kimmy ) * all four walk into class *
1年以上前 jadeISmaNAME said…
( cute ^.^ )
1年以上前 tinaloo said…
Dani: *comes in and sits beside her sister Lilly*
Lilly: you ok
Dani: *rolls eyes* yeah
Luke: good
1年以上前 d3yaXanime said…
( O.o , might need to rename some of my characters XD or we will get confused )
1年以上前 d3yaXanime said…
giny: where do we sit ?
lola: i dont know
kimmy: * sits next to luke *
maxie : * sits on her own at the back *