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NCISLOVER posted on Jan 17, 2009 at 08:36PM
I really love Ziva on NCIS. I think Cote plays her very well. Ziva is my favorite on NCIS. I was just wondering if there wan anyone else out there who like Ziva/Cote.

I sent a fan letter and a photo for her to sign along with Sean, Michael, and Mark, and she did. She wished me the best. I really want to meet her some day.

So, who else is a fan of her? I hope that I am not the only one.

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1年以上前 triplethreat said…
big smile
omg i love her i want ot meet her !!!!!!! how did you get her to sign it ??????? you got to let me know
1年以上前 NCISLOVER said…
I just sent a letter to them and a photo for them to autograph and when I requested for them to sign it they did. I can give you the link of the site where I got all the info to send the photo and stuff if you want it.
1年以上前 ziva_rocks said…
I'm a big fan too. I always liked NCIS but was hooked the moment Ziva appeared. She's a great actress and the chemistry she has with Michael Weatherly is amazing. They definatly picked the right person for the part! Cote is too underrated as an actress and hopefully soon will be recognised for how good she is!
1年以上前 emma07891 said…
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