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BERLIN (Reuters) - Tokio Hotel guitarist Tom Kaulitz told a German newspaper on Friday he fell ill after taking too many Viagra tablets and could not see straight for days.

Kaulitz, 20, told Bild newspaper that someone offered him a Viagra tablet during a コンサート tour of Asia. After first turning down the offer, Kaulitz 発言しました he decided to try one. He 発言しました a little later he took a 秒 one and fell ill.

"I first asked the seller 'Do I look like someone who needs help with that?'" 発言しました Kaulitz, whose brother Bill is the group's lead singer. "He 発言しました 'no' -- but that I should nevertheless try...
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posted by 93088990
"The only relationship they [Bill, Georg & Gustav) have is a very intimate relationship with their right hand または their left hand, または even both. Georg likes to play “the stranger”. So he sits on his hand for about 15 分 and then masturbates himself, so he feels like it’s another person. I actually learned that game. I started when I was about 6 years old."

" I have it on my arm, and also on my penis" - About the tattoo"

"That’s just because my 尻, お尻 got bigger…"(laughs) - About his new style

"There’s no point in dressing up and not being comfortable with what you’re wearing."...
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Always a little slow on the news, the latest edition of Bravo features a small 記事 on Bill and Tom’s planned 移動する to LA.

Goodbye Germany! That’s not only the name of the TV docu-soap – this is also the new モットー of the Tokio Hotel-Twins Bill and Tom (21). They will 移動する to Los Angeles in November. What are they doing there? Their producer David Jost lives for もっと見る than a 年 in California. They will work on new songs together. But don’t worry, Bill and Tom will come back. David confirmed: “They will still keep their ホーム in Germany.” Puuuh!
posted by rawrr-doll
I found myself pondering over this yesterday, and I've come to the conclusion that this might just be one of Tom's many one night stands. But, who knows? あなた can never be 100% sure.. maybe this is the start of Tom's 2009 愛 affair with Chantelle Paige. I dunno, but I know there's a picture, and here it is.

Also, how much does he look like Bill now? Good lord, they are finally identical twins again! And it looks like the rumour about the piercing was true too, cos I've seen a few pics with him wearing one, and it doesn't look photoshopped. Personally, I'm loving Tom's new style, but I don't think I like his "girlfriend". She looks really bitchy, like the kind あなた see in hip hop videos, yes? But if he's happy, it's all good. As long as Bill's still available XD

posted by -Darkness-xo
"Pluck the bass? Is that code for jack off?"

"And Bill's tattoo...I mean, what is that thing? A jizz dartboard?"

"My 'third leg' is longer than my two other legs and that's why I wear such big baggy pants."

"Georg has a lot of nicknames, hobbit, chicken Georg. Ya look like a chicken."

"I've been a ファン of me ever since."

"Bill may be taller but everything else I have is bigger!"

"Honestly, I have as much clue about cooking as Georg has about playing bass, but I'm definitely good at sandwiches."

"I prefer パン to be lightly toasted... certainly not too dark. When it's too dark it always causes cancer....
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posted by RemindMe
Is such a thing possible? Bravo seems to think so! Tom Kaulitz, notorious playboy, seems to be tired of the lifestyle and wants to find love!

He already had myriads of romances! But deep in his ハート, 心 the Tokio-Hotel-star wishes for love.

Everyone would immediately sign this sentence: “I would 愛 to find the big love.” But when Tom from Tokio Hotel says this, then it’s a total surprise. After all the 20-year-old skip any opportunity in the past to 表示する off with his one-night-stands! But the rocker doesn’t enjoy the quick pleasures for one night anymore: “It doesn’t fulfill me anymore,...
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posted by 93088990
She was in the shower. Tom entered and walked into シャワー corner. He grabbed her for hips and sharply pushed her on the wall. He pressed on her back. While he was stroking her 尻, お尻 with his cock and kisses her neck. She felt his excited breath on her neck and heard his silent moaning. He turned her, wanted look at her eyes. He smiled to her and then his hand slowly slipped into her wet lap. She leaned her head back, and took his excitement into her hand. She stroked it up and down and he started growing. He, in return, grabbed her boob and started munch her nipple with fingers.
Fingers of second...
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I only became a member of this site so I can let あなた all now that the thing between Tom and Chantelle is F A K E.

They pretended to hook up so the group chantelle is in (don't remember the name) would be もっと見る noticed in europe.

They had arranged for a german gossip magazine BILD to be there to take the pictures, the キッス the date, everything was fake.

Can't believe あなた peeps didn't know that.

Tom & chantelle is NOT a couple, never have been.

Spread the word!


I got this from Soul_ladie
She told to 'spread the word' - And i did!
And it would be nice, if you'll do that too? :-i
posted by twilight76
Birth Name:

Tom Kaulitz


5' 11¾" (1.82 m)

Trade Mark:

His dreadlocks.


Twin brother of Bill Kaulitz, a member of Tokio Hotel.

Was born 10 分 before his twin brother, Bill.

Is an avid Hip Hop fan. His お気に入り artist to listen to is German Hip Hop singer Samy Deluxe.

His お気に入り subject in school was Art.

Received his first ギター when he was 9, によって his step-father.

His step-father owns a 音楽 school called, "Rock's Cool".

Enjoys partying, hip hop, music, girls and graffiti.

Favorite 食 is pasta.

Favorite drinks are Cola and イチゴ Nesquick.

Owns about 17 guitars.

He has one luggage...
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posted by laonis
We imagine that we all know a Kiss, the legendary American band formed in 1972 whose members made up and costumed act shaping characters that over time have become the watchword of Rock'N'Roll. In 1983 the group decided to park his comic image and start a new stage without makeup. Years later, to please the ファン who missed the first stage, the band returned to its origins with the costumes.
The release of Tokio Hotel as a band was a very studied. Possible to speak of the last major musical projects in ヨーロッパ the new century. At the time of creating the foundation, the Management was aware that...
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"1. ‘Accidentally’ call him a girl in public.
2. Laugh hysterically every time he says the word ‘what’.
3. Steal all his eyeliner and begin drawing strange pictures all over his walls. When he asks what あなた are doing turn your back to him and mutter something about Georg.
4. Sing very loudly and very off-key to any Green 日 song he might be playing.
5. At 4:27 in the morning, jump on his ベッド and scream “The leprechauns are attacking! The leprechauns are attacking! Run for your life!”
6. Rename him Phillip Johnny Bob and refuse to call him によって any other name.
7. Give away the ending...
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posted by 93088990
She woke, turned around in the bed, to say good morning to her man. But he was already awake. She went to the bathroom to brush her teeth and wash her face. She was feeling weird. She have been dreaming about that she had a little 表示する for her man, and that she have been teasing him to the absolute limit, and that they had the best fuck ever.
Now she knew it, she was horny. Then, a great idea came to her mind, she should dress up sexy, and bring him back to bed, and have a little 表示する for him.

She took a quick shower, and started putting on makeup and found some sexy clothes. She pulled out...
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posted by kelsie1322
tom kaulitz is the hottest of the group no doubt about it. Bill is just a freak and needs to change his look.i dont care about the other two because they are not cute.the only thing wrong with tom is that he smaokes and he has sex to many times for only being 19. besides that he is perfect. i 愛 tom!!!!!!!!! he is so talented and he can sing well too. i can't wait until their 次 album comes out in english. i dont speak german and i still like one of their songs that is in german. i 愛 the song sacred and i never thought i would like a german band but tom made me check them out because i saw a picture of him and he was just so cute so i tried out their music. i turned out to 愛 them thanks tom. keep rockin