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posted by Southernboytoo
I've never done this. I'm not some giddy school girl in 愛 with an aspiring actor. But I saw this guy on BONES(ボーンズ)-骨は語る- and I was amazed. His 芝居 is so natural, so believable. Suddenly I'm seeing him everywhere! Commercials where he sings somewhat annoyingly about a truck, getting a witchdoctor to shrink a car salesman's head. Guest spots. WHERE THE HELL HAVE I BEEN!? As I said, I watch him and he convinces me he is that person. It's natural. Big wigs who may read this to see what the American Public thinks to see who to book. Book TJ Thyne. Not to slander a good movie that stated "If あなた Build It, He Will Come." Here's mine. "If あなた Film Him, I Will Pay." TJ, if あなた see this. Way to go, Man. You're good. あなた need your own show! A Movie!