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Lie_to_Me_123 posted on Mar 14, 2011 at 04:41PM
This is basically just a forum where we can give two quotes that relate to each other tell us that really are meant to be.

For example:

Ziva: "I find certain older men... attractive."

"Tony: In fact, I was champion of my Baltimore precinct in the late '90s.
Ziva: 'Late '90s?' That makes you sound...
Tony: What, old?! Don't say old!
Ziva: I didn't say it, you did

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1年以上前 Evanescent said…
big smile
Tony: Nice girl, wasn't my type though.
Ziva: Really? She was breathing.
Tony: Oh, I have standards, Ziva, otherwise I’d be dating you.

[6x6, murder 2.0.]

Gibbs: Rule number eleven, DiNozzo.
Tony: I would never date a co-worker, boss. Trust me. I mean, why would you even --

[6x24, semper fidelis.]
1年以上前 TivaParaSiempre said…
Tony: I know a certain probie agent who smells a little falafely. *looks pointedly at Ziva*
[Jack Knife, S7]

Tony: I have better things to do than to obsess over the whereabouts of our "Little Miss Fancy-Pants", Ziva. Like lunch. I was thinking falafels.
[Recruited, S8]
1年以上前 tonyziva1234 said…
Tony: You ever lies to someone you love, Ziva?
[Bury Your Dead, 5x01]


Tony: Why would I lie to you, Ziva?
[Aliyah, 6x25]
1年以上前 TivaParaSiempre said…
"We love you too" [Shalom]
"And that is why we love you" [False Witness]

"We? As in... you and me?" [Nature of the Beast]
1年以上前 tonyziva1234 said…
Ziva: You jeopardized your entire career and for what?!
Tony: For you.

[Aliyah, 6x25]


Tony: NCIS is part of who I am.

[Nature of the Beast, 9x01]
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