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ahmoniqued posted on Sep 29, 2010 at 04:20PM
I decided to make this forum to discuss all new [and old] episodes because:
A) We don't spoil the viewing experience for new episodes.
B) You can enthuse about any episodes.
C) Gush over Tiva-ness!

Rules: Try to keep it based on the episodes, Participate as often as possible [let's hope this doesn't fail], you can any questions of your preference and have loads of fun! If you have a question add - just ask me. Thanks everyone. Note: I apologise for not posting questions for last couple of episodes but I've been partially absent. Sorry for the small batch this week, 2/2/11.

'Freedom' Episode Questions:

1. Favourite Tiva Scene in the episode?

A) Ziva: "Didn't know you were a pool dolphin" moment OR Ziva: "LATE 90s? *Laughs* That makes you sound so..." moment.
B) Ziva: "I do not know what that means and I don't think I want to" moment OR "You don't wear jealously well" moment.
C)Random Guy: "Boy, I know a bickering couple when I see one" OR Ziva: And we are NOT a couple..."; RG: "Could of fooled me".

3. Episode Rating.

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