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Tony lowered his camera to his knee and draped his arm around the woman beside him on the bench in the park. He was enjoying that she would accompany him when he had to do surveillance duty. He never told Gibbs that she was joining him when he was sent out on his own, but Gibbs knew everything so it wouldn’t surprise him in the least if he knew that they used this time to be together as well. It was completely against protocol, but it had yet to interfere with the last three cases so he figured Gibbs was just going to let it slide.

He turned his head slightly and placed a キッス in her hair...
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DISCLAIMER: あなた know the deal. I don't own any of the songs either.

Ziva hated this. The last time she'd been undercover, at least she'd been near DC. But New York? It was a beautiful city, but she wanted to be near Tony, the man she loved.
She'd returned to her hotel room, her laptop was on and had been for a while, and her earbuds were in her ears. She'd left her iPod at her apartment, but she'd mysteriously found this one in her bag. No doubt Tony had left it there. She put in her earbuds and pressed play.
Hey there Delilah what's it like in New York City
She smiled at her お気に入り song
I'm a...
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It is warm at the ビーチ that day.

Though the clouds hide the sun, the heat still radiates down onto the rocky coast, lining the inlet the turns into the ocean a little ways out.

Their daughter tries running ahead of them, rapidly hoping over the rocks, trying to keep her balance on the uneven surface.

"Be careful, little ninja," Tony calls out to her. "Those are some big rocks."

The little girl simply giggles loudly as she continues her path out towards the water’s edge.

Ziva rolls her eyes as they continue to follow the girl.

"Why did she have to get your sense of discipline, Tony?”

"Hey," he...
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posted by Lie_to_Me_123
Okay so, as あなた may know, there is a contest on this spot called the Best Reasons to Ship Tony and Ziva Contest!

This 記事 is basically just a compilation of all the reasons that have been given. The bolded and underlined ones are the ones that have won the particular round that they're in.

So, if あなた aren't participating, what are あなた waiting for? ;)

Reasons to Ship Tony and Ziva!

1. They will always find each other.
2. They make banter seem like an art form.
3. They always have each other's backs.
4. They see each other's imperfections perfectly.
5. He'd drag her back in a heartbeat.
6. He listened to her pep talk in False Witness.
7. She will always protect him.
8. They're soulmates.
9. She's his Miss Right.
10. He couldn't live without her.
These are all completed multi-chapters stories.

These stories made me laugh, they made me cry, they made me upset, they made my ハート, 心 went out for them. They kept me company when I felt so alone. They became my bedmates on cold rainy nights and my companions under the sun on a lazy breezy day.

If I don't feel my ハート, 心 jump with even one scene then it's not worth my time.

Some of these fics may have spelling and grammar deficiencies but their stories are so wonderfully told あなた just forget those little honest to goodness missteps.

Here they are in no particular order:

1. After Somalia によって AliyahNCIS...
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Tony coughed a little as he walked through the drugstore on his mission to find some cough syrup before Gibbs smacked the virus out of him. It had been lingering for nearly a week and the hacking cough had subsided only to be replaced with an irritating one. McGee had even started complaining at how bothersome it was. Once he found what the pharmacist swore would take the cough away he headed to the checkout. As he wandered the aisles he found himself in the midst of the cards. He glanced at them a bit as he walked along when one stuck out at him as it sat in front of all the others. It wasn’t...
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"Ziva, come on, we’re gonna be late!"

"Okay, okay just one moment."

They were already running behind on their morning, thanks to an unset alarm and a broken water heater. They’d spent the past 30 分 gathering up all the belongings they needed for their short trip to the Palmer house for a ‘family’ brunch, but they quickly learned that having a child comes with needing many もっと見る items and bags than normal.

She had just changed their daughter’s diaper and was bustling around the room, ストッキング the diaper bag for their afternoon outing.

"Where is her purple zebra?" She calls out....
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"Don’t wander off too far, gremlins! And stay together!"

The two children giggled as they began to run off. “Here, Anthony, take my hand!” the girl orders as her brother loyally latches on to her outreached hand. They being to run down the path, their laughter echoing off the ウォール at their side.

They stay behind, watching their children run freely, and she can’t help but to smile. He looks to her and, upon seeing her face, takes her hand and smiles as well. “We got a couple of cute kids, don’t we sweetcheeks?”

She laughs for a moment before leaning against his side as they continue...
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Tony carefully watched his three 年 old daughter as she played in the leaves at the park. She was bundled up cozy as can be in her gray hat, scarf, and sweater jacket. Her medium length blonde hair flipped around the 上, ページのトップへ of her ジャケット and her giggled filled the air. It was a crisp autumn 日 and he was happy to have it off to spend time with his daughter. Ziva had wandered off to a ショップ not far from the park to do some shopping. This left him with the chance to just watch and absorb what he was witnessing.

He smiled as Danielle held up a leaf excitedly waving it at him before scooping up...
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"Come on, Elijah. Smile for your Ima."

"I’m telling you, Ziva, that smile the other 日 was just gas."

"It was not, Tony. He was smiling and I will get him to smile again."

"Whatever あなた say, David."

"Come on, smile, baby. Yes, Mama is shaking your hand. あなた 愛 to hold Mama’s hand. Smile."

"I’ve never heard あなた talk baby-talk before, Ziva. Frankly, it’s a little scary."

"Would あなた rather I yell at him as if I were interrogating him? Because I could do that."

"No あなた couldn’t. You’ve gotten soft. And I 愛 it."

"Ah! Tony! Did あなた see it? He smiled!"

"It was probably just gas."

"I will kill あなた if あなた take this away from me. It was a smile."
ジーザス H. Christ,” Tony said, stepping out of the brisk October air and into his ホーム in the early morning. He was exhausted. Everything ached, his cotton t-shirt was soaked through with sweat, and he was panting. Hard. He pulled off his テニス shoes and carelessly flung them to opposite sides of his pristine living room before stripping off his t-shirt and neatly shooting it, basketball-style, into the machine, and followed in the same way with his athletic shorts and white tube socks.

He would’ve run to the shower, except for the fact that he didn’t think he wanted to run again. Ever....
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posted by Lady_Ziva
An original fanfiction written によって Elisha (tonyandzivauk.Tumblr)

“Not long till I meet あなた little one.” she whispered as she ran her hand slowly down her swollen belly.

“It seems like it has been forever, not nine months. I am going to admit something to あなた but あなた can not tell anyone okay? I am scared. A good scared. The kind of feeling I had when your farther proposed. I wanted it so much but a part of me was frightened, terrified in fact. I did not want anything to go wrong, I wanted nothing もっと見る then to 愛 him forever and for him to 愛 me too. I want あなた to 愛 me too, what if...
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posted by hannah12hannah
Just a wee cute one.

I was just getting in the lift after a very had 日 at work または should I say 4 days at work."Hold they elevator."It was tony probably on his way to his girlfriend I think mindy now または mandy emm one of them."Hey zeevah what あなた doing tonight?" He 発言しました as if he actually cared for once. " Nothing tony I'm having an early night I'm as tired as ducky when he's had to much whisky." Poor old ducky he really was drunk last new year."Okay." He seemed hurt I should have just 発言しました yes it would have been an excuse to hang out with him I think afterall I'm madly in 愛 with him.

The elevator...
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The Marine Corps birthday ball was an occasion that drew magnificent crowds each year. Dignitaries, honorees, heads of state, and military officials alike turned out dressed to the nines for a night on the town. Most years, the ball was standard, formal and dignified. This year, however it was 与えられた a theme: masquerade.

This year’s ball also came paired with an unverified threat of an attack on the Secretary of Defense. Security had been bulked up early, which is how Tony ended up wearing a black and red mask Abby had provided, watching from afar as the SecNav schmoozed with private contractors,...
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Warm baths are the best.

“Ziva, I’m home,” Tony called out as he walked through the door. The living room was empty and tidy. “Ziva?”

“I am in the bathroom, Tony,” her soft call travelled through the apartment.

Tony made his way to the bathroom and found Ziva up to her neck in a bubble bath. He smiled at the sight of her. “Comfy in there?” he asked as he sat down on the floor beside the tub, using the toilet to lean against.

“Yes, I may have over done it at the gym yesterday,” Ziva sighed sleepily as she let the warm water ease her aching muscles. “I was thinking that we...
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She’s on her way out of the bathroom, in her bra and panties as she hears the knock on the door. The knock on the door throws her off. He called her earlier that 日 to tell her that they were pulling an all-nighter.

Surprised but happy she pulls on her silk rope and opens the door. She barely has time to register him pulling her to him, covering his mouth with hers.

He’s moving his hands up her hips and suddenly he rips the ローブ off her, hurling it to the floor, and digs his fingers on her 尻, お尻 as he brings her closer to him.

He finds the nearest ウォール and shoves her up against it and then...
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"Come on, Ziva, it can’t be that bad!" Tony chuckled from his position on the countertop.

His grumpy wife stomped into the kitchen, and Tony couldn’t stop himself from chuckling.

"Well…it uhm…very pink…and black…"

"It’s horrendous," she interjected, angrily scowling at the layers of fabric around her.

Tony took this as his cue to hop off the counter and 移動する toward her.

"Hey, あなた only have to wear it for a few hours. And then あなた can change into the ゴールド one for the reception," Tony smirked.

Ziva rolled her eyes. “Anthony DiNozzo, あなた know full well that as soon as I put on...
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She drifts back into conciousness to the feeling his warm touch slowly tracing the curve of her spine. It’s hesistant; as if he can’t quite figure out how he managed to find himself 次 to her this morning, but it’s no less possessive, and she makes the barest of movements to ease herself closer to him.

His other hand grips the skin of her hip tighter, his thumb tracing over her hip bone and the dip of where her leg begins, and the hand on her back goes to the wild mess of curls, pushing them softly away to expose the back of her neck to his searching mouth.

"You stayed." He mumrmurs...
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“Yes, thank you. I understand,” she picked nervously her sleeve, “Mhmm. Goodbye.”

Pressing the end button, she dropped the phone back into the クレードル, 受け台 and stared blankly at the 机, デスク in front of her, twisting her mouth sideways in thought.

Well, this was certainly unexpected.

Okay, so maybe not entirely surprising. She could think of a few times when they had not been the most careful, but still, this was not exactly in their plans at the moment. Scratching nervously at the hard, grey plastic of the desk, she sucked in a shaky breath,

Oh God, they hadn’t discussed this at all.

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posted by mossheart1235
All right, this one has been on my computer for a long, long, long, LONG time. And now it's going up. Enjoy :)

She watches his ashes scatter in the wind.

She wishes, for one moment, that she'd had the chance to say good-bye.

But he was snatched from her life too fast.

She'd never even 発言しました thank you.

She felt guilt for it every day.

She can still see his face in her mind, saying one word, just before...


Gibbs looks across at her from the cemetery.

He knows how much this is killing her inside.

After all, he witnessed it.

He saw her kill him.

He knows the pain she's going through.

He knows her sorrows....
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