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 Season 7 :Fairy 動物
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Bloom's Pet Elas
season 7
fairy 動物
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 The new winx!Lisa,Sunshime,Angelica,Rosena,Siobhan,Faina,Terra+The New Trix Kristina,Sabbra,Liana!!!!
The new winx!Lisa,Sunshime,Angelica,Rosena,Siobhan,Faina,Terra+The New Trix Kristina,Sabbra,Liana!!!!
-----(Hope u enjoy------

(The girls r now quite shocked but not Lisa,she was yelling)

Lisa;No way!That's not possible.
Ms Faragonda;But it is!So u might as well expect it!
Ms Faragonda;I am sorry,nothing to do.

(Just then their moms appear)

Stella;Girls,what r u doing here?
Musa;Girls,tell me straight what happened.
Lisa;Wait,is it not u whu shud be talking?
Lisa;Enough,now talk!
Terra:About this whole magic dimension thingy!!!!
Faina:U thought u cud hide it from us........
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In one summer evening...
Bloom:oh sky isn't this great we're spending our whole summer together I'm so happy about this aren't you?
Sky:well technically not all summer I got some other things I need to do too....
Bloom:really like what??
Sky:umm I gotta go see some of my フレンズ that are girls see my friend zendaya is having a whole summer party so I gotta go to her house for the whole summer...maybe 次 summer...
Bloom:ok then I'll see u in 2 months bye....
At zendaya's house...
Everyone : omg zendaya your party is awsome
BFF of zendaya:hey look its your boyfriend
Zendaya : oh こんにちは sky i mean babe...
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I really 2x hate bloom cause shes so arrogant to feel like shes the leader and she shouldnt have power over ppl.ill just tell u the episodes..

She was like mega rude in this episode heres the quote
Bloom:stella!!!...stella!!(shaking stellas shoulder)
Stella:(wakes up)uhh stop it...(gets annoyed) あなた do realize its in the middle of the night right!!!!??? Right??L
Bloom:of course..
Stella: then im going bk to sleep (sleeps)
Bloom:ughhhhh!!! Come on stella weve got work to do!!!(pulls stella)
Stella:(falls of her ベッド holding a 枕 lol)hey!!! Ugh bloom!!!!!!
how rude!!!

And of course...
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Hi guys! Yep, im still doing fanfictions, but today im doing a quiz, plase comment, rate and most importantly enjoy! :) -pandawinx. :D

Q1. Your best friend is being bullied, what do あなた do?
A. I tell the bully politely not to be cruel to my friend and if あなた act like a jerk one もっと見る time you'll be in trouble!
B. Feel a sence of duty to tell someone like her mum または a teacher または something...As nerdy as it sounds あなた think that'll be best for your friend.
C. Tell your friend to ignore them and remind her that your much クーラー than them!

Q2. Whats your dream 日付 like?
A. An romantic movie at the cinema,...
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 Musa: In her normal Season 1 & 2 outfit
Musa: In her normal Season 1 & 2 outfit
Hello again! :D This is the third information 記事 in my series. And によって 人気 demand, the 次 person will be... (Drumroll please!!!) Musa! :D Hope あなた like this one!



Musa is the fairy of 音楽 in the Winx group. She is very kind, energetic and always helps a friend in need. She is from the planet Melody (The Harmonic Nebula in the U.S version) and is the princess of her planet. She was born on May 30th and her parents are one of the Winx parents who get seen most often. Her father was a skilled musician and her mother, a skilled singer....
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It was a beautiful morning in Alfea when Bloom gave birth to little Adelinda, who's name means dragon. Bloom smiled and 発言しました to Stella " Thanks for helping me, getting clothes and all." Stella replied " No problem Bloom." Bloom put Adelinda in the ベビーベッド and looked at her, she looked her only with Sky's color of hair. Her eyes were a brighter blue than her's. Adelinda looked at the 妖精 wide-eyed, she knew who they where The Winx, powerful 妖精 and who never backed down from a fight. Adelinda hoped to be like her mother one day, proud and strong. Two years later, Adelinda was now 13 years...
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Don't know when it happened but guess what got deleted again!?

So people constantly ask me and other Bloom haters 'why do あなた hate Bloom so much?' または 'why is Bloom your least お気に入り character?' So I am typing this article... answer that 質問 and hopefully clarify and help others understand why I and many other Bloom haters don't like Bloom. If あなた Bloom ファン read this and get offended that's not my fault as I've warned you.

First off I'll start with the obvious one; She's a Mary sue. Everyone falls at her feet and worships her, be it het friends, other students attending Alfea,...
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