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posted by Flora_xx
 Diana's guard
Diana's guard
In the 前 chapter, Tecna, Bloom, Stella, Brandon, Sky and Timmy find a village which is lead によって a man that helped them convince Diana that all humans weren't bad, they eat a delicious meal there but for Flora and the others in Diana's dungeon their meal from Diana was draining, the girls and Nabu ロスト their magic and Helia and Riven ロスト their strength.
Diana's Dungeon

Helia: Flora? Flora, please wake up!

Nabu:Layla my love?

Riven: Musa please open your eyes!

(Diana's guard enters the dungeon)

Diana's guard: It's no use, our lady's magic is too...
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posted by LikeTotally
Today was the 日 of the Rose,a holiday in the Magic Dimension to celebrate mothers.The Specialists had left Magix to see their moms,all except for Riven.You see,his mom had left him when he was little,and he hasn't seen her ever since.

Riven walked down the paved streets and into the Magix Cafe.He purchased a カプチーノ and sat down in the large green booths.He took a small sip. Delicious.He placed the cup on the 表, テーブル and started thinking for a moment.It's the day of the rose and I haven't seen my mom in years.He took another drink of the steaming coffee.She doesn't deserve anything from...
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Winx! We're back again
Winx! Together friends
Fighting side によって side, most be we're together magic
Winx, forever with you!
Winx, are coming true!
It's the power of Believix!

Everyday, ready to play
Everyday we're living in a fairytale
We are free, just take my hand
And remember the もっと見る あなた want the もっと見る あなた can
It's the power of Believix!

Winx! We're back again
Winx! Together friends
Fighting side によって side, most be we're together magic
Winx, forever with you!
Winx are coming true!
I'ts the power of Believix!

Winx! Raise up your hands
Winx! You're my best friend
Living side によって side, 愛 is just a kind of magic
fly high to the blue,
Winx, are coming true

It´s the crazy world for me and you
It´s the magic world for me and.. Winx!
 Winx Gangers
Winx Gangers
 Gang !
Gang !
posted by FloraBoricua
The 次 日 at Alfea in Winx room

Stella: I miss Flora
Every girl: Me too
Layla: I just can't be here and think that we don't know if Flora is coming back after we told her that things back in Amazonia, and the news about Diana being her mother and Helia getting married
Tecna: But, what we can do? We don't have any clue of her where to be
Bloom: Your right. I just hope she's okay
-every girl nodded-
-Diana suddenly appeared-
Diana: I know how we can know about Flora
-Every girl jumped from where they were sitting-
Bloom: How?
Diana: I'm the Fairy of Nature
-Then Stella continue talking-
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Musa and Flora looked and saw the Trix

Musa: What do あなた want from us?
Icy: That's very simple
-Icy threw them a Big ice, and then they see that they were in danger and turn into there winx-

Stormy: Your not going anywhere

-Flora try to fly away but it was too late when Stormy hit her in the back, then she fell to the floor and Musa was all alone-

Musa: FLORAAA!!!
Darcy: Don't worry, soon she would be sleeping forever

-When trying to fight the three witches back, she didn't have もっと見る strength left and then Icy was going to finish her up when a laser string came to the rescue-...
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posted by Gretsel
 Flora's plant
Flora's plant
Morning in Alfea...
(the girls(exept Stella and Flora) are sitting in the sofa when....)
Flora:Oh,no....come back!!!!!(one big plant jumps in Stella's room)
(all they run in Stella's room except stella and flora because they are already in the room)
Stella:Flora!!!!!!What is that thing which is eating my cllllooo0ooothhhheeeesss????!!!!!!!!!
Flora:Oh,I'm sorry Stella:-( i do un experiment....and i try to give to some plants the ability to talk and to think but that plant is out of control.....
Stella:(cries)oh my god!!!!my beutiful t-shirt...
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For years children were able to celebrate ハロウィン in the traditional way of going for house to house saying "Trick または Treat". Knowing that there would always be a treat. However times have changed, in many areas it is no longer to practice this tradition.
With the loss of one tradition, makes room for a new one. Well OK may be not new, but もっと見る common...

The ハロウィン Party! Here's some cool ideas to decorate your room!
Let's create the cutest atmosphere of an Haunted Room, a great place to sleep if あなた are メリダとおそろしの森 enough to be having a slumber party.
Cover windows with blankets, garbage bags or...
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posted by Alifya
Coloured candle will help あなた focus on what あなた wish to happen. Choose the color of your candle accordingly to either your intuition または によって choosing a color with the appropriate corresponding meaning below!

White: もっと見る than likely, あなた understand what white means. It is after all linked eternally with purity, innocence and enlightenment. It is a cleansing color that is believed to cleanse both the mind and the spirit and heal any emotions that are in turmoil.

Black: There has always been something about black candles that bring up thoughts of discord. Most people would shy away from black candles...
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posted by Alifya
Cake Mix Cookies

2 large eggs
1 stick butter, room temperature
1 16-ounce bag チョコレート chips
1 box of your お気に入り cake mix

Mix ingredients together. Drop on cookie sheet. Bake in 350F (180C) degree オーブン for 10-12 minutes.

Marshmallow ビスケット Surprise!
Grand Biscuits (8 count)
1/4 C または もっと見る Melted butter
8 Large marshmallows
2 T Cinnamon sugar
Preheat オーブン to 375* (ask to parents)
Cut biscuits in half horizontally.
Place 1 マシュマロ in the center of biscuit.

Place 上, ページのトップへ half of ビスケット on 上, ページのトップへ and gently press together to seal. Brush 上, ページのトップへ of ビスケット with melted butter.Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar.Bake 12-15...
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posted by tslol99
Riven found were Musa lived just didn't find Musa there

Riven: Do u have a map of the town cause I don't know my way around here
Musa's dad: Um sure 1 sec
Riven: Ok
Musa's dad: (gets the map) here and we r right here
Riven: Thank u
Musa's dad: U really 愛 her don't u
Riven: Yeah I do
Musa's dad: Bring her back please
Riven: I will


Musa: O Tune what am I doing
Tune: I don't know but I see 2 things that will cheer u up
Musa: What
Tune: Ice cream and music
Musa: (giggles) Ok come in lets go

Meanwhile (again)

Musa's dad: I think u should go over to the girl 次 door her name is Lexi and she and Musa...
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posted by Winxlove
 Who's that girl?!
Who's that girl?!
(I hope あなた like the gift fanfiction,now here is another!)

Stella:Winx,I bring news!
Bloom:What news?
Stella:They have released new shoes and bags!Let's go shopping!
Layla:I thought it was もっと見る important thing.
Musa:I too.
Stella:Do あなた girls come?
Bloom:Stella,we have works to do.Look,today are much clients!
Musa:Yeah,give us a hand!
Flora:We can go another day,maybe when we finish the works!
Stella:Whaat?!But the shops are closed!
Bloom:Go with yourself.
Stella:Okey,fine.I go with myself.
Flora:But who's gonna wash the pets?
Stella:Maybe you.
Musa:Why あなた let her?
Bloom:come on...
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"Armies have conquered and fallen in the end kingdoms have risen then buried によって sand."

Faragonda had seen much in her years--the rise of a rot army for one and the fall of Sparks another. She saw it first hand when Red 噴水 collapsed and was there in person at it's rebirth. She had seen もっと見る in her lifetime than she would have ever imagined as little one growing up in a small house.

"The Earth is our mother she gives and she takes she puts us to sleep and in her light we'll awake."

In her younger years Faragonda was 与えられた much advice--advice she'd soon pass to anyone who entered Alfea with...
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Q1: Whats your fave subject at school?:
A. Art is totally better than the other subjects!
B. I think that the no.1 lesson is chemistry, i 愛 carrying out science expirements, especially when the whole thing goes POOF!
C. Sports and P.E, it keeps あなた healthy and あなた can chat with your フレンズ while doing so!

Q2. あなた really like?:
A. being praised and compilmented.
B. Learning new skills and talents.
C. having dreams where your flying.

Q3. Your walking into school one rainy monday morning feeling a bit glum, and when あなた get in a grumpy teacher shouts at あなた saying your late, what do あなた do?:
A. Explain...
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posted by stellamusa101
 "Flora, your plants are annoying!!!!!"
"Flora, your plants are annoying!!!!!"
"Flora, your plants are annoying! And..talking?"tells Stella. "What did my talking plant do?" asks Flora. Stella points to a plant moving, preventing Stella from entering her room. "Why do あなた want to go to your room?" asked Flora. "I need to change my outfit, Brandon and I are going to a restaurant in Magix tonight," 回答 the angered Stella. Flora thinks Stella is annoying. Flora casts a spell and the plant disappear. Stella walks in her room. "No thank you?" asks Flora. "No!" smiles Stella. "Flora!!!!!!!" shouted a voice. Flora walks to Tecna.

"What?" asked Flora as she entered Tecna's...
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Everyone has been giving some form of an opinion this week, so I thought maybe I should too. But instead of adding to the drama over this user nonsense, I'll be bringing us back to the opinions of what this club is about: the freaking Winx Club. So, today I'll be sharing with あなた all my 上, ページのトップへ お気に入り eleven "good" characters. (And によって "good characters" I mean, of course, the characters who are not evil) Why 上, ページのトップへ eleven? Well, as the Nostalgia Critic would say, I like to go one step beyond. So sit back, and enjoy my 一覧 of 上, ページのトップへ eleven "good" characters.

11. Clarice

Yes she might just be a minor...
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I've been meaning to make an 記事 on this for a while now. As most of あなた know I really don't like the Nick dub and am a big ファン of the 4kids version. Well I might as well share a few of the reasons why.

So the first and biggest reason; the actual dub itself. I think the scrip is kind of cheesy and boring. Where as the 4kids version is littered with jokes that are actually funny ("The クイズ in last month's Teen Witch 発言しました 'What would あなた do if あなた got to take over the whole universe?' I wrote 'You'll find out soon enough, loser,' and sent it in"). And the subtle adult references they slip...
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 Aisha and Nex
Aisha and Nex
Again, thank you to FanNoOne111 for the inspiration of the Winx Next Generation Naming Poll. Credits to his awesome Winx Transformation Countdowns and resulting articles. I just love them and can't wait to see what else he would plan!

Welcome to fourth and the half edition of the conclusion of the Winx 次 Generation Naming. Thanks to the 36 ファン who participated in the poll! We have concluded the results of Aisha and Nex's baby girl's name. Shall we get start? Let's start... Now!

According to the poll, the child's name chosen によって the Winx Club Community of ファン is Nina.

A reason that Nina was...
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Janessa and Flora woke up at noon and started getting ready. Flora first put on the jumpsuit. It was fitted perfectly. It was nice and she could 移動する around in it easily so she would be able to jump and 移動する comfortably. She grabbed the ファン and looked at them again before she closed them and put them in a holder in her belt. Her short hair was perfect so it wouldn’t get in the way too much, but she still pulled it back into a ponytail with some tendrils on the right side of her face. Then she went with Janessa did a few exercises for about 15 分 and then they were really ready. After...
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This fanfic has the same characters as The Destroyers, but has NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH THE STORY LINE OF THE DESTROYERS Thank you.
Stormy had tumbled into what looked like an underground base, there was nobody around, except for one man, standing in the corner, alone. "Well, it seems somebody has stumbled into my home."
He stepped out to reveal himself as a young man with red hair and bangs, a blue suit, and lighter blue pants, belt, backpack, and shoes. "Who are you?' Stormy asked, cautiously. "My name is Aran." He stated.
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Left Alone
Raising her hands she 発言しました “Just shut the hell up! I have listened enough to your bullshit! Why can’t あなた just listen to your parents once?” her voice was so loud that even neighbours could listen it, it wasn’t a new thing for Musa, she was used to it. “I am not a kid anymore mom, why don’t あなた get it? I 愛 音楽 and I can’t leave it and what’s the problem in it? I am doing and always did whatever hell あなた asked me, actually あなた never asked, あなた ordered me to do.” With big shocked eyes her mom was staring her, she was about to say something when Musa cut her...
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