The Reformed Mephiles Transformers/Sonic 06 Roleplay

psyconinja7 posted on Aug 08, 2010 at 07:55AM
yeah Im trying something new. you hate me, I'll tell mephiles.

The Reformed Mephiles 6 返信

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1年以上前 MephilesTheDark said…
-.-' What, so I'm your bodygaurd now or something? XD Get stuffed! (joke)

Anyway, good idea with this. You have to start, though, 'cuz I have NO idea what to say... XD
1年以上前 psyconinja7 said…
okay. so, here's my first roleplay on this site. so post a char profile. you can only have three characters. I will be playing all transformers, so don't worry. kay oh and the rating is for teens so, keep it clean (damn you halo ODST)
1年以上前 MephilesTheDark said…
Gimme a whatever-it's-called to fill out on characters.
1年以上前 psyconinja7 said…





occupation (if they have one):



realation to other characters (eg.parents, children, boyfriend/girlfriend):

random facts:

(there you go that's the template!)
1年以上前 psyconinja7 said…
BTW only do your main characters! not all the others you may roleplay so, I'll put one in for Xenon, but I probaly won't do one for say frenzy (unless you really want me to)
1年以上前 misshedgehog said…
can i join