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I'm really curious how Ramones ファン will react to my cover of "My Brain is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo...)." I'm obviously a big ファン of theirs, but had a different direction I wanted to take this song It's probably my お気に入り of theirs, though I mostly like their "classic" period in general.

Here's the video on youtube.

Eメール me if あなた want a free mp3: davidmheatley [at] gmail [dot com]

アニメーション によって Luca Dipierro. 音楽 produced によって Peter Wade of Shitake Monkey with Tom Haslow of Action Painters on ギター and bass. Let me know if あなた dig it... または if あなた don't and why.
Marky Ramone IMAGE Meet And Greet Autograph Session Online Nov. 23

IMAGE (Interactive Meet And Greet Entertainment) patented technology allows a ファン to eyewitness a celebrity signing an autograph through any internet connected device. An IMAGE Meet And Greet includes video authenticity on a flash drive, video phone call and download.

An IMAGE Personal Experience is a face-to-face audio-visual encounter through the Internet, enabling a consumer to see the Talent signing a pre-purchased item, including an overhead camera as picture-in-picture of the signing, captured live as...
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