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posted by ilovehinder
 Goodbye, Toby. *Image thanks to chel1395
Goodbye, Toby. *Image thanks to chel1395
Other than Night Out, ディナー Party, and Fun Run, it was HORRIBLE. I hated it and was completely disappointed because it was starting to be just like every other 表示する on TV and not different in its little Office kind of way. It was losing its unique quality that no other 表示する has. We ロスト Pam's hair, Jim and Pam got together so there wasn't the they will, they won't sexual tension that everyone loves, Dwight and Angela broke up, breaking the hearts of many Dwangela ファン such as myself, Micheal and Jan broke up, and then they began to bring in ランダム ideas out of nowhere like in Local Ad and...
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