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こんにちは sorry about not 書く life just got in the way. But I will try harder to write but no guarantees. This one is really long but I hope あなた enjoy. :~)

もっと見る than One! chapter sixteen

Katrina’s pov.

I looked at Alec, and damn he was HOT. I never really looked at him before. I either wanted to intimidate him または rip his throat out. So when I looked at him I was shocked. I knew all vamps were stunning But he had something about him. Their was this aura around him it was a lot different from what I saw around Jane. It was dark red almost the color...
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 白鳥, スワン House
Swan House
This is my first fanfiction so please コメント and tell me what あなた think. =) -Twilimpian    

“ I'm going to miss you”. My mother told me before I boarded the plane to Washington State. Two months 前 I had agreed to 移動する to Forks to live with my father Charlie, to give my mother and her husband Phil some space. I hadn't seen Charlie in forever. When I was little I used to visit him every summer but that stopped around when I was 13. I still kept in contact with him though.
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こんにちは sorry I haven't wrote in a while I've been really busy. I hope あなた like it!

More than One! chapter thirteen

Bella's pov.
I sat there on the ベッド in Edward and my room looking at the woods. I know that I needed to hurry but I just wanted to have some time to think. Edward had just went down stairs to get the luggage in the car so I was alone.
“ What am I doing?” I asked sobbing into my hands. Then the door opened and Jasper walked in.
“ こんにちは Bella are あなた ok?” He said.
“ No.” I sobbed.
He walked over and sat down on the bed. He put his arm around me.
“ Bella its ok. Everything...
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こんにちは thanks for 読書 I hope あなた like this story please tell me what あなた think I will try to write soon.

もっと見る than One! chapter eleven

Edward’s pov.

Alice just jumped out the window leaving Katrina, some of her clones, Bella, and myself in the room with Alec. No もっと見る Volturi members planed on coming up at the time being but that could change. Bella was at my side looking at Alec with a blank stare. I looked over at Katrina and saw that she was pissed. I looked into her mind she was so mad because Alec hand messed up one of her plans. They were something about causing some trouble for the...
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ok i didnt explain much in this chapter but i will try to get the 次 chapter done this weekend. thanks to all of you.

もっと見る than One! chapter four

Bella pov.

We ran ホーム as fast as we could so we would beat the three masked vampires. When we arrived they were standing on the porch talking so low we couldn’t here them but as soon as we came the woman’s head snapped up, but her face was still covered. Her hair was falling out of the cape. The one with muscle named Garret had his マント, 隠す in his hand. He was wearing all black, the シャツ that showed all his muscle.
“ So, what go あなた want?”...
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Ok I will tell もっと見る about them in the 次 chapter, witch i will try to write soon.

もっと見る than One! chapter three

Alice’s pov.

I saw them again this time their faces were covered によって the cloaks. I knew I 発言しました something but I didn’t know what. I felt Jasper’s arms around me. Came out of the vision to here three pairs of feet hit the ground with a thug. Jasper turned still holding me so we were both looking at the three people in cloaks. The two on the out sides were wearing gray cloaks and clearly men. The one in the middle was smaller than the men and must have been the woman I saw in my...
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Sorry about not 書く I'm kind of helping run an animal shelter right now and not getting much 書く time. Sorry.

もっと見る than One! chapter seventeen

Katrina pov.

    I watched Alec leave and then sunk to the floor. I could still feel him on my lips. They tingled like they had been struck によって lightning. I reached up and touched them lightly witch sent the lightning through my hand making it go numb.
    “What’s happening to me?” I asked myself. ’he’s the one’ something answered in my head.
    “No he’s NOT!” I yelled...
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こんにちは I am so sorry About not 書く life just got in the way. I've been sick and am taking CSAP at school and all the days are running into each other so if anyone is still 読書 this I will try to write もっと見る often but it might take a while and I wont stop 書く it with out telling あなた so their will be もっと見る it just might take a while. Thanks to everyone who reads this and a big thanks to mcs50. Thank あなた so much!

もっと見る than One! chapter fourteen

The ride to the Volturi
Alec’s pov.

I was standing at the door of the Volturi jet. Edward and Bella were walking up to the stairs, Edward was holding...
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こんにちは sorry its so long. I hope あなた like it. :)

もっと見る than One! chapter twelve

Edward’s pov.

Alec looked at me with a smile then at Bella. Bella glared at him when he let out another mist that struck her shield.
“ What do あなた want Alec?” Bella 発言しました every contently for how mad she looked.
“ I’m just following orders.” Alec answered.
“ That’s all your going to tell me. あなた come to my dads house, knock him out and attack us. I think あなた owe us an explanation.” Bella yelled into his face.
“ Bella calm down. Calm down.” I 発言しました putting a hand on her solder.
“ NO Edward I will...
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こんにちは Chapter ten I like this chapter and will write again as soon as I can! please comment. thanks everyone so much!

もっと見る than One! chapter ten

Alice’s pov.

I looked at Jasper knowing he was feeling all my fear. He put his arm around me.
“ Its going to be ok.” He said
We were standing out side the car. Katrina was talking to Matt and Garrett about what to do. I heard her say ’ take care of them. I’ll handle the Volturi.’
She walked over to us.
“ Ok Jasper, あなた going to make sure your family is ok. Alice your going to look to see what they are planning. I need to know everything,...
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Hey, sorry about it being so short but I will try to write もっと見る this weekend and I will be out of school for winter break after this week so I should start 書く more. Thank あなた so much for supporting me everyone. Thanks! Here we go...

もっと見る Than One! Chapter nine

Bella pov.

I saw Edward fall to the ground my アナと雪の女王 ハート, 心 shattered into a million pieces. I knew that only one vampire could do this….
“ ALEC!” I hissed knowing that for some reason the Volturi were at my dad’s house. I snatched my phone up from were I had dropped it. I hit 3 a Alice’s speed dial. It was half way through...
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Hey, everybody! My name is Natasha and I was wondering what あなた guys would think of my first Twilight ファン fiction that I have been making. :D This is chapter one, and so far there are four chapters that are available on my spot, vanillamoon08. :D I'm trying to get this story down like Stephenie Meyer would, so tell me what あなた think!

My bounty is as boundless as the sea,

My 愛 as deep; the もっと見る I give to thee,

The もっと見る I have, for both are infinite.

- Romeo and Juliet, Act II, Scene II

Chapter 1 – Midnight Hunt

    Tomorrow was my birthday.
    I was turning...
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Hey! Umm.. thought i would post my fanfic on here to 'promote' mine abit moree hahaa.. this is a non twilight fanfic but i DO have one on my spot.. go check it out


A tale of salvation, sorrow, fear, pain, insanity, abandonment, grief, recovery, forgiveness and mercy. Tears of happiness. Sobs of sadness. A mixture of emotions melted together to create a bittersweet story of love, loss and forgiveness.

Reckless is my middle name. Cliff diver, Dirt bike racer, Rock climber, Mountain runner, scuba diver, cross-country runner. Challenge with me anything and I’ll take it. Head first....
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Ok here we go again!

もっと見る than One! chapter fifteen

Bella’s pov.

I looked at Alec in 靴下 when he asked me to 登録する them. How could he I would not leave my family for the Volturi.
“ Are あなた crazy I would never leave my family for あなた people.” I said.
“ Bella if あなた joined us we will guaranty your family full immunity.” Alec 発言しました in a pleading voice.
“ And if あなた do あなた can see them when ever あなた want あなた would just live with us in Italy.” He continued to tell me.
“ I don’t know I would have to talk to everyone about it.” I 発言しました not wanting to think about it with out talking...
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posted by SMackedLove
note: there are some mistakes but i hope あなた like it.

もっと見る Then One!

Bella pov.
I sat there in the moonlight half bored out of my mined. Edward was out hunting with Jasper, Esme and Carlisle , Alice was shopping online, Renesmee was out with Jacob, ( I still cant believe she is 16 in one year.) and who knows what Rosalie and Emmett are doing. So I sit hear looking at the stars. Ever since the Volturi had come almost a 年 a go Jacob stays at the house unless I though him out it makes him mad but he would not dare mess with me. Haha. Well were going to have to 移動する soon, but of course he’ll...
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こんにちは I hope あなた like it. I haven't been 書く because I have way to much homework but クリスマス is coming up and I wont have school. Hope あなた like it and please tell me what あなた think!! :~)

More than One! chapter eight

Alice pov.

The vision came to me after Bella’s call. I saw Edward hit the ground Bella calling out his name. Everything went black then a pair of glowing red came out of the darkness the face emerged. The white skin looked out of place in the but still sending a chill down my spine.
“ Jane.” I heard myself hiss. Right before the vision ended.
My whole family was in motion...
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 Bella's Ferrari
Bella's Ferrari
こんにちは sorry I haven't been 書く a lot has happened in the last week so I hope あなた like it I promise to try to write もっと見る but it might be a while. Please tell me what あなた think about this chapter. Sorry about taking so long. :~)

もっと見る than One! chapter seven

Edwards pov.

“ Jasper who are they?” Carlisle asked.
“ Katrina was a woman in one of the camps I was in she was week but we became friends. She would never take no for an answer.”
“ She’s stubborn あなた could tell.” Carlisle said
“ She wasn’t that easily intimidated.” Emmett 発言しました looking sad.
“Emmett darling your not that...
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ok i dont 愛 this chapter so please tell me what あなた thing about. it is in Katrina's point of view. and i will try to write もっと見る often, sorry it took so long.

もっと見る than One! chapter six

Katrina pov.

Just outside of Forks was are car we have a hotel room in a small town about forty 分 away. I didn’t bother to look at the name I only needed some thing close to forks. I was still holding all the clones when I stopped running we were still about a 分 away from the car. Garret and Matt ran back to me.
“ Are あなた OK?” Garret asked
“ Ya I’m fine. One of the girls sent me a picture.”...
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i hope あなた like it!!!!

もっと見る than One! chapter five
Alice’s pov.

Jasper pulled me によって him not trusting Katrina または the men.
“ OK it started during a war our dad was killed in a battle our mom was killed in a raid on our village.” Katrina said
“ Wait what do あなた mean ’our’.” Emmett asked.
“ Garret is my brother. So I was scared and thought Garret had been killed to so I ran into the fields. That’s when Maria found me she changed me that night. I woke up three days latter to see Matt he took me to Jasper and Maria. They told me what I was and what they wanted me to do I 発言しました ok even...
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note:this was fun to write. Hope あなた like it.

もっと見る than One! chapter two

2 Days later.

Renesmee pov.

I stared out the window as Jacob’s new truck zoomed down the road to La Push. It was a quiet evening and the moon was full so I could see into the woods somewhat.
But as we past the old borders I saw something 移動する at inhuman speed. I froze in place. I took in a sharp breath.
“ What’s wrong?” Jacob 発言しました I could hear the worry in his voice.
“ Vampires!” I hissed.
Right when I 発言しました that the truck was hit with enormous strength.
“ Jacob” I said.
He stepped on the breaks to avoid wrecking...
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