The Incredibles Future Episodes of the Incredibles

oldgringo2001 posted on Mar 15, 2011 at 11:10PM
I'm starting this topic for all you aspiring producers to throw up your ideas for movie sequels or episodes in an Incredibles series. Here are some of mine:

Mrs. Incredible starts menopause; global warming blamed on hot flashes by Fox News; Fox News suddenly goes off the air.

Dash tells his parents the truth about his very special relationship with Speedy Gonzales.

Bob gets a thousand-dollar parking bill from the airport, realizes it was his neighbor's car he threw at Syndrome. Fortunately his neighbor, a geeky nuclear physicist, just back from yet another series of tests in the Pacific, doesn't seem to ever get angry over anything. The name of the wimp next door: Dr. Bruce Banner.

Bob's new car turns out to be made from scrap from Syndrome's manta-ray jet—and his soul! After almost a year of failed homocides and lame jokes, the Syndrobile goes off with a 1928 Porter who talks like Ann Sothern. In the background as they drive away you can see a very young Stephen King with one and then two light bulbs over his head.

Violet discovers a new power: the Power to Make Boys Stupid. She has fun with it until Helen sends off Bob and Dash to bag some snipes for dinner and then, along with some other members of The Oldest Conspiracy, reveal to Violet that all girls are born with the same power, but must never, ever reveal The Secret to a boy on pain of turning into one. The episode closes with a shot of baby JackJack looking puzzled with the subtitle: “To be continued...?”

Captain James T. Kirk beams down with Commander Spock, Dr. McCoy, Scotty, Sulu, and a guy in a red shirt who dies before the first commercial break. Kirk beams up with Helen and Violet because they are needed in the future to save the entire universe (and maybe the latest reboot of Star Trek). Spock teaches Dash the Vulcan Nerve Pinch. Scotty runs up some transparent aluminum tampons for Violet. After saying “He's dead, Bob," McCoy gets plastered on Saurian brandy along with Bob, and they get all weepy over girls who wouldn't love them when they were in high school before they pass out. At the end of the show Kirk beams in with the girls and Lt. Uhura; all four are adjusting their hair and their attire. Sulu reappears through the front door and introduces a new neighbor from down the street, Mike Brady. They seem to have hit it off well with each other. Just before the Enterprise crew beams out, Helen whispers to Uhura, “Call me.” Kirk's hairpiece doesn't beam out and falls to the floor when the rest of him vanishes. JackJack crawls through the closing credits dragging the forgotten dead guy in the red shirt, picks up Kirk's hairpiece, and begins chewing on it. The opening notes of the Star Trek theme sound, and the final credit is: “This rug tastes funny.”

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