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Annabeth leaned over the edge. Her heart pounded. She was finally going to see her boyfriend, Percy Jackson, after eight long months. Most of the senior campers from Camp Half-Blood came along. Leo Valdz steering the Argo II. Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw Jason Grace and Piper McLean holding hands, talking. She hoped that the video Leo sent would let the Romans know that they weren't the enemy. But after watching Leo talk, she started to think that instead of helping them, Leo would get them killed in painful, nasty ways.
Piper and Jason came up next to her. Annabeth looked at them. "What do you think will happen?" she whispered.
Jason gazed into space. "I don't know."
Suddenly, a cloud parted and what Annabeth saw nearly gave her a heart attack. Camp Jupiter. The landscape displayed below her was beautiful. The hills were green. The Roman style temples and buildings were unbelievable. Her mouth hung open.
Leo's voice echoed through the speekers. "Attention everyone. We have arrived in Camp Jupiter. And they have spotted us. Jason, please kindly wave so that the Romans know that you are with us."
Annabeth sighed. Leo had the wierdest mind of them all. Piper and Jason rolled their eyes.
Below them, a large crowd of people stood, screaming and shouting. Then as the Argo II got closer, Annabeth saw that most of them carried weapons. Uh-oh, Annabeth thought.
"Leo!" Jason suddenly yelled. "You're going to land in the forum! Move to the left!"
Leo obeyed. Romans ran to meet them. Annabeth scanned the crowds, hoping to see Percy. Then she saw him. He had his arms around a girl with curly brown hair, who was about thirteen or fourteen, and a large bulky guy. The guy looked around sixteen.
"PERCY!!!!!!!!" she screamed. Percy dropped his arms and their eyes met.
"Annabeth!!" Percy cried.
Annabeth leaped off even before the ship landed. The Romans made way for her. She could feel tears streaming down as she ran. She tackled Percy and leaped into his arms. It felt so good to be wrapped in his powerful, strong arms. She felt so safe in his grasp that she didn't want to let go. But Percy pulled back and looked into her eyes with those beautiful sea green eyes that Annabeth haven't seen in such a long time.
"I've missed you, Wise Girl," Percy whispered.
"I've missed you too, Seaweed Brain," Annabeth said. She looked up and saw that there were tears in his eyes too.
Percy pulled her back into his arms and kissed her. A real kiss on the lips. They stood there for such a long time that Annabeth didn't realize that everyone was watching, until whoops and applause filled the air. Annabeth felt her face turn burning hot.
Percy gripped her hand. "Come on. Follow me. There's someone I want you to meet." He pulled her along, until they were standing in front of Jason, Leo, and Piper. They were talking with the two kids Percy had his arms around of before and another girl, who looked about fifteen. She had long black hair, and dark, intense brown eyes.
"Annabeth," Percy said. "Meet Hazel Levesque, daughter of Pluto." He pointed to the girl with curly brown. Annabeth saw that her eye were gold, like a 14-karat gold peice.
Annabeth managed a faint "hi". Hazel nodded and smiled warmly.
"This is Frank Zhang," Percy introduced. He nodded to the big, bulky boy. "He's a son of Mars. And my distant, ah, very distant half brother. Frank is probably the only nice child of the war god."
Frank blushed. Annabeth smiled. She realized that Frank had a strange combination of a strong man, and a pudgy babyish face.
Percy pointed to the other girl, who was talking to Jason. "That's Reyna, daughter of Bellona, the war goddess. She's the praetor of this legion."
Jason turned to Percy. "You replaced me?"
Annabeth had no idea what Jason was talking about. But Percy looked down and shuffled his feet nervously. "I didn't want to. But the legion insisted. And Reyna," he added nervously.
Jason's eyes were dangerous and threatening. Piper touched his shoulder. "It's all right. We'll figure this out."
Annbeth introduced Jason, Piper, and Leo, to Hazel and Frank. Hazel stared at Leo. "You're Sammy."
"What?" Annabeth asked. The others looked euqually confused. Leo stared at Hazel as if she had popped out from his nightmare.
Percy was about to explain when Reyna interrupted. "We'll talk about this at the meeting." She raised her voice and shouted. "Senators and Greeks. Meet me in the Senate House."
Annbeth looked at Percy questioningly. "Just follow me," he said.
All the others from Camp Half-Blood joined up with them. Percy turned back and announced, "Everyone. Listen up. No weapons allowed, so you're gonna have to take them out. You'll get them back, but we don't want the meeting to get bloody."
They marched to the city. The statue, Terminus, made sure all the weapons were placed safely on the metal tray.
They arrived at the Senate House right on time. Percy took the seat next to Reyna at the head. Jason kept giving Percy a murderous look. Percy looked very uncomforatable, because Reyna kept taking hold of his hand. Annabeth felt a strong pulse of jelousy rippling inside her.
Reyna stood. "Jason, I would like to hear your story. From the very beginning. Then Percy will tell you his. Then, we must discuss the problem that our long lost praetor, Jason, has come back, and Percy has just recently been raised at the second praetor. But that'll be for later. Jason, you may begin."
Jason stood and took a deep breath. Then he began.

This is my first fanfic, so i hope that you all like it. and i would LOVE comments. they dont hafta be positive. but keep them constructive. enjoy!
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Nice job, Rainbow. Please continue.
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1年以上前 rainbow_girl said…
hey guys. this is my newly revised chapter one. enjoy!

Annabeth leaned over the edge of the Argo II. During the whole trip, she had been pacing back and forth on the deck. Now that they were arriving in an hour, she just had to wait. Percy. She was finally going to see her boyfriend, after eight long months. After Hera, that evil goddess, had taken him away from her.
But would Percy remember her? What if he thought that she's an enemy?
Annabeth heard footsteps behind her and saw Grover walking towards her. His horns had gotten longer, and he wore no jeans to cover his furry hindquarters.
Grover leaned against the railing, next to Annabeth.
"I'm finally going to see him, Grover."
"I know. I'm excited too."
She turned to look at the saytr. "But what if he doesn't remember me? What if he thinks I'm an enemy?"
She found herself rattling off questions.
"Annabeth! Annabeth!" Grover shouted.
she took a few shaky breaths. "Sorry. I'm just so nervous."
Grover studied her face. "I think you need some time alone. "I'll go check on the other campers."
Annabeth nodded. Just then, Piper McLean and Jason Grace walked up to her.
"You okay?" Piper asked then stopped short.
Annabeth probably looked very stressed out, because Piper said, "Oh. You're not."
"Gee, thanks. That makes me feel a whole lot better."
Piper cracked a smile. "At least you'll see Percy."
Suddenly, Jason tensed. "We're here," he announced.
Annabeth looked and her heart nearly skipped a beat.
The landscape below her was...was....
"It's amazing," Piper said in awe.
"Camp Jupiter," Jason said. "I'm home."
Annabeth just stared. Below them, was a vally with small hills, plains, and trees that formed a forest. A small river flowed around the valley and into the center tor form a lake. There were eucalyptus trees and oaks, just like her home in San Francisco.
There was a small city with white buildings like the White house and the Capitol. Some looked like palaces with gardens and statues. A large aqueduct went from the side of the valley to the city.
On the other side of the valley was a small camp like Camp Half-Blood, with stables, weapons and armors and a mess hall.
Leo Valdez, their Supreme Comander of the Argo II as he liked to be called, turned on the intercom and said a few words. "Attention crew, this is your captain speeking."
"Repair boy," Piper muttered.
" We will be landing in five minutes. And Jason, please wave to your fellow Romans so they would not shoot us down."
Annabeth sighed while Piper and Jason rolled their eyes.
The campers started to flow out from below deck to watch the landing. Annabeth did a head count. 25 campers and a satyr. Rachel was supposed to come, but she was sick in bed in her luxury condo.
As they got nearer, annabeth could see a large crowd of Romans standing and shouting, waiting for them. But she could see weapons in their hands. Great. Just great.
She saw Tyson standing in the front, bellowing with joy and a small red harpy fluttering around him. Mrs. O'Leary was standing next to an elephant, barking happily.
Annabeth scanned the crowd. No Percy. Could he have forgotten her? What if the Romans killed him.
No. that would never happen.
A skinny pale boy stood in the front shouting, "Kill them! Kill the Greeks! They have come here to destroy us!"
At that, the Romans brandished their weapons and got ready for battle.
"Octavian," Jason growled.
Uh oh. Jason had told them about the skinny boy named Octavian. Annabeth immediately knew she would not go along with him.
Leo landed, throwing everyone off their feet.
"LEO!!!" Everyone screamed.
The Romans surged forward.
But Jason jumped off the boat and they all retreated.
"It's Jason."
".....My Gods"
"It is him."
"Percy didn't lie."
Annabeth stiffened. Percy.
"I'm back," Jason said casually.
Octavian, that idiot, didn't seem amazed. Instead, he looked even more suspicious.
"Our old praetor has come back after eight months. Look at what he brought with him. A Greek warship with Greek warriors on them. He has changed sides!"
Gasps of shock spread through the crowed.
"Stop!" A new voice shouted.
That voice. annabeth knew that voice. She whirled around and there he was.
Standing next to him were a mexican girl and a boy like a wrestler. Behind them were two other girls, like sisters, by the look of them. Something about the two sisters made Annabeth angry. She'd met them before. She was sure of it.
"Octavian," Percy said. "You will not hurt them. They are my family. Do you really think I would go on a quest, and fight for New Rome, only to destroy it?"
Wow. Maybe he got smarter while he was asleep.
The Romans started to talk among themselves.
"That does make sense."
".....there's only like twenty of them....."
One of the girls behind Percy, the younger one, stepped forward and nodded at Jason. "Welcome back to New Rome."
Jason smiled. "Reyna."
Next to her, Annabeth saw a look of irritation flash across Piper's face.
Then she caught Percy's eye. A huge smile appeared and all she could think was that he remembered her.
"Percy! Percy!" She leaped down the Argo II and ran into him.
His familiar body, his strong arms.
It felt so good to be back in his arms, feeling safe for the first time in almost an year.
She pulled back and punched him in the shoulder. "Do you know how worried I was, Seaweed Brain?!? you were gone for eight months! Eight months!!"
Percy smiled. "I missed you too, Wise Girl."
Then they kissed.
A gruff voice behind them said, "Well I would hate to interrupt the lovey-dovey moment but I think you have just a few more friends."
Percy pulled apart and grinned. "Hey Clarisse."
"Punk," she grumbled. She punched Percy in the other shoulder.
"Ow! What was that for?"
"For not dying."
Annabeth tried not to laugh.
"Gee thanks," Percy muttered.
Annabeth jumped out of the way just as a satyr charged forward and wrapped Percy in a giant hug.
"Hey G-man!" Percy said, laughing.
"Any spare change? Really?" Grover asked indignately.
Percy blushed.
The next few minutes were a blur. Percy recieved a bunch of hugs and kisses(mostly from Aphrodite girls). Annabeth resisted the urge to punch those girls.
Tyson crushed everyone under his giant bear hug. Annabeth felt like her bones were literally cracking and moving.
The big guy made a mistake of hugging Grover and started sneezing.
"Sorry Goat Boy."
Percy introduced the boy next to him as Frank Zhang, son of Mars. Annabeth hadn't noticed before, but Frank had the strangest combination of a baby face and a wrestler she had ever seen.
Percy turned to the girl. "And this is-"
"Hazel Levesque, daughter of Pluto,' someone said.
Annabeth turned around and saw Leo covering his mouth.
Percy blinked. "How did you know?"
"I-I-uh," he gulped.
Annabeth glanced at Hazel. Her golden eyes were shining. "Do you remember the time we went horseback riding? The kiss? My birthday? How you helped me with mathematics?"
Annabeth looked at the others and saw that they were equally confused.
What was she talking about?
But Leo nodded slightly.
"You ARE Sammy!" Hazel stared at him in shock.
Frank looked very jealous.
Leo took a step back. "Look. My name is Leo Valdez. I-I have n-no idea who this-this Sammy is."
Leo was lying. Annabeth could tell.
"Anyways," Annabeth said awkwardly. "This is Piper McLean, daughter of Aphrodite and Leo Valdez, son of Hepheatus. And you already know Jason."
Hazel wrapped Jason in a hug. "It's good to have you back."
Someone cleared her throat. It was the younger sister, Reyna.
She was glaring at Annabeth with a strange look on her face. Jealousy.
"I'm Reyna, daughter of Bellona, first Preator of the twelth leigon." She nodded to her sister, who looked like she was in her twenties. "This is Hylla, my sister, Queen of the Amazons."
Jason choked. "You have a sister?"
Reyna bit her lip. "We'll talk about this in the Senate house." With that she turned and walked away with her sister and two giant metal dogs following.
Annabeth glanced at Percy and realized for the first time that he was wearing a toga.
"Why are you wearing that?" she asked.
"Um," Percy glanced at Jason. "Um-"
Frank spoke for him. 'Percy's the new Preator."
Jason stared at him. "You-you replaced me."
Percy glanced at the ground. "I didn't mean to. We'll figure it out later."
After all the Greek rejoined, they walked towards the city hand in hand with Percy. The architecure was amazing.
Percy smiled at her. "You like the architecture?"
"Duh. It's amazing!"
The Senate House was packed with Senators, Amazons, and Greeks.
Reyna went on about a formal welcome for the Greeks and blah, blah.
"Now we would like to hear what has happened over the past eight months." Reyna nodded at Jason. "Then we would come to a decision about what to do with the seat of the second preator chair. Jason, you may begin."
Jason got up and started his story.

Jason stood and began his story, starting from him waking on the bus. Hazel saw that when Jason described Piper, Reyna's eyes flared with jealousy. She couldn't help feeling sympathy for her. Hazel was amazed by the story. Leo took out three cyclopes with a screw driver? Piper actually faced the evil Medea? Hazel couldn't help feeling astonished when Jason described his fight with the giants. Piper and Leo piped in to fill in parts Jason missed. “Amazing,” Hazel thought. Percy was looking astounded himself.
But she still couldn't get over the fact the Leo was Sammy. He remembered what they did together. But now it made her feel wrong about being with Frank. She shook that out of her mind.
Then it was Percy's turn. He stood and began his story. He started with waking up at the Wolf House. Annabeth sprang to her feet. “You were at the Wolf House?!? We were soooo close!” She shouted.
“Ummm..... yeah.” Percy looked very uncomfortable. He kept glancing at Jason and twitching since Reyna was holding Percy's hand. Hazel glanced at Jason to see that he was glaring at Percy. “Uh-Oh,” she thought.
When Percy got to the part with the gorgon's blood, Hazel's only thought was, “Oh no. Percy is in sooo much trouble.”
She was right. Annabeth marched right up to Percy and punched him so hard that Percy sat down hard in his chair. There were some snickers and giggles. “Gorgon's blood?!? Are you insane?!? Do you have any idea how dangerous that was?!?”
Percy rubbed his face. “Gee. Love you too Wise Girl.”
She heard Leo say, “Sarcastic much?” His voice stirred her deepest memories of Sammy. She couldn't stand the look he given her when she introduced herself, as if she had popped out of his greatest nightmare.
Hazer turned her attention back to the front. One of the Greek demigods, Katie Gardener, put her hand on Annabeth's shoulder. “You do know that Percy can never stay out of trouble.”
Annbeth relaxed. Reyna nodded at Percy for him to continue. Percy quickly finished. Hazel noticed that everyone was staring at Percy in awe. People whispered. Jason especially looked amazed now, rather than angry. Percy gulped and sat down.
The buff Greek demigod, Clarisse La Rue, grumbled something like, "That punk just won't die, wouldn't he?"
But Hazel could tell that she was rather glad Percy was alive. Go figure.
Reyna stood and raised her hand for attention. “Now that we have shared our...uh, stories. We have come to the decision of who will be the praetor.”
Percy stood. “I think that Jason will be a better praetor than I will ever be.”
Jason's jaw dropped. “What?”
“Besides, I'm Greek. I don't belong here.”
At that, Reyna's eyes flitted to the ground mournfully. Someone's got a crush Hazel thought.
“Also, I'm not much of a leader,” Percy continued. Immediately, there were shouts of protest.
Percy sighed and rolled his eyes. But Hazel couldn't believe that Percy would even think that he wasn't a leader.
“Silence!” Reyna shouted. Everyone became silent. “I do not know how to resolve this, but there is one option.” She turned to Octavian. “I think it's time to consult the gods.”
“I have a solution,” someone said from behind Hazel. She turned to see Frank standing up.
“Frank,” Hazel hissed. “Don't-”
“Don't worry,” he whispered back. He turned to Reyna. “Since Jason want's to be the praetor, he has to do something big. Real big.”
Percy narrowed his eyes. “What are you suggesting.”
Suddenly Hazel knew what Frank was about to say. But before she could react Frank said it. The sentence rang throughout the Senate House.
“Jason and Percy should fight a duel.”

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im still brainstorming. cuz i was thinking about leos pov. if ur fine with that jordan333. i can do frank next chapter.
1年以上前 rainbow_girl said…
i made this chapter super long. here u go. :D

Immediately, there were shouts of protest from the Greeks and the Romans.
“But-but that's crazy!” Leo shouted.
Reyna raised her hand for silence.
Frank shrugged. “What better way for Jason to become praetor than to have him fight Percy? If Jason wins, then he can be the praetor, and Percy goes back to the, uh, Greek camp.” Frank sighed as if he found that idea sad. Probably because Percy is his friend, Leo thought. Frank took a deep breath. “But if Percy wins, well, Percy will have to stay praetor.”
Leo turned to see how Annabeth was taking in everything. Tears started streaming down her cheek. She must feel heartbroken, since she spent so many months looking for Percy. But now, there's a chance that Percy will have to stay at Camp Jupiter.
Jason started to look eager. Percy looked uncertain. “But I want Jason to be praetor. Can't I just let him win?”
Reyna shook her head. “Then it won't be a challenge. You'll both have to swear on the River Styx that you'll try your hardest.”
Percy sighed sadly.
Will Solace (I'm not sure if this is his last name. But oh well.) stood up. “But we spent so much time looking for Percy. If he wins, we'll have to say good-bye to him.”
Percy had a sad look on his face.
Hazel and Piper both looked very shocked.
One of the ghost-sorry, lares-spoke up. “But this has never happened before. What if the gods don't approve of our decision?”
Percy shook his head. “Sometimes, we have to make decisions ourselves. We can't always look to the gods for answers.”
Reyna nodded. “Percy is right.” She checked her watch. “It's noon time. We'd better go eat lunch. Each Greek will be welcomed into one of the cohorts.” She glared pointedly at the centurions.
Dakota slurped his Kool-Aid. He burped. “Sure,” he said in a slurred voice.
Leo silently swore that he would never get close to Dakota. He bet even his breath smelled like Kool-Aid.
Katie Gardener wrinkled her nose. “Disgusting,” she whispered.
Reyna and Percy stood. “Everyone. Dismissed.” They all filed out of the Senate House.
Leo heard Conner and Travis Stoll ask Jason if they could prank on the Romans.
Jason shook his head. “Better not.”
“Aww,” Conner whined.
“Why not?” Travis asked.
“What can I say? Reyna's pretty strict. Well, unless you want to be sewed into a bag with weasels and tossed into the river,-”
Leo nearly had a hear attack. “Say what?”
Jason ignored him.
“or be forced to scrub the street with a tooth brush, or get stomped by Hannibal the elephant, or-” Jason didn't get to finish.
“All right, all right!” Conner interrupted. “We get the idea. Don't say anymore.”
Travis gulped. “Yeah. You just gave me the creeps. We won't prank anyone.” He glanced at his brother. Conner nodded.
Leo couldn't help thinking that the no-pranking streak wouldn't last very long.
And he was right. Because a few minutes later, Reyna came from the principia covered in whipped cream. “WHO DID THIS?!?!?!? Come out now, or I will find you and give you a harder punishment.”
Percy came over tried to calm Reyna down. “Come on, Reyna. It's just a small prank.”
“JUST A PRANK?!?!?!?”
Percy sighed. “I've seen worse. Besides, there aren't a lot of strict rules at Camp Half-Blood. They're just not used to it. I'm not either. Just go wash off. We'll wait for you at the pavilion.”
That did the trick. Reyna calmed down and nodded. She trudged towards the bath house. Leo saw Percy walk towards Annabeth and kissed her. Together they went to the pavilion. Everyone grumbled followed. Leo saw Jason give the Stolls an evil eye. Conner and Travis were high-fiving each other and laughing.
Leo was about to follow when someone tapped him on the shoulder. It was Hazel. The girl from his nightmares. “Are you Sammy?”
His breath quickened. “Look, I have no idea who this Sammy is. Why do you keep calling me that?” Leo asked, though he already knew the answer.
“Hazel!” Someone shouted. It was Frank.
“Coming!” Hazel shouted back. She looked at Leo. “We'll talk about this later.” She ran off, leaving Leo as confused as ever.

As soon as Leo walked into the pavilion, his jaw dropped. There were about 200 Romans. There were so many tables that he lost count. Everyone was talking. All the Greeks were standing off to one side. He noticed Jason sitting at a table, laughing with his old friends. He seems so happy. That might be why he wants to be praetor so badly.
Leo shook the thought out of his mind. He saw Piper beckoning to him.
“What's happening?” Leo asked.
“We're going to introduced ourselves to the Romans. Then we'll be assigned to a cohort.”
Uh-Oh. Leo had stage fright. He may be loud and talkative, but when it came to introducing himself, well, he's had some bad experiences. He took out some metal pieces from his tool belt and started putting pieces together nervously. It helped calm him down. Leo wasn't sure what it was, to him it looked like a windup toy-was that a tea cup? Leo couldn't really tell. He slipped it back into his tool belt.
Reyna walked into the pavilion, her purple cape billowing behind. Her regal features and long black her made her seem so beautiful. All the conversations stopped.
“First of all, the Greeks will introduce themselves.”
She beckoned to Annabeth. “My name is Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena.” She sounded confident enough.
“Who will stand up for Annabeth Chase?” Reyna said.
“I will.” It was Frank. He looked at Percy. “Because I know you will kill me if I don't.”
Percy laughed and winked at Annabeth. She grinned and joined Frank and the Fifth Cohort while the rest of the Cohort pounded their shields on the ground. Strange way of welcoming people, Leo thought.
Next up was Piper. “Piper McLean. Daughter of Aphrodite.”
Of course, Jason stood up for her. Piper joined Jason, Annabeth, Frank, and Hazel.
Leo took a deep breath. “I'm Leo Valdez, son of Hephaestus.”
“Who will take in Leo?” Percy asked.
“It's on me.” Surprisingly, it was Hazel. Leo stared at her, dumbfounded. Frank frowned.
Jason grinned and pounded his shield on the ground. The rest of the Cohort followed his example.
“What does it mean by standing up for me?” Leo asked Hazel.
Frank laughed. “That's exactly what Percy asked. It means that she'll go through the rules with you and be punished with you if you do something wrong.”
“Ouch,” Leo said.
By then, most of the Greeks had found a cohort.
Clarisse was taken in by the Second Cohort. A big burly guy name Lawrence stood up for her.
Will had a bit of trouble, since he was an archer, but in the end, another archer from the Fourth Cohort stood up for him. The Stolls joined the Third Cohort, and so on.
After everyone was done eating, Percy made a surprising announcement. “There will be a game of capture the flag in honor of the Greeks tonight.” Percy grinned at Annabeth, whose eyes were shining. All the Greek and a few Romans cheered. “Reyna and I have agreed that the First, Second, and Third cohort will be on the blue team, and the Fourth and Fifth cohort will be on the blue team. Instead of competing against the cohort on your team, you will be working together. I'll let the ones who have played this before explain the rest of the rules to your team. I will be joining the red team and Reyna will be with the blue team.” The Fifth cohort cheered at that. “I have created a temporary creek to line the boundary. Good hunting everyone.”
Everyone cheered happily. Percy quickly joined the Fifth and Fourth cohort.
This is going to be awesome.
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This is going to be sooooooo epic!!!!!!!! Please post the next chappie soon so we can see what happens!!!! Awesome chappie!!!
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First off, I want to thank you for reading mine rainbow_girl.
You were there for me almost all the time.
And now, I'll be here for you.
Your story is absolutely amazing!
I feel honored to have you read mine, now.
PLease post soon!!!
This story is too great for anyone not to read!
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great. im so glad u all like my story. im typing it down but i hafta eat lunch first. hehe.
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heres the fourth chapter. well, at least im pretty sure its the fourth. :D

As soon as Percy joined the Fourth and Fifth cohort, all eyes turned to Annabeth.
“All right. We're going to need a distraction.” Annabeth turned to the centurions of the Fourth cohort. “Tina, take half of your cohort and go around the left flank. Try to get people to follow you. Jordan, you take the other half and go to the right flank. Same concept. Yell once you got them away. Frank, I want you to turn into a bird and scout ahead. Hazel, keep a lookout for him. Frank, I want you to make a series of noises to signify what the enemy is doing. Go discuss with Hazel. We'll have to rely on you two.” Hazel and Frank nodded and ran off. The Fourth cohort did the same. “Dakota, take half of your cohort and stand guard at the flag. Yell if you need help. Piper, Leo?” Piper looked up. Annabeth was pretty darn smart. “Stay in the middle. Give a warning to Dakota if there are people coming.”
“What about us?” Jason asked.
Annabeth grinned. “Why, we're going to the center to get the flag.”

The flags had already been set up. The Fourth cohort went in their own directions. Frank turned into an eagle and soared towards the enemy. Hazel went underground. Piper could see Hazel popping up from the edge of the field once in a while.
She could hear metal clashing against metal and whoops of joys from ahead.
Annabeth nodded at the attacking team of the Fifth. She was about to give the sign to attack when the ground rumbled.
“Wait!” Piper called.
It was Hazel. And she was pulling along an injured Frank.
Annabeth rushed to her. “What's happened?”
“Someone shot him down. Luckily, it's only his arm. But their coming.”
Annabeth nodded. “Get ready.”
As soon as she said that, a large crowd of Romans charged. At their head was Clarisse.
They were almost at the creek.
Percy grinned. “This is going to be fun.”
He raised his arms.
Clarisse called a warning, but it was too late. A large wave crashed down on them, leaving them spluttering and soaked. Amazing, Piper thought. Jason sent a small bolt of lighting into the water. It wouldn't kill but it would give them some nasty burns.
They yelped in shock.
“You are now our prisoners!” Piper called.
Everyone on her team stared at her like she was crazy.
But the red team just mumbled. “Yes, ma'am.”
Piper grinned. This was easier than she thought.
“Take them to the, ah, jail,” Piper ordered. Her team nodded and dragged the soaking wet warriors from the creek and brought them to their jail.
Annabeth turned to Piper and gave her a huge thumbs up. Jason gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.
“I'm glad you're on our team,” he whispered. Piper blushed.
Percy raised his sword. “Charge!”
The blue team cheered as the attacking team charged pass the creek and into enemy territory.
Piper and Leo stood on guard. Dakota was drinking his sixteenth bag of Kool-Aid.
“Does he ever stop?” Piper asked Leo, looking in disgust at the centurion.
Leo shrugged. “Probably not.”
It was night time now. They had played past dinner. Good thing they had a full lunch.
Frank was back in the sky scouting. Piper could hear Hazel shouting to her teammates.
Piper heard a small crunch to her left. She raised her sword. “Leo,” she whispered.
It was Tina. “They're coming!” She gasped. “We're still trying to slow them down.”
Piper nodded. She and Leo sprinted back to Dakota.
“Dakota!” Leo cried. Dakota jerked awake.
“They're coming,” Piper said. They grabbed their weapons.
Then came Tina's patrol of soldiers. They were being chased by the First cohort. Reyna was there as well. The fight began. At first, it seemed as if they were going to fall under the assault of the First, but Piper felt a burning sensation in her limbs. Energy surged through her. She began slashing and wacking the Romans with her sword, causing yelps and nasty bruises.
Finally Reyna called, “Retreat! Retreat.”
The blue team pushed them back until the First were on the other side of the creek. They cheered and the red team ran off.
Piper squinted her eyes, trying to see what was happening, but it was already dark. She could only spot Percy's sword, Riptide swinging and slashing as a deadly arch of metal. Once in a while, a large wave of water would rise from the creek and splash onto the enemy. Lightning struck down every so often. Arrows flew. Finally people came running towards them. Jason had the flag and Percy and Annabeth were covering him. The attacking team were fighting the red team. The other half of the Fourth, led by Jordan, were just coming from the left flank and started attacking.
Jason, Percy, and Annbeth were almost there. Percy spread out his hand, and the water parted and the mud dried, which made it a lot easier for Jason to run to their side. The game was over. We won, Piper thought happily. The Fourth and Fifth cheered. They raised Percy, Annabeth, and Jason on their shoulders. The First cohort groaned from their time in jail. The Second and Third cohorts glared at them, but Piper had never felt happier.
Piper planted a kiss on Jason's lips before she actually thought about it. But the cheering got louder, so she supposed that the crowd didn't mind.
“All right!” Reyna shouted. “The blue team won. Now go take a shower and go to sleep.”
They all parted in different way toward the barracks. Piper saw that the Greeks were fitting right in with the Romans. Not a bad place, she thought.
Everyone was surprised when Percy followed them to a Fifth cohort barrack.
Jason frowned. “Aren't you supposed to be sleeping in the second praetor barrack?
Percy shook his head, which really shocked everyone. “It's still full of your stuff. Besides, we haven't decided who's going to be the praetor. I just...”
Percy put his hands behind his head and lay back. “It just felt wrong when I became praetor. I knew you were coming, but I couldn't back down.”
He sounds so sincere, Piper thought. She couldn't help feeling a bit, drawn, towards him. She shook that out of her mind. I have Jason, and that's enough, she scolded herself.
Jason sighed. “I guess we'd better sleep now.”
Everyone nodded and got ready for bed. Piper had had soft peaceful sleep.
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hey guys, heres a small sneak peak. im still working on it.

When Percy collapsed onto the bed, he couldn't sleep. However hard he tried he just couldn't. The moon shone bright through the window, relaxing him.

When Percy finally fell asleep, his dreams were similar to all his others. He was looking at the Field of Mars. But something felt wrong. His limbs felt tense. It felt as if he was standing in thick syrup. Percy looked down, and his heart crawled into his throat. He was standing in blood. A river of blood.
Gaea's face appeared. Perseus Jackson. I'm surprised you managed to escape from my grasp. But no worries. I have plenty of plans left. Soon, you shall fall into my hands, and your friends can't do anything to save you. Rome and Greece will finally fall. And you, Perseus Jackson, will be the key to the gods' defeat.
Searing pain pierced into Percy's mind. My precious pawn. Don't be afraid. Gaea's voice cooed softly. He saw visions of war against his friends. Blood was splattered everywhere. Stop! He cried. Don't hurt my friends!
Gaea laughed. The ground trembled. But you won't be able to save them
The pain in his mind increased. Percy screamed.

“Percy! Percy!” Someone was shouting his name.
Percy groggily sat up and blinked the sleep out of his eyes. His head ached. “Wh-what happened?”
Annabeth was sitting next to him “Are you okay? You were crying out in your sleep. And you kept rolling around.”
Percy realized that Jason, Leo, Piper, Frank, Hazel, and Annabeth were all staring at him. No one else seemed to be in the room. He shook his head, trying to clear his mind. “I-I'm fine. Really. Don't worry about me.”
Hazel frowned. “You look as if you didn't sleep at all.”
“Dreams,” Percy muttered, as he got out of bed.
There were gasps. “Dreams?” Annabeth asked cautiously. “None of us had any dreams.”
Percy froze. No dreams? That didn't sound right.
“You look terrible,” Frank said.
Which didn't exactly make Percy feel any better.
“I'm fine, really,” Percy insisted.
None of them looked really convinced.
Percy glanced at Annabeth. She seemed kind of... troubled. “What's wrong?”
Annabeth looked behind her. Hazel nodded encouragingly. “I-I got an Iris-message from Athena.”
Percy's jaw dropped. “Athena?!? Are you serious?” Percy hoped it wasn't a message telling them to stay away from each other. That would pretty much suck. But her expression said that it was more than that. A lot more.
“She wants us to check on Mt Tam when we leave."
Annabeth gulped. "She said that something bad is stirring in Mt. Tam. There is a powerful source there.”
Percy thought for a second. “Does it have anything to do with Atlas?”
"Anything else?"
She hesitated. "She, uh, told me to tell you to be careful."
Percy raised an eyebrow. Since when did Athena care about me? he thought.
Then he thought of his dream Does that have anything to do with what was happening at Mt. Tam? He thought about telling his friends about his dream, but that can wait.
Percy glanced at the nervous faces of his friends.
“Um, anyways,” Percy said, anxious to change the topic, “What time is it?”
Jason checked his watch. “Ten-thirty. You slept through breakfast,” Jason replied. “We couldn't wake you up.”
"What?" Percy sat up so suddenly he hit is head against the top bunk. “Ow.” He rubbed his head.
Jason nodded towards the door. “Reyna's waiting for us. We need to discuss about our departure. Oh, and Reyna changed the praetor battle to tomorrow. She said we might not have time to wait another day.”
Percy groaned. Why did he have to fight for praetor ship? He didn't even want it in the first place.
“Come on,” Hazel said. “We're holding back the senate."
Percy nodded and stretched. “Let's go.”

They just walked out of the barrack when a Roman soldier from the Third cohort raced to them. “The camp is under attack!”
“What?” Jason asked.
“The army. It-it's huge.” The soldier looked at Percy for answers. Percy pretended not to see a look of irritation and jealousy flash across Jason's face.
“Gather the cohorts. Form ranks. Just make sure they are ready.”
The soldier nodded and scrambled away.
Horns started to blow.
Percy looked across the Field of Mars and saw Reyna and the senators running towards them.
“I heard the horns,” Reyna gasped. “Is the camp really-”
She didn't need to finish the sentence. Percy and his friends just nodded.
“This is bad. Really bad.” Piper said.
There was a moment of silence. Finally Annabeth said, “Let's go check out the army. Maybe we can estimate the number and make a plan.”
It was a great plan, but life of a demigod is never easy. So Percy wasn't surprised when it didn't happen like that. Almost nothing went according to plan when Percy was around.
When they saw the army, Percy's heart nearly skipped a beat. The army was larger than the one that attacked Camp Jupiter a week ago.
They all stood watching as more and more monsters appeared from the Caldecott Tunnel.
“Holy Hephaestus,” Leo muttered. “It's huge.”
One of the senators started chewing on his finger nail. “We're dead. We are so dead. AAAHHHHH!!!!!” He ran off.
Percy gulped. There were packs and packs of hellhounds, hoards of dracenae, armies of cyclopes, (the Ma Gasket kind, whatever that was), and giants. Percy wasn't sure what kind of giants they were.
Percy leaned close to Annabeth. “What are those giants?”
“I don't know. I've never seen them before. Gaea must've let them out of Tatarus or something.”
“Great. A new species of giants. Great.”
Percy glanced at his friends. They all had solemn expressions. If he was going to die, at least he would die fighting next to his friends. It could be worse.
Then a large muscular man in armor stepped out of the shadows. He had a brutal looking face, covered with scars. At first Percy thought that he was looking at his old enemy, Ares, but he knew better. Ares would never betray Olympus.
He looked closer and the man's face caught in the sunlight. His breath almost stopped. Because the man, was no god, but a titan. He remembered what Annabeth had said. Something bad is stirring in Mt. Tam. Because the titan in armor was Atlas.

cliffhanger, for now. you'll find out what happens in the rest of the chapter and the next chapter.
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