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Sorry if you've already known this. I 投稿されました this 記事 a long time 前 on the PJO club, but Hecate thinks it should be 投稿されました again here, and I agree with her, since it's a very good interview and it gives us some useful clues about what will happen in the 次 series.

You can see the original 記事 link. Visit link for further information.

Q: The presence of the entire minor god’s offspring is going to greatly change the dynamics of Camp Half Blood and not just によって all the new cabins. Will a rivalry arise between children of the major gods and the children of the minor gods?
RR: A lot...
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Yes, a bonus chapter. Why? Because I'm posting the whole story on wattpad and I've made a cover!
Anyways, here we go. (Oh, it's in between IL and TMP!)


I guess あなた could say things calmed down after a while. I mean, the shock of the Kaela thing was still getting to everyone.
I stared at the 食 on my plate. Things were really different now. It's been a 月 since everything went down. But, we're aren't just recovering from Kaela, we're still recovering from the war. The war that I wasn't in. It still had affected me, though.
It affected everyone.

I was lying flat on my stomach...
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posted by ConnerandTravis
"If あなた loved Luke, why do あなた hate Piper?
Luke Castellan is the Percy Jackson fandom’s Severus Snape as the 本 were coming out. あなた liked him a bit, then he did something bad and ヒイラギ, ホリー smokes あなた wanted him dead. Then in the last book he completely changed and people cried and people wanted him back and it was so sad, et cetera.

He’s charismatic, welcoming, charming, friendly, approachable, smart, fit, funny, experienced, he was Percy’s hero from the start (thus making us like him) and he did 表示する genuine 愛 to Annabeth and タリア in the early 本 and in The Demigod Diaries. But...
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posted by xharrypotterx
That's a pretty lame name don't あなた think? No, this isn't an 記事 about why I don't like "Jiper". Actually I am helping "Jiper" ファン pick a better name...

Possibility A:

You could stick to it I guess. Here is what the word means:
You would use this word to acknowledge or
express your thoughts of a favorable impression.
or at least that is what the internet says. As far as i know, Jiper is not a word.
Why do I think it's lame? It rhymes with Diaper.
Mabey あなた want to re-think that...

Possibility B:

I doubt anyone will use this one. It just doesn't have a ring to it. It just doesn't make...
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Here we are! (This is HecateA 書く an 記事 about the other chapter bit the nice ヒーローズ of Olympus ファン have)

That Daniel Cook/Emily Young/Daniel Book moment was brought to あなた によって imagination!

Anyways, here I am, and here あなた are, so let’s get started!

I’m guessing you’re all familiar with that extra piece of chapter we got. If not; あなた must head to the リンク right now! For those of あなた who are familiar (or are coming back from the link section), here’s my take on this, and guess what? I’m going to use the magic of copy-paste, bolding the not-Hecate’s-ideas, and throwing...
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Hmm. I'm gonna give あなた the straight up truth from my opinion. If あなた don't like it, Awesome. Sue me! I don't care! I'm a 12 年 old girl turning 13 and honestly what are あなた gonna do? We are online. Caps-Locks me to death? So any way I'm gonna start.

Okay. How do I like Jason. This is one I hear about all the time. I neither think he's awesome nor horrible. He's that in-between character. In PJO that character was Clarisse for me. I didn't start liking her until the forth book where I saw she was human. He's cool. He's got a great character. Like someone brought up, (icuStalker I think)...
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posted by fangirl-dianne
Hi guys, this is my version of Mark of Athena, if I get enough likes, I'll write some more. I hope あなた like it.

Chapter 1 Jason

Jason was nervous.
He was pacing back and forth, on the deck of the ArgoII his purple Praetor’s cape hanging on his back. What if Reyna had replaced him? He knew Romans were different from the Greeks. They did not like having an empty Praetor’s chair for long.
Reyna was also another problem. Ever since he came back from that quest, he had remembered a girl named Reyna—his Co-Praetor and girlfriend. If she had been searching for him as desperate as Annabeth was searching...
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posted by Blaze_of_Ares
The Greek gods have a Roman form in which their personalities and sometimes attributes change. These personas are still honored in modern times at Camp Jupiter. This camp normally uses their Roman names instead of their Greek ones. In their Roman forms they tend to be もっと見る disiciplined, militaristic, and warlike

The Olympians

Greek Name |    Roman Name
Zeus |    Jupiter
Hera     | Juno
Poseidon |    Neptune
Demeter     | Ceres
Hades     | Pluto
Hestia     | Vesta...
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ok. here are some of the ideas i got off of the internet about the whole leo/ sammy valdez thing.
1.leo is sammys grandson on his moms side.
2.leo is sammy reborn from elysium.
3.sammy got stuck in the lotus casino and some how his name changed to leo.
4.leo slept for half a decde like percy did for eight months.
5. as sammy, leo changed his name as he moved around to keep hidden.
6. gaea created an illusion on hazel to make her think leo is sammy.
7.leo is sammys long ロスト brother.
8. sammy is hephestus in disguise.
9.sammy is a son of hephaestus that was never claimed and leo and him both have mothers from the same family
10.hephaestus loved leos mother so much that he granted her a longer life... in the forties and she is leo AND sammys mom.
i hope these were helpful! エンジェル signing off. percy geeks unite! annabeth cant die! i think nico does die. THE END BEFORE I START RAMBLING ABOUT EACH AND EVERY ONE OF MY OPINIONS ON THE MARK OF ATHENA@!!!! K BYE
posted by RoHeHa_6264995
We all know the new series will revolve around the new Great Prophecy Rachel made in the end of The Last Olympian. Nobody can be sure what it means, but these are some theories and opinions about its meaning.

"Seven halfbloods should answer the call
The meaning of this line seems quite obvious. The problem is who are the seven halfbloods? The new characters we met in the sample chapters - Jason, Leo and Piper - are most likely to lead the group. Rick Riordan promised he wouldn't throw too many new characters at us, so we may meet some old characters from PJO, such as Thalia, Nico, Clarrise,...
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posted by Perseus54321
We all know about the ファン art giving us the little bits of information we need to survive, and I'm going to guess which ones are which and theories about them.

Frank: He's the first one released, and most likely the child of Mars, Roman god of war and the harvest. Pretty much we all know his last name means Master of Bows, which ind of shot down the child of Pluto idea.

Reyna: We've had lot of guesses on her parent, but I think it's most likely Trivia. Rick Riordan 発言しました it was a god/goddess that we haven't met yet. Despite the hundreds of minor gods, there are a few that are this powerful to...
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posted by Perseus54321
Okay, this is from Percy's POV, and it's about the same time as it was during my Disappearing Boy song fiction

I was lying awake in the Neptune キャビン at Camp Jupiter, and as always, trying to remember my past. My thoughts drifted back to the girl I knew, Annabeth, it was frustrating how I could remember the name but not the face, または anything else. I grabbed my ipodの, ipod (yeah, against the rules, but you'd be surprised what あなた can get from the Mercury cabin) from the blue nightstand beside my bed. I just turned on a ランダム song and it was Whatsername, okay, I thought, that's just too ironic.

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posted by childofaeolus
So hi, well I've been thinkin' about my chapter story The Somewhat Less Important Chronicles of Elle Trick, and how there's just soo much stuff that あなた guys should know to really get her. So here it is,

December 21, 1993- Elle and her twin Missy are born, although both have different mothers. Missy and Elle are twins entirely on accident. They never meet until they are seventeen.

January 4, 1994- Elle has her first vision, this is of fire, later that 日 her brother burned is hand on the stove.

May 19, 1999- It is revealed to Elle and Garcon that they are demigods.

January 1, 2007- Jumelle and...
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posted by zsimcha
I hated Riordans ending of the Mark of Athena, so I made my own. I finished the series here, and don't hate me if it's so short. And in case あなた didnt know, I'm starting it when Aracne falls into Tartarus.

Arachne fell into Tartarus and then the Argo 2 burst through the roof of the cave. Everyone came out to congratulate Annabeth and they secured the Mark of Athena. Her coin started to glow in her pocket and got very warm. She took it out and she could feel a pull coming from the coin. She let the coin guide her to the back of the statue where she saw a little サークル, 円 indentation in the statue....
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hello this is halfblood here,
today i'm here to talk about romans,
first of all
what is the place like are the cabins in a roman way and maybe roman weapons every no decoration just different curtain colors.but it must be strict.
now the SPQR legion,Jason is the leader of them but first あなた got to get trained i guess.and then get tested.then your'e in.
now lupa a she 狼, オオカミ who tries to kills little kids holy crap.And is freaking harsh,i wonder how mercury kids get によって with pranks.
now it's a militaristic camp so the kids are harsh and mean as the ares kid's at the greek camp then how are the mars...
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posted by AmazingPercy
1 I've never written an 記事 before but i'm good and typing and typing and I realized something weird

So when RR read from the book he 発言しました Reyna was preator of the 12th legion. Now if Reyna is the one on the right she looks powerful and mighty. Jason has legion 1 which seems like the highest legion

Unless it's the other way around which Reyna trains #12 and legion 1 is the lowest which Jason trains.

But if Reyna is in the lowest one why would Jason like her cause it would 表示する that she is weak.

Or maybe Jason saw she was strong and helped her be a preator and that's why he remembers her.

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LORDCHAOS 投稿されました on Jul 08, 2012 at 02:23AM

Coming Oct. 2, 2012.

Page count: 580

Annabeth is terrified. Just when she’s about to be reunited with Percy—after six months of being apart, thanks to Hera—it looks like Camp Jupiter is preparing for war. As Annabeth and her フレンズ Jason, Piper, and Leo fly in on the Argo II, she can’t blame the Roman demigods for thinking the ship is a Greek weapon. With its steaming bronze dragon masthead, Leo’s fantastical creation doesn’t appear friendly. Annabeth hopes that the sight of their praetor Jason on deck will reassure the Romans that the...
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posted by Hades123
I've 与えられた thought about the who the seven demigods are. But right now I'm interested in their parents, because it is 発言しました that the gods are gathering the greatest demigods they have out there. Though to be the greatest, the demigods must have something about them most of their siblings don't have. Such as Leo's 火災, 火 and Piper's charmspeaking. I don't know for sure because Rick Riordan is unpredictable, but these are the gods whose children I'm sure will be involved:

Ares/Mars- The present demigods are going to war with the Giants so naturally a child of the god of war is most likely to be...
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posted by hollistergurl
I made this just for fun. Hope あなた guys like!

Drew looked back longingly at the Aphrodite cabin. How did she get into this mess? This was her hundredth blind date, and her キャビン mates, even Piper, told her that her 日付 would be a hot guy. She had prepped so much for this date, buying a cute new dress with a tiffany & co. necklace, along with Gucci pumps. Her hair was pin straight to perfection, and her makeup was perfect.

Her キャビン mates pushed her along into this old shed, where they promised that this was the right location for the blind date. Drew was hoping some 大きな塊, ハンク like Taylor Lautner...
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posted by goddessoflife
No one guessed?
Well then, my mom is...

I can't tell unless あなた guess! I know, I'm complicated.

What if I gave あなた a hint?

Immortal Links, anyone?

I think I should post a bonous chapter for my ファン because I've been bad about posting my other ファン fictions lately.
BUT, I will be continuing them in November! I just have to much going on!

So, I guess...
Did あなた like The ロスト Hero?

Not my お気に入り book, but the series is AWESOME!
So, it did make my お気に入り series 一覧 (which has a lot of series!)

次 Book:
The Son of Neptune

I can't wait a whole year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!