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posted by RomanGreekDemi
Nope. I'm not kidding. I think that Reyna is the daughter of Thanatos, Death. (Bother this if あなた read my Chaotic Sea post...you'll still get free リスペクト and the 次 preview. But あなた gotta be the first person.)
Evidence. Fine, here we go!

Rick Riordan's Blog
Q: Is Reyna powerful?
A: Yes.
Q: Is it a god that we have seen in the Percy Jackson/Heroes series?
A: No.

I mean, come on, guys. Reyna 発言しました that she looked as if Percy had walked from her worst nightmares. Why does this matter? Read the 次 piece of evidence.

Summary From Very Accurate Library
Demigod Percy Jackson, still with no memory, and his new フレンズ from Camp Jupiter, Hazel and Frank, go on a quest to free Death, but their bigger task is to unite the Greek and Roman camps so that the Prophecy of Seven can be fulfilled.
Do あなた understand what I mean? I personally believe that Reyna's dad is Thanatos, または whatever his Roman name is. What do あなた think? Comment.
Ah, yes...The Mark of Athena. The 次 book in Rick Riordan's smash series is coming out this fall, and it's high time we try to figure out what's going to happen.

1. First on the list, PROPHECIES.

"Seven half-bloods shall answer the call.
To storm または 火災, 火 the world must fall.
An oath to keep with a final breath,
And foes くま, クマ arms to the Doors of Death."

"Seven half-bloods shall answer the call."
First, SEVEN. No other campers will be joining the quest. It confuses me when fanfiction writers include so many other characters on the ボート when the prophecy clearly states SEVEN.
Half-bloods. That means...
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posted by partypony
 The アンダーワールド
The Underworld
I'm bored again.
This has a few things to do with my fanfiction, but あなた don't need to read it to understand this.

Title: Carmen's Judgement
By: partypony
Sypnosis: This is about Carmen's judgement in the Underworld.

I 発言しました my last words to Percy, and died.
I was in a room filled with spirits.
I have enough sense to know I was dead.
I scanned the area, and found a guy in an Italian suit in a raised podium, so I have to look up to him. Charon.
I approached, and said, "I would like a ride across the River Styx."
Charon looked up from his newspaper, and grunted, "Eh? あなた dead?"
I nodded.
"Gotta pay first....
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As Piper was walking up to the Big house,she saw some of the other head counselors standing around outside it,including Jason. She thought it was a little strange because usually they had counsel meetings in the rec. room. especially in the middle of winter. Well,the end of winter actually ,because lately the snow was starting to melt and it was getting warmer. As she walked up,Jason spotted her and came over.

"Any idea what this is about?'He asked.
"Nope"she replied looking around for Leo. Just then , Chiron came around the corner. He seemed troubled."What is this about, Chiron?"Jason...
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Okay, so I made one of these 記事 about Jason and some people requested that I do one for Piper, so I thought I would try. :) Also, I’m sorry if there are a billion other 記事 about why someone likes/hates Piper, I didn’t really look to see. XD Hopefully this isn’t too redundant and boring for those of あなた who have been on ファンポップ longer than I have…

Before I start I just want to say:

1) THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST A WARNING!!!!

2) These are my opinions and I just want to share them. Feel free to share your own opinions in the comments! :)

I’m going...
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posted by Lightning98
Hi my name is Grover Underwood and um... some say that あなた want to know もっと見る about me so here are acouple of thing あなた should know...
I am 37 in human years but 17 in goat years
I am a sytar
My full name is Grover Alexander Underwood
My best フレンズ are Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chasse
My girlfriends name is Jupinier
My お気に入り foods and enchilatas and soda cans
My お気に入り color is green because it reminds me of the earth before nasty humans trashed it
My お気に入り pkace is either Camp Half-Blood または Lake Placid... their are some hot naids their but dont tell Jupiner that... she would kill me
I DO...
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posted by WinterSpirit809
Leo Valdez stepped up to the camp that he had been gone from for apparently only a few months. After he left Ogygia, with Calypso, he learned that it was still the same 年 as he had died in, but a few months later. Had he of stayed alive, he would be sixteen, but he didn't really care.

Leo turned to Calypso, who was trailing behind him and announced"We're here, this is- "

"Camp Half Blood." Calypso finished for him.

Leo nodded, unsurprised she knew that. She had fallen for many young men who went to this camp.

Leo continued " This is the closest thing I ever had to ホーム after my mother died."...
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Me: Ok, Percy do the disclaimer.
Percy: Why?
Me: Because..
Percy: Why?
Me: I will get the Flying 虹 Duct Tape of Doom.
Percy: NO! NO! Okay. DragoniaWolfe does not own me または any of the characters.
Me: I wish I could.

Nobody was harmed in this chapter.

Percy's P.O.V

"Bianca!" I called. She turned. "Yes?" She said. "You can't go in!" I said. "Why not?" She asked. "Because, you're new at this. I can't let あなた go!" I yelled. She started to turn to go at the robot. "I am so sorry Annabeth" I whispered as I ran toward Bianca. I quickly took Riptide out of his pen form...
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 The False Doors-- our Egyptian doors for death to pass through. Image credit: Various sites on Google Images, meaning, I forgot where. ._.
The False Doors-- our Egyptian doors for death to pass through. Image credit: Various sites on Google Images, meaning, I forgot where. ._.
I went through the Doors of Death today.

Okay, I didn’t really. So don’t worry, I’m not dead. Nor am I using the free Wifi in the アンダーワールド (Thanatos hogs it with his fancy iPad...meanie) thanks to...my extremely obnoxious friends.

But I’m not here to talk about my weird フレンズ with lots of issues. I came to intertwine series. And give some new ideas to the Doors of Death.

Let’s start very beginningly-ish with The ロスト Hero. Well, I’ll start with the END of the ロスト Hero actually. The part where Jason died? Oh yeah. He died. Like, really actually dead. But why is he still alive?...
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posted by Blaze_of_Ares
Artemis' Blessing is a blessing awarded to the Hunters によって the goddess, Artemis. The blessing of Artemis can only be bestowed if the hunter devotes her life to be a hunter and to never 愛 men.


This blessing gives them immortality, meaning they will never age. However they can still be killed in battle または if they break their vows to be virgins, they will continue to age and may be punished によって Artemis for doing so. The blessing creates a silver glow around them, as if they were 'bathed in the moon's rays'. Artemis' blessing gives the Hunters advanced senses, もっと見る like an animal than...
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posted by universalpowa
 The official cover- The glowing eyed owl in the background, and Percy and Jason fighting. KABOOM.
The official cover- The glowing eyed owl in the background, and Percy and Jason fighting. KABOOM.

[Probably not the best way to start out an 記事 with "POMG" but I don't care.]

So after like, three hours of research [dude, this took me forever] I have finally reached this conclusion...


Why? Thanks to my best friend Google and it’s buddy Wikipedia and the giant history textbooks in my basement. I 愛 あなた GUYS SO FLIPPIN MUCH.

Anywho, I have uncovered the amazing truth...DUNDUNDUN.

And that is, a certain line from The ロスト Hero, which I have conveniently written down here again from the book. Also, not to mention the prophecy,...
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 Athena によって InertiaK on DeviantArt
Athena by InertiaK on DeviantArt
What mark?

Hiya' everyone, welcome to Theories Unlimited. My name's Amphitrite and I'll be your personal shopping assistant today, and I must say I have a whopper of a theory for you. Would あなた like to try a free sample? Cheese and weiners are currently on sale, in ailse- dang it! Did あなた guys see Stheno totally try to jack my article? Anyway, enough of my weirdness for today...well at least for right now...stop laughing...So, on to the good stuff. I don't know about あなた guys, but I'm pretty excited about the Mark of Athena. But, there is just one issue that pops into my brain every time I hear...
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こんにちは guys Happy New Year!!! Well for this chapter I kind of did things differently then usual because I haven't pre planned または anything but I still think It will be ok. So let's get to it.

For the last couple of hours Elle had been looking with assistance または distraction from Pollux. あなた realize that this would spark a small interest with Drew and that couldn't possibly be good. That doesn't particularly concern Elle right now but believe me it will come back and bite her in the but later. Thankfully Elle owns a ベルト with spikes.

"What about there?" asked Pollux.

"No he was unconscious."

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posted by lovespjo3
Disclaimer: I do not own Percy and Annabeth または anything PJO related only my 愛 for Percabeth

They were the only exception to being reborn a maximum amount of times. In their first life they were nearly born together. Raised together. Lived together ,except not. Two ordinary kids , who became best フレンズ , dated , married , and died together ,with each other. Then they were reborn. She the geeky nerd whom almost everyone hated ,and he the one everyone wanted to be フレンズ with. The cliche story of bumping into each other then falling in 愛 at first sight. Then after having jealousy , death...
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posted by darange
hello, this is my Dremcast for the ヒーローズ Of Olympus Series, this is MY opinion, so your thoughts might be diffrent then mine but this is my list:

Percy Jackson: Logan Lerman

Annabeth chase: Anna Sophia Robb

Nico Diangelo: Moises Arias

タリア Grace: Kaya Scodelario

Piper Mcclean: Emma Roberts

Rachel Elizabeth Dare: Bella thorn

Frank Zhang: Nathen Kress

Hazel levesque: Zendaya Coleman

Reyna: Vanessa Marano

Leo Valdez: Jake T Austin

Octavian: sterling knight

Jason Grace: alexander ludwig

coach hedge: Patrick Gallagher
 Rachel Elizabeth Dare (RED)
Rachel Elizabeth Dare (RED)
 Coach Hedge
Coach Hedge

My 日 started out wrong when I found out my best friend, Swift, was a satyer. So this is how I found out.

" Swift! WAIT UP! " I yelled. "WAIT UP!". "Okay,okay. What?" He asked. "When it comes to lunch time why are あなた always in such a hurry to get a cheese enchilada?" I asked. " Because there all gonna be gone soon!" He said. "Swift there's like i don't know 2,000 of them here everyone could like 30 of them!" I exclaimed. " In that case then we better hurry up to get all really good and yummy cheese enchiladas" He 発言しました as he started...
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posted by Perseus54321
OK, so this is sort of rated T and if あなた are going to throw a fit about it, don't both reading.

"Wake up, Nico!" He flipped over as he was hit with a 枕 and Nico gave a dangerous stare to the demigod peering above him. "Chiron doesn't exactly approve of your habit of sleeping until one everyday when あなた could be training."
"Leo, I swear to Hades I will murder あなた right now." Nico told him rubbing the sleep out of his dark eyes. "Get out of here while I get dressed!" Leo shrugged and left, closing the black wood door of the Hades キャビン behind him.
He rolled out of ベッド and opened his drawer...
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This story was meant to be based around the amazing story Rick Riordan has 与えられた to us. I typed this up attempting to make it seem as if it was written with the style that made Percy Jackson and the Olympians and the ヒーローズ of Olympus what it was. This is all fan-fiction, but I take no credit for the story/characters created によって Rick Riordan, but only the character I've created.
Thank you, and I hope あなた enjoy.

I Turn イヌ Into Dust

    My morning was probably the same morning just about any regular kid from Virginia would have......
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posted by luvseaweedbrain
OKAY. So, i was on burdge's...something and she drew a percabeth reunion and 発言しました this song made her think of them, and then i listened to it and i was like O.O this is perfect! SO i have written a reunion songfic to Christina Perri's A Thousand Years :)
side note: Yes, this song was for the twilight movie. can we get past that? please? kayy
link to the song:
Le songfic! (extreme fluff. I apologize..kinda)
note: italics is percy's pov, bold is the song lyrics

Annabeth stood at the rail of the ship, hands on the railing, staring down imposingly at the Roman camp...
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posted by hisblueeyes
This all-dialogue conversation between Percy&Annabeth is inspired によって link drawing によって burdge-bug, because I adore her & I adore the picture. I hope あなた like it(:
This is set after TLO. TLH & SoN haven't happened yet.

“I spy…with my little eye…something yellow!”
“Yellow? Percy, there is nothing yellow underwater.”
“Yes there is! Just guess.”
“The sun?”
“Aha! That fish!”
“Yea – what? No! Try harder.”
“Percy, I don’t know. Tell me.”
“Oh my gods, Annabeth Chase doesn’t know something?”...
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