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posted by annapercy
Have あなた ever had something happen in your life that made あなた rethink about how あなた got into that mess? Ever made a mistake that changed to way あなた looked at life? I made one that changed the way I look at life. Ever since I was little and saw my first shooting 星, つ星 well camping with my dad before he got to busy with work to notice me. For as long as I can remember I wrote down all my wishes and dreams some way または another. In a spiral または on the back of my hand. I have written thousands down but this story takes place in the summer I turned 13. Hi my name is Annabelle, and this is the story...
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It's a 2 日 wait for the book to come, but we already know stuff about Leo, and Hades can we theorise!

* most of this info comes from the ヒーローズ of Olympus (HoO) spot articles. Here are my sources:

-Book information (article によって me that I revisited in the HoO spot)
-Magically delicious clues (article によって Amphitrite -I call her Amph- in the HoO spot)
-Character information (by Amph, HoO spot)
-More character information (by Amph HoO spot)
-My head

** Side note: This was taken from my 記事 in the newly created Leo Valdez spot, first new HoO character to ahve his own...
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I Scoop Poop Athena read looking disgusted.

"Poop is a POTTY word!!!" Apollo and Hermes roared together.
"Demi-Gods" Mr.D grumbled, burping.
Zues sniffed, "Is that Grape?"
"No!" Mr.D said.
"It is! Fifty もっと見る years!"
"How can Annabeth 愛 this boy?" Athena 発言しました horrified.
"You know my son is disgusting now that I think of it." Poseidon 発言しました shaking his head.
"See this is why I have girls, they don't do disgusting things." Zeus said.
"What about Jason?"
"He's Roman, Romans don't do stupid things!"
"Der, Uncle" Hermes 発言しました rolling his eyes.
"Boys." Artemis muttered.
"Oh Little Sis. If it weren't...
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 Dike, Goddess of Justice
Dike, Goddess of Justice
Holy Hephaestus, we're in for one amazing story. I think we all picked up on the curse in the book description, and ever since there has been discussion all over the place about which curse it might be. Is it old? Is it new? Has Hades' curse of the Oracle come back または did Hera decieve Percy at the end of The Last Olympian? There are answers, my friends, about several curses and about the people who do the cursing.

First we are going to start with Hera. Hera cursed Annabeth in the Battle of the Labyrinth. It was a constant annoyance to Annabeth because Hera just kept getting in her way. We all...
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 this is Dana just imagine her with a grey streak Ok
this is Dana just imagine her with a grey streak Ok
All the characters ( except my characters) belong to RR

Chappie 1 (this is short)

I was walking along the beach, thinking about Percy, Gods! I was missing him so much, I looked at the last thing me and Percy did together. We wrote our names in the sand, like this:
4 Eva
He rushed the water over the 書く and made a 'water barrier' so it was there forever, it was like cement. Seriously, I tried to kick it 8 months ago, because I was angry Percy just disappeared like he did.
My thoughts were interrupted によって a girl, around 15 years old, bleeding at the hip, stagger up to me...
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posted by BlackNova13

Nico: PERCY! Help noooo! I dont know what Helium is または Radium....Uhg i hate science CURSE あなた person who invented science!}:(

Percy: Nico, Marie Curie discovered Radium in the 60's. ....I think ugh GO AWAY あなた ANNOYING EARTHHEADED B****!!!

Thalia: *Faints because Kelphead says something smart* Ahhh! Its the end of the world!!!

Percy:Seriously Pinecone face I CAN be smart when I want to unlike some Airheads..

Thalia:Thats IT! あなた me arena RIGHT NOW!!!

Apollo:I have a Haiku!!! B-)

Percy:NOOOOOOOOOOO*several days later* OOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermes:Ikr. ..APOLLO PlEASE NO HAIKUS!!...
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posted by FantasyLover543
こんにちは guys, it's FantasyLover543 and I seriously have no idea how to write this thing and I know I'm going to regret it later but here goes-

First of all when I read TLH (the ロスト hero ,duh) I liked it. I liked it very much. Here I'll like to add that unlike all(or most) of あなた I read TLH before I read the PJO series(if あなた don't know what PJO is あなた don't deserve to be here). So it was my first time experience of this Greek-gods-are-alive-and-kicking-and-they-also-have-kickass-demigod-children world. And I admit that I liked it. But あなた know what I liked most in the book? No,it wasn't Leo's awesomeness...
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posted by HecateA
Gone with the wind... Who has seen the wind... Up in the air... Into thin air... Those 本 may not be about like Aeolus like he enjoys thinking, but this 記事 is, and also about what he has to do with Jason?

As あなた all know, Jason, Piper and Leo had the plessure of meeting Aeolus in the ロスト Hero.

Aeolus had the plessure of meeting Piper and Leo in the ロスト Hero.

"Um, sir," Mellie said, "this is Jason, son of-"
"Yes, yes, I remember," Aeolus said. "You're back. How did it go?

Okay; let's have one thing clear. あなた can't be back without having been there once.
So why was Jason at Aeolus' palace...
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posted by HecateA
So this afternoon [note that this was writen a long time ago] I got ロスト on the Internet. But I made up for it によって finding this map of Camp Jupiter that あなた can see if あなた click. (I apologise for the lack of link here, and in image sources; but I found out that my account was suspended because of a none-tolerable link here, so I just took them all out because I'm happy to be back).

It’s interactive too!

With little bubbles and boxes of information that appear through the magic of scrolling! So here are 7 fun facts and bits and bobs about New Rome, that あなた didn’t know but probably will find...
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posted by partypony
Yes, yes they do.
Now that I've caught your attention...

Look at me. I'm gone for a couple of days and I miss the 日 the video for The Son of Neptune came out. I hate fate. I mean, fate, not the Fates... They're the same thing, aren't they...?

Anyways... This is my analysis for that video that LeoV44 投稿されました (many thanks, here's a banana), we now A LOT もっと見る information than we had a few months ago, even though that video was only like a minute.

I'd post the video in this 記事 if I could. Unfortunately, I can't, since I don't have a computer with me right now. But I can post the link. link,...
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posted by abrown7297
Disclaimer: All rights to Rick Riordan, well, the characters anyway.

Author: abrown7297

Summary: The 次 installment in abrown7297’s series follows the residents of Camp Jupiter and Camp Half-Blood as they try to defend their beloved camps from the oppressions of Ouranos.

Characters: The campers of Camp Jupiter and Camp Half-Blood

Prequel: The Mark of Athena (my story) link

Sequel: タイトル coming soon!
posted by klyonsm2
one summer, in the burning heat of the sun, the ghost king made a decision to follow the beat of his own drum. For years, he had treated himself like a disease, making himself foreign to friendship. One part of him knew that it wasn't what he wanted but the other half shot him down and decided that it was the only way to live. But it wasn't the only way to live.

One day, in the heat of the sun, the ghost king decided it was time to stop hiding from everyone.

Chapter 1 will be 投稿されました soon (this was just a preview)
Title: I’ll Follow あなた Into the Dark
Rating: C

Disclaimer: Rick Riordan owns all the characters and the battle that bases this fanfiction. Death Cab for Cutie wrote this song, and the copy of the lyrics was provided by: link
A/N: The third songfic I write, the first I post, hope あなた like! This is one of my favourite songs (it comes with a marauder’s video on an HP spot here) Hear the song on (video is rated everyone):

Love of mine some 日 あなた will die
‘Someday’ being this moment, and ‘you will die’ being the most painful thing I’ve ever seen または standed.

But I'll be close behind...
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Hello, all! I'm back! *Que corny 音楽 and fanfare* For those of あなた who don't know who I am, my name, as あなた can see, is Amphitrite, but あなた can all call me Amph. I've been up on Olympus, but I've decided to make my return, and let me tell you, I'm もっと見る than a little upset. Why? Well, I've been on this spot from the very beginning, and I think of it the way someone would think of their child. I helped shape it, I 愛 it, and もっと見る than anything I want to be proud of it...but right now, I'm not very proud....rules have gone unheeded, respect is nil, and well, it just looks crappy...totally...
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Okay, so I did kinda like Jason at first, but in MoA, he really irritated me. Let me tell あなた why.

Exhibit A:
Setting: New Rome, Senate House.
Situation: Our very bright Jason decides to ask Reyna if he can 表示する his girlfriend around the city.
My thoughts: WAY TO GO, SMART ONE.
That’s a great way to say hello to your almost-girlfriend/fellow praetor あなた haven’t seen in months. WE GOT A GENIUS OVER HERE.

Exhibit B:
Setting: The Argo II.
Situation: Making promises to Piper.
My thoughts: Seriously? –facepalm- The last line of that prophecy was, An oath...
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posted by HecateA
Never mind the title, it's a 人気 French song that my フレンズ had in their heads recently. If you're really interested here's the link, but it's really not necessary for you.

What is necessary is the checking out of Ella the Harpy on the ヒーローズ of Olympus website! Actually, not even that, because here is the info!

Ella the Harpy

This is not your typical ridiculously skinny half bird half woman. Ella the Harpy is もっと見る than meets the eye, and a very useful ally for demigods Percy, Hazel, and Frank.

What does she do? If an encyclopedia could take the form of a woman (or bird), it would be Ella....
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 Boreas and Oreithyia
Boreas and Oreithyia
あなた know, in the past few months I've heard so many people say that Jason has to be a child of one of the Big Three because he's important. Why in Hades would someone think that? Honestly, all of the gods are equally important, both in myth and in the world of Camp Half-Blood! So, I'm here to give あなた the 411 on why this theory (Jason has to be a big three demi) is completely bogus, becaue I'm seriously tired of repeating myself.

First off, we're going to start out with a few facts.

* There are もっと見る Minor gods/goddesses than there are Major gods/goddesses
* Most of the Minor gods were around before...
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posted by I-Love-Candy
An excerpt from:
Who am I?

Summary: あなた are lonely and scared and just can't bring yourself to care anymore. But あなた do and he doesn't, which makes your ハート, 心 hurt even more.


"Leave, please, just . . . leave." あなた look around, with tearful eyes and try not to meet his.

He tries to catch your attention; tries to place a hand on your shoulders, but あなた shake him off stiffly, a look of deep regret on your face.

His mouth opens, as if he is about to speak, but he quickly closes it just as fast, a ghost of a forced smile flitting across his lips. あなた give him a moment; あなた want...
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posted by NicoDiAngelo4
Heeeyyy!!! Okay so we all no Percy's Pegasus, Blackjack, right? And I'm guessing everyone that's 読書 this thinks that Blackjack is a boy, right? Well, when I was rereading the PJO series I came across something interesting.

So when Percy found Blackjack "he" was being kept on Luke's ship. Well what I noticed was that at first, Percy kept referring to Blackjack as a she and her...

Weird, huh? 'cause in all the 本 after that, Percy refers to Blackjack as a he. So, now, I'm kinda confused to what gender Blackjack is....

Hope yah liked it:)
Yeah, another one. I 発言しました I'd do this one soon! Yes, that counts for a couple 分 later.
So, have we all seen the tehmazing cover for the newest book? Yeah, I'm betting あなた have.
Weeeeeeell, let's break it down. Title, Background picture, and Main picture.

Title: The Mark of Athena

Well, this is a flashback to The Son of Neptune! Why, Ella, あなた predicted the 次 book! This is obviously a reference to the Daughter of Athena prophecy. No biggie. But, be quick to note that this is the Greek form. Definetly Annabeth.

Main Picture

Jason and Percy really hit it off! Eh, no. Erm, the swords aren't...
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