The ヒーローズ Of Olympus: Make Your Hero Club
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posted by altheno
こんにちは Guys! so here's chapter three :D thanks for the views! and review, review, review please!

The last week has been blurred to my memory. We have been moving form places to places for the last three months.

For what? I'm not even sure about it. All I know is that my father (which I never actually met) was missing. I could not make フレンズ in a certain place instantly. My moms own a 24% stock in a construction company near this school. May be that's her cover up in going here. We actually own a construction company and she would just settle in this places?

I had already promised myself that if...
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posted by hunter-X

The brazen metal bars behind me groaned and squeaked as they slammed shut. My armor felt cold and weighted and my ヘルメット misplaced. But my energy was surprisingly strong and alive.
That same low longing whisper from last night’s dream emerged in my thoughts.

Free me! Free me! It had said, または else your kind shall be ロスト forever.

I shook my head freeing myself from the whispers and tried to focus on the event that was about to take place.
I stepped フォワード, 前進, 楽しみにして a little bit and a low gaining growl evaded from the guard who stood in front of me.
My grip tightened even further around my...
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The earth (Gaea) and the Sky (Uranus) meet and there was the creation of the first divine species in the world. They are called Titans. They rule the world with their own will until they propagate. They possess スーパーナチュラル power. These abilities were inherited によって their own prodigy. The titans turn to evil and greedy when it comes to power. They turned to kill everyone who might just take their place, even their own offspring. The great Uranus was killed によって one of his great son, the Titan named Kronos.
Until Kronos rule, he bitterly eats his own sons and daughter to avoid ccompetition....
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