Did any of あなた guys watch When Youre Starnge?

It was on pbs wednesday and friday night. I thought it was pretty good. A lot of never before seen footage and information. What'd あなた think?
 lovedadoors posted 1年以上前
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The Doors 回答

stefalex23 said:
I Tivo'd the new "When You're Strange" documentary and have watched it three times; it was wonderful, and set me off on a DOORS binge--got The When You're Strange T-Shirt, all 6 of the remastered 40th Anniversary CDs, plus American Prayer and the 1971/1972 Other Voices/Full Circle. Also, the terrific Hopkins/Sugerman biography "No One Here Gets Out Alive," Sugerman's "Complete Lyrics," and Jim's poetry. All these riches come as a result of the powerful impact of When You're Strange: I am now a serious DOORS admirer.
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posted 1年以上前 
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