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 Matu Rori aka Sea Cucumber
Matu Rori aka Sea Cucumber
Muri Beach. My favouritest ビーチ in Rarotonga. Whenever I visit my aunty always takes us to Muri beach. Good Times.

Unfortunately my favourite ビーチ has these things the locals call Matu Roris aka Sea Cucumber. [dun 焦げ茶色, ダン, dun dun]

From what I've seen they just lay in the sea in the sand barely moving at all but I'm such a chicken because they terrify me. Oh and just to be clear. They don't actually fly, unless someone throws them at you! Which leads me to my story...

One fine 日 in Rarotonga my mum, aunty, sister, two nieces and I went to Muri Beach. I was メリダとおそろしの森 enough to venture into the water because...
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