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Dearheart posted on Aug 19, 2008 at 04:44PM
Okay, I think we can all agree that the movie was pretty awesome...but I have some bones to pick with Andrew Adamson. Here are the things that keep this good movie from being a GREAT movie:

a) The dumb modern slang!! This is supposed to be NARNIA, not America, 2008! I don't care how "modern" they wanna make things...Caspian doesn't say "HEY!!" That's just...not Temarine...ish...ugh...

b) The dryads (enough showing off with snazzy special effects...I want REAL dryads, thank you), and there wasn't enough of Aslan! *pouts* I wanted to see Him when Lucy did! And I'm mad that they didn't keep the scene where she sees Aslan, all silvery in the moonlight, and then the others gradually see Him too. That's one of the best scenes in the whole series, I think. I wish they hadn't changed it.


c)The Un-Magnificent Peter. AAAAAAAUUUGH!!! I HATE what they did to him!! YES, he lost his temper a few times in the book...who wouldn't? He's human, after all! But Peter does NOT HAVE EGO ISSUES!! Grrrrrrrr...it's a sequel to what they did to Faramir in LotR, gosh dang it...seriously, how much "tension" do these movie people NEED?? There's ALREADY tension between Narnia and Telmar, Miraz and Caspian, resentment at the prince from the Narnians...we didn't NEED a big "power struggle" between Peter and him! It's stupid and completely OOC, and they ignored the crucial Peter-to-Caspian quote in the book:

"We haven't come to take your place, you know, but to put you into it."

Was there ANY sign of that Magnificent humility and grace in the movie Peter?? Uh, NO. Peter's supposed to be a mentor and older-brother-figure...not some angsty, bossy, arrogant jerk of a High King! He would never treat Caspian like what they did in the movie. Ever. Even if Caspian /was/ older in the books. It's JUST NOT PETER. For just once, I would've liked some good examples of teamwork, friendship and humility, but nooooo...they just COULDN'T have that, now could they? It would make this exciting action-packed film totally boring! *rolls eyes*

d) The freakin' KISS OF DOOM!!! AAAAAAAAAAAUUUGH!!!! *runs screaming around in circles* The flirting I can handle, but that kiss...GAH!! It was a NarniaWeb april fool's joke; it wasn't supposed to ACTUALLY HAPPEN!! *sniffles* I don't care about the stupid "becoming-a-woman" excuse; it's just too...Hollywood! REALLY, I had higher expectations than THAT! And you know what would have been SO much classier? If instead of flat-out snogging each other, Caspian had simply smiled, swept her a chivalrous bow and gently kissed her hand. Now that, MAYBE, is something I would go "awwww" over. But for now, I've contented myself to booing loudly every time I see the Kiss of Doom. (Lemme tell ya, it's a great way to vent it out and EXTREMELY satisfying. And getting elbowed in the ribs and glared at makes it all the more fun.) ;)

So, there's my rant. Now it's your turn. :)

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1年以上前 narnian_girl said…
hi this is the narnian girl and i luv the chronicles of narnia... movie and books! (the books were better)
i dont want ppl yelling at me and saying that the movie was awesome and crap like that because i luvved the movie (skandar) but i think they could have done better... but i stilll luv the movie! so dont yell at me! ok? ok!
ok heres my message:

OMG ur so right... i mean it was an awesome movie... but they made peter look bad! that wasnt cool... in the book they were friends! and besides it creates contrast between the "ben.is.so.hawt-girls" and the "will.is.so.sexy-girls."
the book was ah-lawt better but i still luvved the movie (der...SKANDAR)
ur also right about the scene with aslan and lucy... i really think they could have added that! that was the main event in the story!
the kiss... i thought it was actually pretty good. They werent really snogging... thats a little much, i actually enjoyed that part and so did ah lawt of people who were in the theater with me.
im sorry if that makes you not want to read my rant anymore...
in fact i hope im not ranting.. i just wanted to talk about the book and the movie and the contrast...
the book was undoubtably(hehe i spelled that wrong) better than the movie... you can yell at me all you want if you disagree because i dont give a chocolate covered peanut about that.

I think the part in the movie that i loved best was when lucy hugged trumpkin...
that was *sniff* a moment i will never forget!!!

sorry to bother you with my randomness (aka awesomeness) but im glad i found this... forum...
is that what you call it?
IM SORRY! im nu to this site!
1年以上前 Dearheart said…
LOL, that's fine! ANY rant (even if it's technically not a rant) is welcome here. :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts, narnian girl!
1年以上前 Channon108 said…
I agree,the movie is good,but it could have been great.This is what I think should have happened.
The makeup artists should have dyed Ben Barnes hair a suitable blond color that would go with his skintone because Caspian is blond in the book.
Also,in the PC movie Caspian looks older than 13(Caspian is 13 in the PC book.)Does anyone think they should have made Ben Barnes look younger?Post what you think about my comments.
1年以上前 marissa said…
Channon, I kind of get whwy they didn't make Caspian blond. He was a Telmarine, desended from Mediteranian pirates. It woulnd't have made as much sense if he was fair and blond, right? But whatever, lol.
And I liked that they made hima little older, just because I think it plays better in the movie, you know? You buy things in books that are harder to believe in movies. Could a 13 really lead an army against an evil king? Would the Narnians have been as apt to follow a kid?

Dearheart, I actually liked the Peter/Caspian dymanic! lol. Yes, there was a lot of drama already in the movie, but I think it adds a bit of "reality" to the whole (completely unreal) situation. Two teenage boys - both of whom are kings in their own right - trying and failing to win a war? There's bound to be issues! lol. And I like the fact that they didn't make Peter 'perfect'. Sure. he's magnificant, but everyone has flaws, right?

And the KISS! Personally, I don't mind it - or else, I don't really care. I take solace in the fact that it didn't happen in the book :)
But I can see why they did it. Now a bunch of tween girls can run around swooning over how cute a couple Susan and Caspain are. If that was the part that stuck with them inthe theaters, maybe it will make them go out and buy the DVD... (no offence, tweens!)

But I think they kind of dug themselves into a hole with the Susan/Caspian thing. What about Caspian's wife in Dawn Treader? It seems kind of sad that (in the movies) he would kind of forget about Susan and marry her. And they can't cut that part out because Caspian's wife and son play a huge part in The Silver Chair...
Anyways, I'm interested to see how they handle that.
1年以上前 Mail23 said…
this is true but you know the movies cant be perfect because everyone sees it differntly but i guess that was andrews way of seeing it an i guess if you want to direct your own narnia you can ok? but i do agree it doesnt make sense that caspian and susan kiss and that is really annoying that in all programs if theres a girl and a boy they always have to fall in love its like a law now or something.but anyway i really really like the movies alot and i do like how the made aslan and casting was perfect (talking about Skandar) i love him to death and everything. but you gotta admit these movies were amazing amazing amazing compared with the crappy bbc ones.ps. long live Aslan and long live king Eddmund the just
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1年以上前 Dearheart said…
Yes, I'll agree with that. Skandar is a BRILLIANT Edmund, especially in Prince Caspian. And he didn't get NEARLY enough screentime in it, either... >__>

And hey! *protectively hugs her BBC copies* Don't go dissing the first introduction to Narnia I ever had! I thought they were amazing...when I was 7, anyway. =P And I still have a soft spot for them. I mean yeah, the special effects were cheesy (but give these people a break! CGI was non-existant back then!) and some of the acting was bad, but there were a lot of good things about them too. And you HAVE to admit, their Aslan puppet had a beautiful face... =)
1年以上前 i-luv-jazz-hale said…
Hey, i think the movie was really cool.
points of argue

+with the slang, Dearheart is right. but then again, Caspian could pick up the words, like i went on holiday to australia for a month and i now have a small acent.

+What are dryads?

+Peter does have ego issues. i mean, it is going to be a little tense with 2 or 3 kings around, each wanting to do their own thing.

+I thought the kiss was ok. i mean it wasnt full in snogging. and that was the last ever time they would see each other-susan isnt allowed back to narnia.

+I also think Ben Barnes looked ssssooooooo sexy. he is desended from medertaranian pirates so it would be odd to have him blond. the black hair goes with his skin tones and he is on my mental list of sexy movie characters. (along with Will Tuner (pirates of the carribean), Jasper Hale (twilight) and Jack Sparrow(pirates of the carribean)

comment please!
1年以上前 Euri said…
Here's what I think *takes a deep breath*

1) Most of the movie was AMAZING. I loved the raid of the castle, it really helped show how badly the Narnian's were doing, not to mention how sad it was when the Narnian's were trapped *sniff*.

2) The modern slang... I can deal with; it would be hard to say certain words (like shouting for someone to stop) that weren’t... modern. (Ugh, I hate it when Caspian shouts hey; it is so out of place!)

3) I liked the way they portrayed the Dryads at first, the flower petals and such, but when they began to fight in the battle... I don't know I didn't like them as much they just seemed like they were supposed to be in Middle Earth, not in Narnia...

4) I would have liked to see more of Aslan as well :( To bad they cut out a lot of the scenes in the book with him in it...

5.) It would have been fine for me with just a little bit of an un-magnificent Peter, but they overdid it. He seems too cocky, and shifts the blame way to much. And while I liked the night raid it adds way to much un-magnificentness to his character...

6) The Kiss of Doom... nice name Dearheart...fits perfectly to...
I HATED IT!!! Ugh, it was terrible! Why did they do it! Why! What were they thinking? UGH!
It was so out of the blue! I know it was hinted at a kiss from the beginning but... I don't know! When I saw the hints I was hopping beyond hope that they would not kiss, I could deal with the sidelong glances, but I knew that they would probably kiss at the end but I was expecting a light kiss, not at all like the one I saw up on the screen. Yuck! Why? Why! I really like your idea Dearheart, with the chivalrous kiss on the hand thing that would have worked out much better and not have angered us real Narnian fans.

In response to i-luv-jazz-hale, a dryad is a tree nymph, or in plainer words, they are a tree :) You know those floating flower petals that make the form of women in the movies? Dryad's. When the trees move on their own in the movie, Dryad's. Not really dictionary definition but it’s around what a Dryad is in Narnia...
A sexy movie characters list... oh gosh... no offense... but that is silly! I’m begginging to wonder how many of Narnian “fans” are just fans because of the actors playing the characters. :(
Sorry I didn't get to posting this sooner Dearheart, just never felt up to writing it all, but now I do so here is my comment!
1年以上前 moniqua said…
big smile
okay, i totally totally totally agree with the Peter being all concieted and stuff. that's rediculous. peter is the nice, I guess you could say "goody-goody" one or whatever. he's supposed to be the perfect high king, the good guy. not the "I'm so much better than you" guy. I loved Peter in the first movie. and william moseley did a wonderful job in both movies. Peter is still my fav. character, but seriously? I loved the way he was in the first movie and the books! :(
but about the kiss...that makes sense to me. what girl wouldn't have a crush on the ONE guy who wasn't her brother who is around her age in narnia? i mean, it adds to the story. it's not like they actually get together or anything, just adds a little humor and romance. i liked it, thought it was kinda cool. but that's just me i guess.
hahaha, yeah the sexy characters list is a little silly. i mean, yeah william moseley and skandar keynes are pretty hot, i have to admit, but i don't like their characters because of them. i like their characters because of their characters, you know? they play them really well though. all the actors in narnia are SO amazingly good. it's scary. i wish i was that good of an actress. hahaha! :)

i actually change my mind about one thing: I guess I kinda get why they made Peter act the way he did. I mean, I liked his personality way better in the first one, but it without peter being a little conceited half of the story-line would have been gone. and, although C.S. Lewis is an amazing author, there would be NO way to make a successful movie going exactly by the books. but that's just waht i think. IDK.
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1年以上前 Amy3422 said…
Agreed. I still enjoyed the movie, but I am kind of upset that it turned out this way, and we lost our chance of getting a really great adaptation. The first one was amazing, and they seemed to really care about staying true to the story. Then, suddenly, all anyone could think about were big effects and action sequences. Very disappointing. I do understand that most of Prince Caspian is walking and talking, but I believe that that could have been really interesting if it was well done.

Channon108, you're right about Ben Barnes. During that movie he's exactly twice the age that Caspian is supposed to be.(I didn't think that he was very well cast.)

I also could not agree more about what they did to Peter! Agghh! He and Caspian are supposed to be best buddies! Dearheart pretty much said it all. At the end of the movie, I suddenly got a different interpretation of why he and Susan aren't allowed back into Narnia...('did they do something wrong?'-Lucy)

The romance subplot was okay at first, when it was just barely noticeable. If they had just liked each other, it would have been okay, but as soon as they started flirting and kissing, I was angry. haha. Marissa's right about them digging themselves into a hole! I hadn't thought of that!

I also believe that they shortchanged (or left out!)some of the best parts (following Aslan, getting the trees to wake up, Caspian learning about Narnia etc.), that Alsan didn't look as real as in the last one, and that they made the movie incredibly racist when the book isn't!

Apart from that, it was okay. I liked that is started with the crossing or the two planets: Tarva and Alambil! Georgie Henley was exceptional and actually seemed more like Lucy than she did in the first one!
1年以上前 alexthedog said…
I SO rolled my eyes when they kissed. It was just so UN-needed.
1年以上前 babbytreegrowth said…
the kiss was soo making me want to break the disk!!! it was awful!!! And how they messed up the time order of things! soooo anoying!!!
1年以上前 RavenclawRocks said…
Yes, the movie COMPLETELY ruined the book.

Apparently, (maybe just a rumour) LUCY was ment to kiss Caspian! Ugh, that would be horrible...But anyway, the kiss was like sooo...sooo ugh! The only good part of it was Edmund: "Im older but I don't think I want to understand"

Anyway, back to my rant...I was wondering, why didn't anyone mention the fact that Jadis wasn't ment to come back? I thought that wasn't needed.

VDT was WAY better, causing me to wonder...is it Disney at fault???