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totolove posted on Apr 07, 2013 at 02:03PM
I saw this thing on YouTube called 'Project Flight' and I thought it would make a really fun role play ! So you can make your own characters but you can make them random heroes and stuff like that cuz in the main group there are these characters listed below ( first one in gets to be the character (( Oh and Jim Hawkings is in it too but I don't mind but you can add Rapunzel in as well if you want she can be a new member if you want ! PS the opposite of Jack is in this too Jack Flame so he's in it too in case people wants to be him )) ok ! )
Jack :
Hiccup :
Merida : totolove
Jack Flame :
Jim Hawkings :
Rapunzel :

No swearing even though the episode for this has a little bit
No godmodding

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