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When it comes to getting great hair, don't look any further than your own mirror. Whether you're a "heart," "round," または "oval," your best cut is determined によって your face. Everyone's face is different and it's important to understand that every hairstyle is not for every face shape.
To accentuate balance and beauty, strive for a hairstyle that works with your particular face shape. That strategy will not only give あなた your best look, but also emphasize your best features. Be sure to bring this up with your stylist and make it an important determination in your new look.

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Angelina Jolie
Blue eyes like those belonging to the 星, つ星 Angelina Jolie are the most appealing colour according to a アンケート of 3,000 18-24 年 olds によって FreshLook One 日 Colour.

Angelina, her partner Brad Pitt and his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston all have blue eyes and have ALL been named in a 上, ページのトップへ twenty of the world's most desirable eyes.

The survey found that young folk with blue eyes are generally seen as being もっと見る flirtatious, sexy and kind.

And when asked if they would change the colour of their eyes if they could, only one in ten blue-eyed people wanted to - significantly less than people with other colour...
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 Curling irons come in a lot of different sizes
Curling irons come in a lot of different sizes
This is dedicated to Sualey :)

Step 1:Choose the right Curling iron

Unfortunately in this case I have to say: The もっと見る expensive the better. Cheap irons wont heat up properly and あなた will never achieve a curl that lasts. Also they might be poorly manufactured and tear at your hair.The surface needs to be ceramic so your hair can actually slide on the iron rather than scraping on it.

Step 2: Choose the right Size

Now this is a bit of a tricky one. Basically there are two rules.

1) The longer your hair, the thicker it is the bigger your iron.
2) The smaller your iron the "bouncier" your curl....
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