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_Quinn_ posted on Dec 23, 2008 at 12:46PM
I started this spot because I have always been an Aristocats fan and I was surprised that there wasn't already a fan spot dedicated to these adorable cats.
The only problem is that I am not very computer savvy and I have not figured out how to make a club banner without it looking blurry (like the above banner) or just plain horrible. So I am hoping there is an Aristocats fan that can help out by making and adding a banner to the pictures section that we can use.
Thanks to everyone who has joined the Aristocats club and I hope you are enjoying it.

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1年以上前 vider69 said…
I put in some possible banners, I hope you like them.
1年以上前 _Quinn_ said…
Thanks so much Vider!
I am still having trouble getting the banners to fit without looking blurry or being off-center but I am still working on it and might be able to get one of the banners you submitted to work. Thanks again.
1年以上前 vider69 said…
I think you have used one of mine, the new banner looks great.
1年以上前 vider69 said…
It's similar to one I picked, I like it.
1年以上前 _Quinn_ said…
big smile
Thanks Vider. :) I had stayed up all night trying to get the new banner to fit right. I used the banner "Disneys The Aristocats" you added and added some clips from the movie on either side. I'm glad you like it. Thanks again.
1年以上前 vider69 said…
Thanks, glad I could help.
1年以上前 italiancat said…
I've just found your site for the Aristocats.
I thought that some of you may be interested to know that I actually worked for Disney when the Aristocats was initially released in 1970.
I played the part of 'Italian Cat' in the (Human/Costumed form) of the Scat Cat Band and actively promoted the film during the latter part of 1970 and early 1971. There were just three members of the 'group' which toured a lot of the UK, making personal/TV/Radio appearances. A guy named Robin who played the hippy cat, and Colin made up the third member. I played the accordion, Robin.....double bass, and Colin played guitar. We had a 'roadie' called John, and Peter Green was our Manager. I am just in the process of obtaining a copy of the Blue Peter episode we made back in November 1970, where 'Patch' the Blue Peter dog actually took a disliking to me and bit my leg!
I have many fond memories of working as Italian Cat and plenty of stories that I could tell when I met many people associated in show business (such as the time I 'doubled' for (now Sir) Cliff Richard in Sheffield and meeting Larry Grayson at the same show!!)
I still have some 'memorabilia and press cuttings from those days and if my limited computer 'skills' permit, I could always post them on here if anyone is interested.