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Passion フルーツ is seen skipping along the counter, coming up to Orange, who is sitting on a bench and 読書 a newspaper.

Passion: Been thinkin' for a while and there's something I gotta tell you.
Orange: Sorry Pass, I can't talk right now.
Passion: Been thinkin' that our 愛 for each other has grown so very strong.
Orange: Love? Wait...
Passion: It's plain to see we're building our worlds together.
Orange: Uhh, back up for a minute.
Passion: I'm looking in your eyes right now and I can tell あなた feel the same.
Orange: Get off of me!

Tackling Orange, Passion ends up knocking herself and him off the...
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Song tune: link

Orange: I'm tooty, I'm fruity,
I am a little cutie,
And I play the flute-y, I'm sure to irritate!
Hey, my name is Orange,
To prove that I'm not boring,
I make myself annoying,

Pear: [annoyed] And I'm always his roommate!

Orange: I live in the kitchen,
It's full of 食 and life,
My ホーム sweet home, it stands alone,
If あなた avoid that knife!

I'm tooty, I'm fruity,
I have a citrus suit-y,
My name's Annoying Orange,
And I am their strife!

Here's Passion and Mallow,

Marshmallow: I have a cute-guy halo,

Orange: And here's Midget Apple,

Little Apple: It's Little Apple, please!

Orange: And Grandpa Lemon,...
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posted by aldrine2016
We start our fanfiction with a pan through a desert, where bizzare rock formations, tumbleweeds, and cacti can be seen. After we get to see some of the beautiful, yet hot scenery, two blurs, coloured brown and blue respectively, zipped down the road leaving cacti to pull up.

The blue blur froze in mid-run, revealing itself to be a tall, ostrich-like bird. It had a light-blue body, neck, tail feathers, a purple head, head plumage, wings, and a yellow beak and legs. Below the bird, his Latin name, "Road Runner - Zippicus Birdius", appeared in a Western-style font. The assumed-to-be-frozen creature...
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Yo, I'm on a fart ship,
Yeah, I think it's really hip,
Passing gas to get along,
Farting as I sing this song,
Yo, I'm on a fart ship,
Whoops, I just let one slip!
Now we're flying way too fast,
Farting is quite a gas!

Flatulence is my thing,
'Cause it's got a gassy ring,
I'm farting as I sing my song,
So why don't あなた all fart along?
My fart ship is not active,
If あなた don't fart attractive,
So come on now and 表示する your fart,
'Cause it's a smelly piece of art!

Yo, I'm on a fart ship,
Yeah, I think it's really hip,
Passing gas to get along,
Farting as I sing this song,
Yo, I'm on a fart ship,
Whoops, I just let one...
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Gotta get up, I'm going to YouTube,
I'm gonna see a friend of mine,
He's round and he's funny,
I 愛 him because he is...

Orange, Annoying Orange,
Looking for fun,
Making friends, jokes and puns,
Orange, he's not a doorhinge,
こんにちは you're an 林檎, アップル now!
If ナイフ comes, あなた better run!

HIs kitchen's so beautiful,
Never despicable,
At Dane Boe's house you'll find,
If you're feeling blue, just go to YouTube,
And あなた will encounter, this one-of-a-kind...

Annoying, Annoying Orange,
あなた like him または not, he's still so popular,
Orange, pay down your morgage,
Just your friends, you, me,
It's funny old AO and me,
Be sure to watch a hysterical new episode of Annoying オレンジ on August
20th at 8:30pm et/p!

Comedians Gabriel Iglesias and Phil Lamarr will be guest starring in
episodes of the hit Cartoon Network program Annoying Orange. The comedic
pair have contributed their voices to this ever 人気 animated series.

Gabriel Iglesias will be starring as Mr. Juicy Fun and Phil Lamarr will
voice the role of Sam Jackfruit.

Annoying オレンジ debuted on Cartoon Network on June 11th taking the
YouTube sensation, which boasts もっと見る than one billion views, to the
television screen. The new テレビ series follows Orange...
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Orange: I am annoying in my heart,
Hey, knife, あなた look so sharp,
And あなた would like to chop me, easy,
But mister, こんにちは that あなた know what, you're dull just like a butt [laughs],
Knife guy, あなた can't chop me, ジュース me.

Pear: If I didn't have you, there would be nothing left,
The skin of a 梨 who could never be his best,
Despite your annoyingness, I'm still your best friend,
Orange, please, now don't be dead, yeah.

Little Apple: All my life, you're a great prize,
Called me a midget, あなた made me get angry,
And あなた made fun of my size,
But despite that, nobody can chop あなた down.

Marshmallow: All my life,...
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