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posted by MrWoogleWoggle
Howdy world, hows あなた doig? im back and ihave something important to say

Well first, im working on typgn better because my doctr 発言しました that i put my fingers, like, too flat ony mown keyboard and it strains them または smething like that. Os im going to try harder.

also, not to brag または anything, but TODAY IS MY 4TH 年 BIRTDHAY OF FANPOP. i just got the キャップ and im sooo proud, not just of me but of all two of us. we're the ones who got the 24 club where it is today and im like so happy. wyou have no idea what this means to me. also my knuckle hurts.

so on to todays topoic:

NUMBER EQUALITY-----------------...
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posted by MrWoogleWoggle
This just in from Math World: 25 =26. I will prove it to あなた now.

IF あなた look close, あなた will se that 5 is really similar to 6. But they are not the same, but they are now because of this proof:

5*0 = 0 (* means "times" for all あなた uneducated folk)
6*0 = 0 also
So 5*0 = 6*0
So 5= 6

This is really important for us number people because this is the fundation of our math. Now we know 5=6, so that means if あなた add 20 to both sides, あなた get 25=26 (that's this law that says is あなた add something to both sides, its OK)

So ok, now we have a problem beccause this club is for 25, but now is the same as 26 and...
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posted by MrWoogleWoggle
こんにちは all あなた pople
Hey all あなた people
He all あなた people won't あなた litsen to MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Ok look, Im gonna level with あなた guys. I am a changed person. I ma no longer the man I was 2 years ago. I got an eeducation, I took an English class, I mean Iv eh been booking it.

I"m ot saying that I wdersve an award r soething, but i mean some appreciation would be nice. I have dumped my ハート, 心 ands oul into this club. I started it gfrom the ground up and I have been working my butt off just to get it to where it is tday. And あなた knw where it's at? IT's at the topi of its game. It is untouchable...
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posted by MrWoogleWoggle
25 is the best number because.............
it's better than 24

I mena just look at it. 25 is a beautiful beautifulnumber na d23 is nto so much. i am so sorry for my typing im havingt oulbe finding th spacebar an dente rkey. kk ill just admit im toolazy to keep hittnni those keys XD

so what do あなた say? isnt 25 just like the like best like number like? i like to think so bacause 24 is just ugly

its ugly and its proud

25 is a priiem number the only numbers that og into it are 1 and 25 and 1. 24 is a compost number thus iit is worst than 25.

25 has a 5 ini t and 24 has a four in it. 5 > 4 so therefore 25 is better.

I dont know what else t type but it teeds to be long enough otherwise itll have t og to the フォーラ and i dont want that to happen cause ten あなた cant read it :'(

または maybe あなた can hahahahaha XD


but seriously though is this long enough for an article
added by MrWoogleWoggle