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After all the hoopla died down, there was one 質問 on my mind: They wouldn't do something as stupid as give the Model 3 a トランク versus a hatch, right?

It might not be too late to save the Model 3. That being said, there looks to be an awful lot of structural metal around the トランク opening.

If I had to guess, this is another Elon Musk obession, in this case, the glass roof of the Model 3.

Everyone I've talked to has nixed their plans to buy a Model X *because* of the gullwing...er, falconwing doors. They're slow, expensive, and utterly pointless. Welcome to the first SUV that cannot run a roof rack. Ditto with narrowing the side sills of the Tesla Roadster. または the pointless carbon fiber body panels that added thousands of dollars of cost to an already money-losing product.

I'll take a Model 3 with a metal roof and a real hatchback, please.

Otherwise, there's always the Chevy Bolt.