Teenagers Homework Help.

moo000 posted on Jul 14, 2009 at 02:08AM
Us teens have so many stresses to deal with in life... and it doesnt help that our teachers LOVE giving us hours oh homework to do.

I was thinking since we all go to different schools, we can help each other with homework. As I mentioned in one of the picks, we all have different weeknesses and stregnths so help others and get help in return!

Just post what you need help with and what your stregnths are. People can then get in contact with others via messaging or directly on the forum.

Just think, we could even assignment swap!

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1年以上前 moo000 said…
OK, I'll start. I dont need any help at the moment but my stregnths in school are

hopefully I can help sombody out
1年以上前 BellaCullen96 said…
I get straight A's in school, but my strengths are:
- English
- Science
- Math (My best subject)

I can help anyone who needs it
1年以上前 jodith said…
lol Go teens help lol math&Science sux..
1年以上前 punkymm said…
i'm pretty good at
Social Studies
1年以上前 camib6 said…
big smile
I'm amazing at everything except math. Blah. I'm actually currently testing for my school's gifted program.