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Oh my gawd, Aleheather, I'm so sorry I've abandoned you..curse あなた ヘタリア -_-
It was late afternoon in Gallagher High. For the Total Drama group, it was the last class before lunch time.
Ugh. I'm sick of looking at the same clock all the time.. Heather muttered in her head. She looked around for something else to mindlessly gaze at, when she saw a certain figure.
This figure had dark hair, that was short in the front and long in the back, and was unbeilevably shaggy. He wore a red jacket, with the words Marìa on the back in gold.
She immediatley realized who it was.
Ale-Alejandro..? I can't...
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"Your bellybutton popped," Alejandro smirked, running his finger over my protruding navel.

I looked down at my stomach, "Oh my gosh, when did that happen?"

"I don't know, but it's cute on you."

He reached over to my lips and kissed me.

"We should really start thinking about a birth plan," He said.

A what?

"A what?" I asked.

"A birth plan, what you're planning on doing after あなた go into labor, the method, any medications, those things."

"Um, what's the plan where they just rip the baby out of me?"

"That's a C-section."

"I’m not sure what I want right now. Right now, I like the idea of that. Do あなた know...
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~A Proposal Only あなた Can Make~

Heather was sitting in a tree, looking in the sky. [i]How could he say I'm not too young to get married? I'm almost 17, but that doesn't mean I-[i]
"Heather?" Alejandro stood below the tree, looking up at her.
"What do あなた want, Al?"
"What's the matter?"
"Nothing! I'm really pissed!"
"Oh, are you? Well, maybe this will make あなた feel better."
Alejandro smiled at his girl, ready to posistion himself when Heather cut in.
"Is this supposed to be a surprise?" She asked.
"Uh, yes! A surprise! But can I ask あなた something?"
"How would あなた like to-"
"Can I come down first?"...
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It's a HxA vid set to Evil 愛 from Phineas and Ferb!
evil 愛
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It was just like normal on the Total Drama plane. Team Victory was getting along fine, there was-once again some pointless tension between Team Amazon, and Team Chris was hanging out. Chris had snuck into the cockpit and was flying the plane.
"So, Noah. あなた want to hear a joke?" Owen asked.
"" Replied Noah.
"...¿Me quiere ....?"
The two of them turned to Alejandro, who was giggling in his sleep.
"Uh..what's up with Al?" Asked the overweight one.
"I dunno.." The sarcastic one replied.
"What was he saying?"
"...'Does she 愛 me?'"
"Oooooh, Al likes a girl?"
"It seems like it-hey, he's mumbling...
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"Oh, I'm having so much fun!" Lindsay threw her hands in the air happily. Owen smiled at her happily. "Well, we're just getting started, Linds."
"Oh, I 愛 you, Omar!"
Heather glared at them, while Alejandro arched his head in confusion. They looked at one another, blushed, and turned away.
[i]This isn't really a date. I still hate Ale-loser, and he still hates me.[i] Heather crossed her arms. She then looked at Owen.
"What are we seeing again?"
Owen fumbled with his movie ticket, then pulled it out. "Aah, ok. Super Smash Bros. Anime."
Alejandro facepalmed. "Ugh..I hate game-to-movie translations....
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"Your cute when あなた blush too." 発言しました Alejandro. "I...I....I.." 発言しました Heather getting flusterd. "Wow I never though i'd see this side of Heather." "Yeah?" "Yeah." "I found one thing I like about you." 発言しました Heather. "Really? What?" "Your eyes. I mean あなた look like your eyes should be black または brown but there ライム green. Almost glow in the dark." "Thanks. あなた know what I like about you?" Gets up and walks over to Heather "Your bad attitude." "I don't have a bad attitude!" "Alright then if あなた don't have bad attitude then you'll let me do this." Leans フォワード, 前進, 楽しみにして and kisses Heather untill she hits him. "What was that for!" Yelled Heather. " Ha. This is coming from the who says she dosen't have an attitude." 発言しました Alejandro walking back to his seat. "You look tired Heather. あなた should go back to sleep." "Fine whatever.". After Heather falls asleep Alejanro mutters under his breath: "she wants me."
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Alejandro opened his eyes. Its had been an exteamly tiring day. He looked around the ecomomy class. Izzy was sleeping on the floor. Owen in the harnesses. Drooling. Noah agenst the wall. And Tyler just like a regular person. Alejnadro hadn't really been sleeping. He was so tired he couldn't sleep. He then looks across the room. Cody's head in Sierra's lap (proboblie not によって choice).Courtney agenst the ウォール like Noah. And then Gwen sleeping like Tyler. So was Heather. Alejandro looked a Heather. She looked so cute when she sleeped. Suddenly she woke up. She looked Alejandro right in the eye's....
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Oh Wow they meet again at Heather's little sister's 4th Birthday Party *gulp*.
As Heather started setting up her little sister's Bday supplies when suddenly she got a text from Sierra and Cody and their kids Sunshine and Cameron.
Are あなた done setting up the party she texted back yes they 発言しました they were on their way. Until Al came with his lil sis cause he was invited. Heather stood there with a big grin and squealed then Al had accidently kissed her on the lips she smiled and blushed then Sierra and Cody came with their kids so did everybody else.
Then Heather asked Alejandro if they could talk he 発言しました yes what is it I think we should breakup 発言しました Heather Al ran away crying Heather ran to tell everybody the party was over but then Heather ran to Alejandro and sobbed in his is arms and 発言しました I'm sorry he 発言しました it was ok.
The End
Would these two enemies get together on their first date

As Heather added blush near her vanty fo her 日付 with Alejandro she got a phone call from Courtney she asked her if Heather wanted to go shopping with Blainley and Courtney. She 発言しました she had a 日付 with Burremeurto then she hang up.
When she was ready Al let her in his car and drove straight to the 花 garden. All Heather did was complain she 発言しました oh there's to much bugs, eek a bug just bit me can we leave now.
When they were done Al gave her a present she opened it was a large size box of チョコレート when she was heading ホーム Al had gave her a braclet with a diamond she gave him a big hug after that.

The end
How will babysitting and sitting alone with 4 kids without Heather But just Alejandro?
As Heather left and Al got ready to kidsitt and babysit with his 4 kids the Jessie the oldest one asked her dad if she could buy robux for roblox he 発言しました no
While the twins were asleep with Jessie Zoe asked she could have the last batch of ice cream he 発言しました no but then she threw a block at his face
He 発言しました OH IT'S ON あなた LIL BRAT!
And they all started throwing blocks at each other

Until Heather came in Jessie 発言しました its not what it it looks like then she joind the fun

The End
Could this be the 日 that the two enemies get together?
Heather and Alejandro were going to a baby シャワー of Gwen and Trent. Alejandro accidently bumped into Heather.
She spilled his water and he made her drop a カップケーキ she was holding.
They both sreamed こんにちは WATCH IT!
Once it was over Alejandro offered to take Heather ホーム she 発言しました yes.

When They looked into each other's eyes it was like 愛 sparks up in the air.
Heather hopped out the car as she was heading to the the door she stopped she ran to Burremeurto's car and gave him 1 キッス on the cheek he smiled.
Then happily walked home.
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