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Courtneys P.O.V.

After the whole Zeke thing neither I nor Trent sat near the window. Well we were on our way to I don't know where. Chris is gonna tell us soon. "He looks so good... doesn't he look good?" I asked Gwen dreamily. "He looks great. I'm so happy... for you! Happy for you!" She 発言しました back. I smiled at her and 発言しました "Don't get me wrong. He's not perfect. I made a little 一覧 of things that need to change. But once I change these forty-seven things about him, he will be perfect!" I smiled over the 上, ページのトップへ of my list. "Do あなた mind if I go to the confessional quickly" Gwen asked. I shook my...
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The 次 morning, i woke up to the sound of tapping on my window. I got up, opened the shades, and saw Trent outside throwing nuts at my bedroom window, i 発言しました he could come in. He climbed through the window and asked me wat was up. "Nothin much" i 発言しました as my voice fell off the tracks. "Wats wrong?" Trent asked. "I dumped Duncan yesterday." i said. "I could already tell somthing was up when u didnt 表示する up at the skating rink." Trent said. We layed on my bed, while he put his arm around me and his hand on my shoulder while i cried on his chest. "Well today is Saturday, we could have some fun."...
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posted by nocofangirl218
So, this is just a little poem I thought of when I was in school today. ^^' Hope あなた like it! :D


She had a true love,
a delinquent Prince Charming.
Living behind fairytail walls,
she was シンデレラ at the ball.

Then one 日 he left her,
Causing her walls to crumble.
He left her there to cry,
Being the one most unhumble.

She went into a fury,
Angried によって his betrayal.
Although deep inside,
She knew she was frail.

Then one day,
her anger turned to tear's.
She let her true emotions out,
Exposing her true fear's.

She cried for many...
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I woke up at 6:30 in the morning, as always, and I made what I do every day.I got dressed with a ピンク シャツ and with a tight pair of jeans.

Someone was knocking at the door.It was Brittany, my best friend since the nursery school started.I opened the door and let her in.

"Hey, Brittany!"


We hugged about ten seconds.

"Why are あなた looking so?" Brittany said.


"You have red cheeks, small eyes..."

"Oh...I have small eyes because I didn't sleep so well last night and red cheeks because..."

"Because...You're hot?"

"No, because I'm in love!"

"In love?With who?" She gasped.

"In 愛 with...
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posted by TotalDramaDoll6
Today i woke up feeling refreshed and excited, because i kissed Trent! He texted me saying im his gf now! The キッス was amazing! I promised to meet him at the park, but i have to walk because my cars in the shop. While i was walking to the park, Duncan ran up to me and pushed me on the bench beside me and sat down 次 to me. "Courtney, i want u back, i need u back! Please give me another chance!" He said. "its a little late for that Duncan!" i said. " Now Im off to the park to meet Trent, my new bf, Bye!" i 発言しました as i walked off. When i finally got to the park, Trent wasn't their, i looked and...
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*At school 2nd period*
Trent P.O.V

I was running in the hall away from duncan because he heard me call him an idiot and i ran into a beautiful brunette girl with freckles. Her name was courtney.
Me: sorry i didnt mean too-
Courtney: oh it's fine trent.
Me: ..*notices red hand print on face* are u ok?
Courtney: yea im fine.. just got into another argument with-
Me: Duncan?
Courtney: how did u know?
Me: just a lucky guess, i've heard tons of rumors about him.
Courtney: we'll they are all true
Me: * sits down* so why are u with him?
Courtney: *sits too* because im afraid to leave him.
Me: why because he will...
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I woke up on the ground at the guys backyard. Duncan was rite 次 to me. "Meet on 上, ページのトップへ of the water tower at 6:00, i have somthin to ask u." Duncan 発言しました as he walked off. I walked home, feeling like i have made a mistake, i was wondering if it was taking back Duncan.
*at 6:00, on 上, ページのトップへ of the water tower*
"Courtney, will u be my beard?" Duncan said. "Dont u mean bride?" i asked. "No, when i kissed u at the party, i realized im gay! And my フレンズ wont hang out with me if they knew i was gay, so ur the perfect cover!" Duncan said. "No! im not gonna be ur beard Duncan! Its over, go find a guy of...
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