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posted by Elkhat-Law
Name: "Skeeter Finch... Lame I know"

Meaning of name: "Um.. It actually means 蚊 but for a name, speedy .-. "

Nickname: "Skeets...Finchie..."

Meaning of nickname: "I don't know XD "

Stereotype: ehhh

Age: 23

Race: ...

Hometown: ...

Birthday: September...12th

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Religion: idek

Allergies: "EGGS DEAD GOD EGGS D: "

Sexual preference: " Mmmm...bisexual"

Occupation: N/A

Way of speaking: W/T/F

Theme Song(s): N/A

Personal Quote: N/A


Hair color: "White with green bangs... but naturally light brown"

Hair style and length: "Um... Like a scene kids? XD"

Eye color: "Orange cause contacts...
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posted by Elkhat-Law
Name: "Eddie Glenn Jenkins "
Meaning of name: "I dont know what Eddie means"
Nickname: "WHORE I GUESS."
Meaning of nickname: "Do i have to explain? "
Stereotype: butts
Age: 19
Race: "Australian."
Hometown: "Sydney."
Birthday: August 11th
Species: "Human."
Gender: "Male,"
Allergies: idk
Sexual preference: *cuogh GAy *cough* bisexual actually.
Occupation: no
Way of speaking: idk
Theme Song(s): something によって MSI anyways
Personal Quote: something dumb


Hair color: dark brown, natural.
Hair style and length: long and stupid
Eye color: uh
Eyesight: good
Height: "5'8"...
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posted by Elkhat-Law
Pick an OC and pretend they have a Facebook! (If they already do, you’re all set.) And for fun, don’t be afraid to have them mingle with others’ characters!

Your character just got home, and it’s time to get in the computer and check their FB account! What Eメール do they sign in with?

*is using Luke*
... duh

Do they read through the feed, skim it, ignore it, look for certain people’s posts, et cetera? (In other words, what characters do they care about, and how much do they care about them?)

Luke stalks Gabe obviously

Let’s admit it…do they start a lot of drama?...
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posted by Elkhat-Law
this changes a lot

Name: Veto Branning
Meaning of name: "Intelligent in spanish... huh.. funny.... "
Nickname: insults
Meaning of nickname: "Haha.."
Stereotype: IN THE WORKS :D
Race: English
Hometown: ロンドン ?
Birthday: July 13th
Species: Hoooman
Gender: Male
Religion: No
Allergies: idk does lactose intolerant count here?
Sexual preference: prefers dem ladies but will sex anyone if feels obligated
Occupation: can't keep a job
Way of speaking: i still dk what that means
Theme Song(s): Numb/State of Dreaming (Marina and The Diamonds) または Monster によって Imagine Dragons
Personal Quote: i hate everything...
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posted by Elkhat-Law
this meme kinda sucked
i was hoping it would be better xD


- Choose 6 OC's.

- Put your OC's names in 一覧 of numbers and answer the 質問 with your OC's names instead of the number, write at least 100 words to answer.


- Once an OC is evicted, あなた must choose the 次 consecutive number to fill in the question.

I shoulda read the rules before doing this cause I didn't do that

1. Welcome to the House! Introduce the OC's and what their luxury item would be.
Luxury item? o.0

1. Veto
2. Eddie
3. Jacky
4. Toby
5. Brian
6. Soda

2. There are 3 bedrooms,...
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