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posted by thepurplelover
[center]CHAPTER TWO:[/center]

"Hey, what took あなた so long?" I asked just as an exhausted looking Dakota as she rounded the corner of our private Chic Little Devil's dressing room.

Dakota shook her head as Kohl scoot over on the sofa to give her room to sit down. "Long story. Hold on, let me catch my breath first." She warily sank into the cushion of the 愛 シート, 座席 Kohl was currently camped out at and after a couple of minutes, started talking. "I was just getting something to eat at that restaurant on the edge of Monroe and Callan. あなた know, Italiana and these guys walked in, asking for a table....
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posted by thepurplelover
[u]Chapter One/[u]

She hugged his hollow body to hers as her head rapidly shook back in forth in denial of the friar's words.

"Your husband lies there in your bosom—dead." He 発言しました gently. "Paris, too."

The tide of grief threatened to overtake her once もっと見る but she shook it off refusing to believe.

"Come, I'll place あなた among a sisterhood of holy nuns," the friar began.

But she paid no attention to his words as she gazed upon him, her Romeo.

"Don't wait to ask questions! The watch is coming." A loud clatter from outside reached their ears and when Juliet made no motion to 移動する he finally understood...
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Taylor Daniel Lautner (born February 11, 1992) is an American actor, voice actor, model, and martial artist. As a child, Lautner took up martial arts and was ranked number one in his category によって the American Sports Karate Association.
Lautner got his big break when he was cast as Jacob Black in The Twilight Saga film series, beginning with the first film, Twilight (2008). Lautner returned for the following two movies, The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009) and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010), and is set to appear in the last two films for the series, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. Lautner...
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posted by katialautnerxx
I was an ordinary person. Nothing drastically special had occurred in the fourteen years of my life. I'd bumped into countless numbers of celebrities, never considering those short greetings as memorable. I didn't really care, either. They would've expected me to jump up and down on the spot screaming my head off in amazement. Instead, I just 発言しました a quick "Hi", shook hands and went on my way. That is... Until I met my idol.
It was a frosty December night. クリスマス eve to be exact. I was walking my dog in the silver moonlight, 歌う to myself. I was an average teen. I wasn't expecting much...
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posted by lottielovejacob
why should あなた 愛 him ??

he is just soooooooooooooooooooo perfect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i 愛 あなた taylor daniel lautner !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p . s
Team Jacob Black Forever !!!
xxx 愛 あなた taylor

posted by lottielovejacob
Full name : Taylor Daniel Lautner

Born : Febuary 11 1992

Born in : Grand Rapids , Michigan

Job: Actor and Model

Family : hes got a sister called Makena

Twilight saga : Plays Jacob Black

Abduction : Nathan

Valentine's 日 : Willy Harrinton

The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl : Sharkboy

Cheaper によって the dozen : Elliot Murtaugh


The Bernie Mac 表示する : Aaron

My own worst enemy : Jack

And the best man in the world !!!!!!!!!!



posted by wolfgurl4evr
I open my ティール tiny locker to grab my text 本 I
need to get for my 次 2 classes.... I look down at my locker bottom and found a folded paper. I then picked up that note and read it in my mind:
Dear Rosemerry, I see あなた everyday,
あなた are unique and beautiful in your own very way, your hair so perfectly shined and smooth, I 愛 it the way あなた groove,
I would 愛 it when あなた drink tea, and i would able to see you, if あなた really want to know me, and despartley wana know who,
then why dont you, look behind you,
go ahead turn your gorgeous head around,
and Im standing behind you, turn around, now how
does that sound?
I turn my head around and found my man,
who is really tan, it was Taylor Lautner..........

Abduction and Twilight 星, つ星 Taylor is on the cover of the October issue of Seventeen!

Here's an early look (it's on newsstands October 13!) at exclusive 名言・格言 and cute photos:

How old were あなた when あなた had your first kiss?

"It was sometime in junior high. I don't remember what year, but it was definitely in junior high. I think it was just with a ランダム girl from school. I mean, it's not like I walked up to her and was like 'You're just a ランダム girl and I'm going to キッス you,' but just a girl from school, and we had a little thing in junior...
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Taylor Lautner's career is going at full speed, the Twilight saga has 与えられた him a great success and after the action film "Abduction" the actor is getting ready to face another big test: we're talking about David and Goliath Adapted from the epic biblical parable that could turn into a real blockbuster. The story follows the mission of the fierce warrior Goliath, sent to track down a king announced によって the Israelites, the young shepherd David (Taylor Lautner), fighting for his life, that of his loved ones and even that of his people.

The film culminates with a battle of biblical proportions among...
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As previously reported, Mark Wahlberg has pretty much crowned Taylor Lautner Hollywood's 次 big superstar.

Well, guess who else is a big ファン of the Twilight hottie?

Lea Michele!

The two met for the first time Thursday at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association luncheon. What went down? Read on to find out what they exclusively told Mark Malkin ...

"I was shaking," 発言しました Michele, who introduced Lautner to the stage. "I was so nervous. I was just shaking and shaking."

She insisted he give her a hug, but not before telling the crowd, "I promise to control myself."

Then they took some pics together....
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Taylor Lautner is the 次 Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Wahlberg!

Don't believe me?

Just ask Wahlberg ...

"I am sitting at a 表, テーブル with a gentleman who is better looking than あなた and is in better shape than me," Wahlberg 発言しました to DiCaprio earlier today at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's annual luncheon at the Beverly Hills Hotel. "So, we're both out of a job, dude. Taylor Lautner! We're screwed."

"It's over, dude," Wahlberg continued as the room burst into laughter. "'Titanic' and 'Boogie Nights' were a long time ago. I accept it. I had a good run and on to the next."

Lautner was a bit, well,...
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posted by EnchantdEquinox
Chapter 12: Starry night sky.
“Come on Ness, we’ll go for a swim." Jacob took her hand in his.
"That sounds great!" Renesmee smiled.
"It’s quite a walk, is that okay" Jacob teased.
"It sounds like an adventure to me! Let's go!"
Renesmee tied the hem of her baggy T-shirt in a knot just below her hips. Jacob yanked his シャツ off over his head and tossed it onto a low branch.
It had taken them an 時 and forty-five 分 of hard running to get to the river, but it was worth it. The surface of the water was smooth and dark, reflecting a sky full of stars. Renesmee took a step towards the riverbank,...
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posted by EnchantdEquinox
Chapter 11: Choosing the right path.
Renesmee shifted away from him, pressing her back as far against the car door as it would go. The small 宇宙 was too close and his scent was overwhelming.
"Why?" she whispered. His eyes crinkled for a moment and he looked at her, his silver eyes stirring with hidden emotion.
"I'm not sure. The same reason your Jacob has one with you. It's not something we can control,"
"You can't have one with me. I 愛 Jake," He didn't flinch but she saw the deep hurt in his eyes. Her ハート, 心 stuttered. She didn't want to cause him any pain. His hand slowly moved up into...
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posted by EnchantdEquinox
Chapter 10: Imprint.
There was no sound around her, except for quiet breathing. Renesmee felt groggy and disoriented, and she wasn’t sure where she was. Her arm seared with pain.
“She’s awake,” Someone murmured. Renesmee recognized the voice of her father. So she was home. Slowly Renesmee opened her eyes, letting them adjust quickly to the bright white light. The first face she saw was her mother’s, her golden eyes filled with concern.
“Renesmee, baby, are あなた ok?” she whispered, her beautiful voice breaking the tense silence in the room. Renesmee was laying on one of the white...
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posted by EnchantdEquinox
Chapter 9: Confusion.
“Kid!” Paul exclaimed, waving at Renesmee, the 火災, 火 shining off of his bright white teeth. She narrowed her eyes in at him, ignoring the laughs from the other wolves. Jacob chuckled 次 to her, pulling her closer to his side.
Renesmee looked around at the great fire, 18 オオカミ scattered along the edges.
Seth hopped up from beside Leah and Carson and gave Renesmee a big hug, squeezing her tight.
“You stink Ness,” He grinned as she swatted at him. Of course the smell didn't really bother Seth, it never had in the first place.
Jacob pulled her towards the fire, sitting...
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posted by EnchantdEquinox
Chapter 7: Birthday wishes.
It was Friday and Renesmee hadn’t seen Jacob since Tuesday night since she had exploded at him.
“Huh? Nothing. I’m fine,” Emma rolled her eyes at her and Renesmee sighed. Did I really look that depressed? I felt that depressed. I missed my Jacob and I needed to see him. It hurt to not see him または talk to him. But he wouldn’t tell me so I wasn’t going to see him. School had passed lightly and she couldn’t help but think about Jacob. Emma tried to cheer her up but it wasn’t working. Renesmee felt like they were keeping a secret from her. The final bell...
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Chapter 6: Growing up with a rite of passage.
Edward slowly walked into Renesmee’s bedroom, while she was still asleep. He knelt down in front of her bed.
“Hey Ness, I‘m going now sweetie” his hand stroking her forehead. Her eyes threatened to open.
“When will あなた be back” her eyes opening as her voice went from groggy to normal.
“I‘ll be back in a week または two” he smiled when she grabbed his hand and said.
“Be safe, dad”
“I 愛 あなた Renesmee” he kissed her forehead and walked out of her bedroom. Edward, Emmett, Jasper and Carlisle were going on a camping trip, leaving Renesmee...
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魔法にかけられて Equinox
Chapter 1: Silver Raindrops.
The glass was cold against her palms, as Renesmee pressed them to the window. Rain poured down outside, running like a waterfall across the outside glass. It was cold, but she didn’t want cold. The house was empty; of course they were out playing baseball. Even her mother had gone, though Renesmee knew she would only be umpire. Bella still had no interest in sports. But they had left her there, all alone, to shiver in the cold Cullen house. She was supposed to be asleep. It was a school night but the booming thunder and the aching cold had kept...
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posted by Mrs_twiLautner
Part 3 HOPE U LIKE IT.=)

“Well, yes it’s really something special. Being in a pack is great and all but the communicating thing gets a bit uncomfortable”. I just smiled at the thought I guess everybody would want to have that kind of ability for a while. Jacob was driving much faster and it was really fun until we arrived at the place, at least that’s what I think. “Okay, it’s not far away from here just a mile”. A mile! Well, whatever it takes to get to Jakes secret place. Everything was covered with trees and plants and it was dark definitely not a place people visit. Jacob...
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posted by logan789
Taylor Lautner was born in 1992 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He began studying karate at the age of 6 and won several tournaments until the age of 7. He was soon invited to train alongside world karate champion Mike Chat, and when he was only 8 years old, he was asked to represent the U.S.at the World Junior Championships Forms and Weapons, where he won three ゴールド medals.
In 2003, when he was 11 years old, he achieved number 1 in the world in several categories and in 2004, he evolved in three world championships for juniors, with his black belt.

Lautner was tempted to become an actor at 7, when...
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