Super Smash Brothers Pokemon trainer 3 moveset

heatherXnoah posted on Nov 16, 2008 at 08:53PM
its May from pokemon ruby, saphire and emerald and she commands Mudkip, Grovyle and Blaziken

B=mud shot-can be charged up
B(side)=muddy waters-like waterfall but sideways
B(down)=pokemon change(Grovyle)
B(up)=bubble-floats up with the help of some bubbles

B=bullet seed-like ivysaur but sideways
B(side)=X-scissor-a slash that can be charged up
B(down)=pokemon change(Blaziken)
B(up)=leaf blade-like marth's up B

B=blaze kick-can be charged up
B(side)=srtengh-pushes a boulder that slides down the stage
B(down)=pokemon change(Mudkip)
B(up)=sky uppercut-jumps with his fist engulfed with flames in the air

Final Smash:
Grovyle:Leaf Storm

Coming soon Pokemon Trainer 4...

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