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The scene on TV shows an abandoned island overran with weeds and pests, friendly 動物 and toon eating monsters as well as a ボート parking dock によって the 鮫, サメ filled sea that surrounds the island.

The scene changes to a computerized man all covered in blue, and he has no hair at all. Just completely blue and computerized.

Tabuu: Hello and welcome to Total Smash Island, I'm your host Tabuu, and i was a bad guy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but that another story. And we are live here at Brawl Island.

(He continues to walk over a bridge over a river to a crummy old summer camp.)

Tabuu: Here's the deal,...
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(Tabuu leads the 22 smashers to the far side of the ビーチ where there are boxes of Jacuzzi parts.)

Olimar: How are we going to open them?

Tabuu: With your teeth … Duh!

All: あなた can't be serious

Tabuu: Yes I am, あなた see, the もっと見る あなた suffer the higher the ratings go and ratings are GOOD!

(Presently the teams find themselves taking the parts to the camp. For the nose pickers, C. ファルコン can carry a クレート, 木枠 all によって himself, Nana and Popo worked together to cary a crate, Ness is helping Lucas carry one, Kirby is making everyone else do the work, Bowser is carrying 4, DK and Diddy are helping each other...
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Tabuu: Your first challenge is that あなた will be jumping of fungus peak into the sea; fungus peak is 10 thousand feet tall.

Everyone else: WHAT!

Tabuu: あなた see, あなた will have to jump down and land in the 安全, 安全です area, that small green one, but if あなた land in the red zone, let's just say あなた will be 鮫, サメ food

Kirby: Piyo.

After a half 時 hike up the mountain, all the contestants find themselves looking down at the sea and sharks below.

[Peach: Oh my, I sure was scared when we found out what we were going to do, I felt like fainting!]

Tabuu: First up are the nose pickers, which one of あなた will go first?...
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(After the smashers dried off, everyone followed Tabuu to the camp 火災, 火 area where some sit on logs and others stand.)

Tabuu: Now here is the deal, あなた are all going to stay here for 8 weeks in order to win, every 2 days their will be a challenge, the losing team will have to vote off a member, the smasher who stays here longest without getting voted off will be the winner and will win 1,000,000 dollars and a lifetime supply of a 食 of their choice.

(Everyone looks exited but Lucas was sweating)

Tabuu: When I call your name go stand over there, the people who end up with あなた will be your team,...
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Tabuu:Alright Link since あなた won the money which party あなた want hot tub または party boat?

[Link:Since I won the $1,000,000 I can't pick so I mix both.]


Tabuu:Alright the let's PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


[Pikachu:Pika pika pika pika pika pika pika pikaa!]

Link:Cool hot tub Tabuu

Tabuu:Thank I have a button that make bubbles.

Link:Oh I thought あなた farted.

Sonic:I farted sorry.


Link:Guys stay away from sonic for a while.

[Sonic:I gotta stop eating the chilil dog but is so freakin good.]

(Eating a chilil dog)

[Master Hand:Ok me and Crazy hand...
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posted by Renella170
(Later that 日 it is now dark and night has fallen, crickets are chirping, things are going bump in the night and Lucas is scared. The nose pickers were currently sleeping in bliss with victory fresh in their heads.)

(At the camp 火災, 火 all the toenail eaters are sitting on logs, looking depressed about losing. Then Tabuu arrives carrying a tray of 14 marshmallows.)

Tabuu: こんにちは guys, and welcome to the first camp 火災, 火 ceremony, あなた will notice I am carrying a tray of marshmallows, a delicious treat campers usually enjoy around camp fires but here they represent life. When I call your name あなた will...
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I know I'm a few days late, but hey, better late than never xD. I could talk about the direct entirely, but there would be so much to talk about that I'm not sure if I could finish it.
Let's start off with Simon.
Castlevania was a big name back in the NES days, so it's cool to have that franchise represented in smash. He's interesting because he's the first fighter to fight with a whip. I know Zero Suit Samus has the Plasma Whip, but she only uses it in her Side special and up smash (and formerly up special and side smash). Simon uses it for his basic attacks. It looks like it'll give him longer...
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The story starts when Zelda is talking to 桃, ピーチ at the Temple.

Zelda:Hey Peach! Do あなた ever think Mario gets tired of saving ppl all of the time?
Peach:Yeah...I think he gets really tired! Even though Yoshi and Luigi help,I think so...
Zelda:Link gets tired to! He thinks i went to Planet Popstar! LOL
Kirby: *flies in* Have あなた seen Sonic?
Kirby:I wanna 飲み込む him! XD
Zelda: 0_0
Kirby:It's what i do! XD
Peach:Do あなた do anything else?
Kirby:Not rlly...
Peach:Let's go find Sonic...*goes to Green 丘, ヒル Zone*
Zelda:Go 飲み込む him! He's right there ok!?!?!
Kirby:Can I 飲み込む you?
Zelda:No! You...
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Tabuu:Welcome to the season finally of TOTAL SAMASH INLAND!!!We got the guys Link and Gaondorf if あなた wanna pee.TOO BAD!! Just sit and watch who wins and bring ホーム with $1,000,000!!

Tabuu:Alright guys here the losers that didn't make it.

(Then there's Zelda,Sonic,Ike,Marth,Pokemon trainer,Pikachu,Fox,Falco,Lucario,Meta Kight,and Yoshi walking to Link's side.)

(Then there's Mario,Dokeny Kong,Bowser,King Dededede,Wario,Snake,Pit,Samus,R.O.B,Kirby,and 狼, オオカミ walking to Gaondorf's side.)

Link:That $1,000,000 is mine Goandrok!

Goandorf:No! it will be mine Keebler Elf.

Tabuu:Alright stop it. this is Round...
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