Super Smash Bros. Brawl Wtf Jigglypuff?!!

sadlysweet posted on Jul 10, 2009 at 08:40PM
I've got a problem.
I was playing on bridge of elden with my brother (toon link) and my jigglypuff was doing her final smash, y'know, puff-up.
Anyway I don't know what happened but before i was fully puffed my smash was interrupted, I tripped and I was playing as a GIANT JIGGLYPUFF! I got a snapshot, but couldent save a replay 2 see what exactly happened.
Has this happened 2 anyone else? if so please tell me how!!

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1年以上前 boba said…
It is just a glitch. I don't lnow how to explain it but it just happens.
WARNING: Being giant doesn't make you stornger actually you'll die eaisier.
1年以上前 sadlysweet said…
Yeh I died tripping over my giant jigglypuff feet, kinda sad.......
Tanx anyway!
 Yeh I died tripping over my giant jigglypuff feet, kinda sad....... Tanx anyway!
1年以上前 jbob1390 said…
big smile
ya some people call it a glitch but i think its funny. i use it as sort of a funny cheat. if you jump into the middle of the bridge and use the final smash right before it respawns, youll trip onto the bridge and stay as giant jigglypuff. it doesnt affect how strong your attack is but it sure is funny!
1年以上前 Thekirby801 said…
big smile
1年以上前 KishuandIchigo said…
its a glitch. you use the smash and when u jump in the middle of it while its being fixed the smash gets cancelled but you stay big.
u can also do it at the pirate ship
1年以上前 wormadam19 said…
doing the glitch is fun!
after you do it, if yoshi swallows the giant jigglypuff, she doubles up in size
warning: if u move at all, you die, but it is safe to do the down charge attack