Super Smash Bros. Brawl Pokemon Trainer 4 moveset

heatherXnoah posted on Nov 16, 2008 at 09:59PM
its dawn from pokemon diamond, pearl and platinum and she commands turtwig, monferno and Empoleon

B=bite-like Wario's B
B(side)=seed bomb-a seed that explodes
B(down)=pokemon change(monferno)
B(up)=leaf storm-he is blown upwards by a gust of wind sorrounded by leafs

B=ember-a weak flametrower
B(side)=flame wheel-again sorry
B(down)=pokemon change(Empoleon)
B(up)=wall climb-the same as waterfall but stronger and with rocks

B=Bubble Beam-can be charged up
B(side)=drill peck-lands multiple hits while you move sideways
B(down)=pokemon change(Turtwig)
B(up)=whirlpool-he becomes surrounded by a vortex of water that is shot upwards

Final Smash:
Turtwig:Frenzy Plant
Monferno:Blast Burn
Empoleon:Hydro Cannon

Tell me what you think!

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1年以上前 boba said…
I think that the final smash would be together like this:
Turtwig-frenzy plant:Like 1000 of pitfalls apear in the floor where you are(activated).
Monferno-Blast burn:Imagine Ivysaur's solarbeam but in fire.
Empoleon-Hydro cannon:It charges... & when the blast burn finishes a huge amount of water sends you flying.
This all should take around 60% & 80% of damage.
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1年以上前 heatherXnoah said…
that sounds awsome!