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Amy's P.O.V
As i just about fit everything into my suitcase my mom came in.she said"hi honey how are are u doing"i replied"im fine mom but im sooooooo happy im going to zayn's"then she left and said"bye honey"then after she left i walked out right behind her, and went downstairs.i 発言しました "bye" to my mom and dad and my dad drove me to zayn's it took us about 2 hours to get there and i was talking about how much i missed zayn to my dad all the way.we finally got there and i saw someone standing in the door way shouting "Amy,Amy,Amy"after a while i saw it was zayn my dad said"Amy i will carry your...
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posted by Icestorm727
Chapter One: I walked across the Merdog ビーチ in my blue v-neck bikini. I walked towards the shore-line. イヌ were all playing together at the wonderful dog beach. "Lucky!" I called to my 6 月 old German Shepperd,"Here boy!" Lucky came zipping towards me and knocked me over into the clear water.
I laughed as I sat up in the ankle deep water."Oh boy!" I laughed, "Are あなた hungry? Are あなた hungry? I bet あなた are!" Lucky's tail wagged like there was no tomorrow. I ran up the ビーチ to the Dog Shack.
"Hi Rosie! What can I get あなた today?" 発言しました the young employee, Jackson. "Can I have the ステーキ tips 'n' gravy, please?" I 発言しました smiling at the cute boy.
"Sure! This time I'll trow in a マンゴー スムージー free." replied Jackson. "Thank あなた so much!" I 発言しました happily. Mangoes were my お気に入り fruit. "Hey Rosie do あなた have any plans for tonight?" asked Jackson. "Yes. I am going to ディナー with Carson. Why?" I said.
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I chose Carrie Underwood because most of her song have a story to tell. あなた just have to listen to them.
country 音楽
county 音楽
Thursday 22,2011

OMG, theirs this major test we all had to take today i totally FLUNKED.

Did i introduce myself?

あなた can just call me Alex

Anyway,on with my abnormally weird life :)

i go to a special school,by special i mean immortal super human school.

Unlike a normal kid i have super powers.

i control water,fire,ice,weather,and i have stealth like abilities.

I guess i'm like every other kid in the world,
except for having powers and all.

Some call me a freak, and some say i'm just a super natural weirdo.

most schools don't have super natural students, but i'm not the only student with...
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posted by QueridaPantufa

It was as if the earth had moved. The sky was shaking, so that all there was left were falling stars. I forgot all there was around me, everything または everyone I had ever seen または heard about just didn’t matter anymore. I had found her. My true and only love. But just like a falling star, it went as fast as it came. And then all there was left was emptiness. A big hole left inside of me. I will never forget her, she saved my life in every way a person can be saved. So this story isn’t really about me. It’s about her, and all that she was. Because what does it really mean to be...
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posted by missing_99
They died. Just like that. Right then and there on the jagged rocks and sticky, dew-covered grass, steps from the shallow edge of the lake. They must have passed when I was attempting to swim us to safety. The air is cold and the wind is worse, the bugs flying around the town's lightpoles make for an even unpleasant drowning, adding cold ice in our lungs and chest, coughing up water and blood. But あなた can't choose where あなた die. あなた can't choose who dies. The world keeps turning and lives keep going on, anyway.


Rebecca's mother had just 与えられた birth to her newest little sibling, a baby girl,...
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posted by Icestorm727
Chapter Two: Carson had followed me home. I ran inside the house, locked all the doors, grabbed my cell phone, and fled to the upstairs bathroom. I quickly dialed 911. "Hello this is 911. What is your emergency?" 発言しました a voice on the other line. "Please help! Someone followed me home... And now he's trying to break in!" I cried as I heard the front doorknob rattle. "Settle down ma'am. What is your address?"asked the voice. "407 G-Grey S-Street." I shuddered. "Okay we will be right there." I cried harder as the front door opened. I ran to my room across the hall and gently closed the door and...
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posted by peacefulhippy28
The name is Leah I have medium length brown hair I'm 5,"2". I'm wearing my cute hello kitty tee with just my ピンク underwear. Oh and I'm bi 

I'm going to tell u bout this amazing girl in my ベッド sound asleep Her name is Alex. I just 愛 watching her sleep she sleeps so cute well I take that back she sleeps so sexy. Her stomach is kinda 表示中 so lean in exposing her belly some もっと見る with out waking her bc I know she's a heavy sleeper. So after exposing her belly some I start キス it and she starts to moan some so I stop and wait for her to get quite again. Then I start again キス around...
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 This is for you♥.
This is for you♥.
I don't want to make anyone cry, so if あなた are 読書 this and think あなた might cry, abort this page.

FWD: I shall not say who I am. I had a boyfriend named John. He was the 愛 of my life♥. He hates me now because of...I shouldn't dare say. My father has been killed, I was at the age of 3 years old. Don't remember a thing about him. I really want to see him. I don't know what It's like to have a dad. I have a mom. She was engaged to my father at the age of 26 years old. I almost died as well , at six years old. Someone came in my house ... I 発言しました "Who are you?" They had a gun. I screamed...
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posted by TotalDramaFan60
Lisa, her sister, Melody, and their brothers, Alex and Jake, were sent off to a dark manor for the summer. A family concluding of a Mother, Diane, a Father, Christopher, twins, Amy and Lacey, and a boy, Bobby. "Lisa?" asked Melody. She was the youngest girl in the family. "Yes, Melody?" 発言しました Lisa. She was the oldest child. Melody clung onto Lisa. "I'm scared!" she 発言しました in a shaky voice. "Welcome to Mystery Manor." Diane said, in that old 1980's pretty lady voice. Christopher picked up Diane. "You'll have the time of your life." Lacey and Amy 発言しました in a creepy low Wednesday Addams voice. Then, the family walked into the darkness. "That was weird." 発言しました Jake. There was awkward silence. "I 愛 it!"
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a very emotional story....
A strange tale recited in room No. 3.
Okay. im new at this, so i am going as slow as i can on my story. I can come up with good ones, but my problem is that i type too fast. so, for あなた to understand my stories, im going as slow and as the best i can. Enjoy!

The ground was hard where i landed. The dirt was wet and cling to my back as i touched it. My sword, Skellit, Lay in ruins in the forest where i was thrown. my boots were ripped, and my jeans
(HUMAN Jeans) were torn to shreds. I almost didnt see that my short, マウス brown hair had been cut close to my ears. My knees bled, and Amunji, The spirit demon that tried to kill me, Was...
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