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Epicest 名言・格言 from epic moments, because does Stelena have any other kind? :)

Episode 1
E: Matt and I were together it just wasn' wasn't...
S: Passionate
E: No. No, it wasn't passionate.

Episode 2
S: I met a girl. We talked. It was epic. And then the sun came up and reality set in. Well this is reality, right here, right now.

Episode 6
E: What are you? WHAT are you?!!
S:...You know
E: No, I don't
S: Yes あなた do, または あなた wouldn't be here
E: Its not possible, it can't be
S: Everything あなた know, every belief that あなた have is about to change, are あなた ready for that?
E: What are you?
S: I'm a vampire

S: Please...
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Perfect little 通り, ストリート with perfect little houses that have swings on their front porch and expensive cars in front of their garage. There's nothing strange about this street, Alaric thought. Except from the fact that on the every lamp post there was a white paper with big black words MISSING. And every paper had a different face on it. There must have been at least 15 girls that are missing. Mostly teenage girls, around 17 years old. Some were older, but none of them was older than 25. And Alaric was probably looking for their murderer, to bring him home. He would ask for a great punishment...
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I have many solid reasons as to why I have chosen to throw my support behind The Vampire Diaries Power Couple, Stefan/Elena. To me, when I envision what an “ideal” romantic relationship would be, I can honestly say with complete conviction that Stefan/Elena’s relationship fits that mould 100%. Stefan/Elena have all of the essential qualities and ingredients which are required for a long-term, stable and healthy love/romantic relationship. The idea that people cannot seem to appreciate Stefan/Elena’s relationship and having any kind of respect for their relationship whatsoever just doesn’t...
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